Dive into Nirvana: 10 immortal songs performed by Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain hasn't been with us for almost 30 years. But his work remains in our hearts forever. Why are his songs listened to after so many years and for what compositions was the legendary musician remembered?

10 most famous songs performed by Kurt Cobain

In 1987 Kurt Cobain created nirvana band, lifted grunge to unprecedented heights of popularity. Later, the press will call the band the "flagship of generation X", and the frontman - his "voice". Sam Cobain was not happy sudden success. He always aspired to be an independent rocker, making music for the sake of the music itself and not for the masses.

But his work, by its appearance, got into the top ten, turned out to be consonant with the worldview of millions. Kurt's semi-tuned guitar is still popular and in demand, as if he was playing not on a musical instrument, but on the spiritual strings of the listeners. Let's remember him Best songs and how they were created.

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

The Man Who Sold The World

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

The author of the song is David Bowie. It was performed by him in 1970. What exactly he wanted to express with this composition is still controversial. Most music critics think that this cry from the heart a person who has ceased to perceive his "I". He does not recognize his true self and suffers from it.

At the time of the first performance of the song by David Bowie, Kurt Cobain was only three years old. Of course, then no one could have known that his version of the song would become more popularthan the original Bowie, but it turned out that way.

"The Man Who Sold The World" was performed by many musicians, but Cobain's version was the best. And the video from one of the Nirvana concerts, where Kurt performs in his famous “fluffy” sweater, is now gaining dozens million views.


Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

Kurt never identified himself with the lyrical hero of the song. During his youthful wanderings with sleepovers with friends, he somehow lived with a friend of Jesse Reed's. The boy's parents were very religious.

It is likely that communication with them and pushed Cobain to write "Lithium". The musician said that he understands the need of some for God and sees nothing shameful in this. About the plot of the composition, he said:

"The hero of this song really needs religion."

In Bloom

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

This song is dedication Kurt's friend Dylan Carson. Four videos were filmed for the song. Five days before his death, on March 30, 1994, Cobain asked Carson to buy a Remington M-11 pump action for him.

It is from this gun that the musician shot himself in your own home. Or someone else shot him. There is still no exact version about who killed Kurt Cobain: Kurt Cobain or someone else.

You Know You're Right

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

The song was for a wide audience presented by even in 2002. "You Know You'Re Right" is the last song recorded by the full line-up of the band. Some time after finishing work on the song, Kurt died.

Track took first lines on the Modern Rock Tracks and Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks charts. It is believed that it is dedicated to Courtney Love. The relationship of the spouses in the last months of Cobain's life was enough complex. Right before his death, Cobain was filing for divorce. The song contains these lines:

"I will leave here, You will never be afraid..."

Come as you are

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

The meaning of the song is enough complicated catch. Cobain himself explained that "Come as You Are" is "about people and their expectations of certain things from others." He also said that there are many contradictions in the song.

Fans saw the description in the composition actions prohibited drugs. And the line “no, I don’t have a gun” acquired a special meaning after the death of the musician. The video for the song was directed by Kevin Kerslake. And the idea for the video was taken from the famous cover of the Nevermind album.

A baby who catches banknotes under water is a symbol of innate human quality ‒ thirst gain.

Rape Me

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

The title of the song means "rape me". Cobain thus tried to draw attention to the problem of male bullying of the weaker sex.

“Women who have been sexually assaulted are going crazy over what they've been through,” Cobain said in an interview.

And the song itself is a kind of call:

“Rape me, and then you will go to prison, where you will be raped, and you will be even worse. I believe in karma,” the musician explained.

Kurt also invested in "Rape Me" and other meaning. Namely, his view of the press. According to the author, journalists morally rape personality, pouring mud on fictional facts.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

Composition is American folk song. It appeared in the early 70s of the XIX century. Author's name not preserved, but performers from different genres gladly included it in their repertoire.

Nirvana released an acoustic version of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" in 1993. She is serious is different from the original source in meaning, as is often the case with folk songs. After all, each performer brings something of his own to the original text.

Heart Shaped Box

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

According to the musician's biographers, this song is also dedicated to living together with Courtney. The name says it all. It means casket, made in the form of a heart. This piece was Courtney Cobain's first gift.

And she herself does not deny that "Heart-Shaped Box" is about her difficult relationship with her husband. To work on the clip, a director from Holland ─ Anton Corbijn was invited. The video he shot successfully displays anxiety and inconsistency in composition. Two versions of the video were filmed. One of them is Kurt. lies in the poppy field.

about a girl

Kurt Cobain at MTV Unplugged
Kurt Cobain at MTV Unplugged

This Kurt Cobain song wrote influenced by The Beatles in the 80s. The song was included in the Bleach album and quickly became one of the most popular songs performed by Nirvana.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

After the release of the song, fans not right away sorted out what is sung in "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Cobain sang it in a casual manner, some phrases were slurred, and the lyrics seemed to be typed senseless words.

Some radio stations even refused let "this nonsense" on the air. And when the song “went down”, the fans saw in it a description of a teenage party, where fun goes beyond all conceivable boundaries, turning into chaos.

And the song appeared after Cobain's lover Kathleen Hanna in 1991 left the inscription on the wall of his house: "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit". The musician took the phrase as "Youth blows from Kurt" and decided to develop the theme by writing a song.

He really liked the rebellious subtext expressions, so he used it in the song.

Later it turned out that Teen Spirit is a brand deodorant Cobain girls. Kurt didn't know about this because he obviously didn't know about deodorant brands. Later, a friend told him about it.


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