10 Interesting Music Facts You Might Not Know

Do you still think drummers are stupid, or do you think your cat is interested in hearing your favorite song? After reading this article, you will change your mind. We have selected for you the 10 most interesting facts about music that few people know about.

Cats don't like music and 10 more facts about music you might not know

Music is the most mysterious and at the same time one of the least explored parts of culture. Scientists can't leave it like that, so continue to study the influence of music on the perception, abilities and mood of a person. Sometimes the research topics of scientists cause, if not laughter, then a smile for sure, and their results sometimes do not inspire confidence.

For example, the opinion of scientists that the sound affects the taste of food. As it turned out, low tones give food bitterness, and high tones sweetness. You can verify this fact yourself by experiment at home. You can check the facts that we will talk about later.

Queen: guitarist Brian May is the smartest here
Group ""Queen"

1. Pop music has significantly “degraded” in half a century

The Beatles
The Beatles

This is obvious, but the Spanish Research Council conducted a full-scale study of popular melodies over 50 years and scientifically formulated what has become worse in modern music: “The variety of transitions between musical combinations is steadily going down". We can hardly argue with scientists.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry

So, there is no copying among modern stars, only the unwillingness of musicians to immerse themselves in the process of creating melodies? That's the output and get the music that sounds the same.

2. Metalheads are happier than everyone else

Rock concert
Rock concert

The popular scientific journal Self and Identity conducted a study: they studied the “level of happiness” and the level of wealth of those who listened to hard rock at the end of the last century, and those who preferred other music. As a result, it turned out that the first felt themselves happier not only then, but also now, because they are financially more secure than others.

The magazine suggested that the reason is the developed sense of unity and brotherhood in the rock environment and in particular at hard rock concerts.

3. The festival is a great way to lose weight

Rock festival "Invasion-2103"
Rock festival "Invasion-2013"

Scientists have calculated that during the festival for several days each listener passes about 30 km. This means that an average of at least ten thousand calories are burned, which is comparable to about 15 hours of running. If you want to lose weight, festivals are a great opportunity to do so.

4. Singers will always be younger than the rest

Doctors have studied the difference between vocalists and people who do not sing. And it turned out that there are several differences: a larger volume lungs, developed muscular corset around the spine, the best work brain and improved tone muscles.

Freddie is 38 years old here... Agree, bad example... Stressful lifestyle is to blame
Mercury has been here for 38 years. But the musician looked great.

It would seem, what is the connection between music and the back? The singer during performances needs to keep his posture, breathe deeper. This helps keep the spine and muscles healthy.

And singing affects the mood of both the singer and everyone around. It has long been known the connection between a person's mood and how he feels, so we can say that a singer whose singing cheers up prolongs life not only for himself, but also for his listeners. Therefore, vocalists retain longer youth.

5. The pleasure of music can be more enjoyable than sex.

Songs excite more than sex: about half of those polled by scientists during a special experiment noted that listening to the music of their favorite bands during sex excites more than a partner.

It is also noteworthy that during physical activity, music significantly increases working capacity and endurance person. Therefore, try to play sports (and not only them) with pleasant music.

6. Favorite song heard at a concert is euphoric

Fans at a rock concert
Atmosphere at the concert

The fact does not require experiments or special proofs. Everyone is familiar with this feeling. And if you were at a concert of your favorite artist, then you know, What are we talking about.

The energy of an artist in a live performance increases endorphin levels in the blood. Because of this, a person experiences a state close to bliss.

7. Cats are not interested in music.

Scientists build their conclusion on the assumption that people hear their first “rhythm” while they are still in the womb. This rhythm is the beat of a mother's heart. Because of this, music is associated with something positive.

And for cats and cats, the first pleasant moment in life is the absorption of mother's milk. Because of this, cats don't care about music.

And do not forget that the perception of sounds in humans and cats is absolutely different. What is music for us, for a cat it can be musical rubbish.

Although it has been repeatedly noted that cats react to high notes played on classical instruments. As a rule, high notes are unpleasant for them. Some cats even get angry. This is due to the fact that high publish kittens in trouble. This negative association makes cats angry at the music.

8. Drummers are smarter than the rest

Drummers - "the pinnacle of evolution"
Drummers - "the pinnacle of evolution"

The stereotype that drummers are stupid was broken scientists from Stockholm and Washington (several different studies were conducted). It turned out that drummers have a higher intelligence and more developed skills for solving life's problems. In addition, they have a positive influence on group members.

A study of intellectual ability conducted at Karolinska University included many different drumming musicians. Turned out they passed the test better musicians playing other instruments.

The ability to feel the rhythm helps endure life's difficulties and find solutions to problems better than others.

Other studies have shown that rhythmic music helps to become smarter, even for those who listen to it. Because from listening rises brain activity.

9. Kurt Cobain and Lars Ulrich increase the chance of getting pregnant

After listening to "Metallica"

Scientists conducted a study during which, in the laboratory, next to the test tubes, they placed columns with Nirvana and Metallica. test tubes intended for artificial insemination. Those that were "influenced" by music turned out to be 4.8% more successful - they more often formed an embryo.

10. Queen listeners" distinguished by their empathy

Freddie's brilliant performance at Live Aid 1985
"Queen" at the concert "Live Aid"

At the University of Cambridge, out of almost five thousand people, empaths and systematizers were selected using tests. Empaths are those who empathize with others and support them, and systematizers are those who first evaluate the situation and act, trying to control their emotions.

The scientists came to the conclusion that many of the "empathizers" listened to "Queen", and people from the second category were often fans of "Metallica".


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