10 films made famous by Gore Verbinski

Love a good movie? We have compiled the TOP 10 most popular films directed by Gore Verbinski!

TOP 10 most popular films of the famous director Gore Verbinski

Writer, musician, producer and director. It seems that the areas of interest and talent of this person know no boundaries. Some of his work has become iconic. I wanted to talk about the best of them.

Gore Verbinski on set
Gore Verbinski on set

«health cure"

Morris works non-stop. Feeling unwell, he drinks water from the cooler, falls harder and does not survive. Broker Lockhart is young and ambitious. He is called by the heads of the company. The general director of the company writes that he decided to relax in one of the Alpine resorts, but hasn't returned in weeks.. Director Pembroke is clearly out of his mind. Blackmailing Lockhard, he is instructed to bring the boss to the office.
In addition, shortly before this, the guy lost his mother, and only a box remains from her as a keepsake. Even on the way to the resort, the young man notices the hostility of the locals towards the clinic.

The thing is that the owner of the castle and the resort married his own sister in order to breed a race of pure blood. He conducted experiments on her, knowing about the futility, for which the locals burned the baron's sister. Naturally, the chief refused to return, but on the way back, Lockhart had an accident and ended up in the hospital ward of the resort. What exactly is happening in the mysterious castle, and how this whole story will end, the public does not guess until the very end.

«The lone ranger"

A young lawyer witnesses the escape of a criminal, starts chasing him with his brother. The brother is killed, and the lawyer decides to become an avenger. He hides his face and decides to take over the lone ranger role. Together with his Indian assistant, he becomes a living legend of the Wild West.

There is a place in history and the main villain, with whom the hero will have to fight. A colorful western that fans of the genre will definitely be able to appreciate.


The chameleon in the terrarium falls out of the car and remains in the desert. In search of the city, the alien lizard is called Rango the bandit. By pure chance, the hero defeats a predatory and dangerous birdconquering the locals with their courage.
The world of the Wild West through the eyes of animals, where there is a place for heroes and villains, courage and cowardice, subtle humor and funny plot twists. The work was so successful that it even brought the director several awards.

«Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End"

Having received the heart of Davy Jones, Lord Beckett has received an assistant and is ready to fight the pirates. Now Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, Captain Barbossa and Will Turner will have to visit the very Edge of the World. A colorful and bright story with a touching and sad ending. Barriers will once again rise between Will and Elizabeth as he will have to become captain for the greater good. elusive ship.

«Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest"

It would seem that Will and Elizabeth are happy, they are about to become spouses, and Jack Sparrow is busy doing what he loves. Only happiness, as always, turned out to be short and unsteady. When one of the members of his crew comes to the pirate, and the captain The Flying Dutchman summons Jack to myself, the story is only gaining momentum.

Drawn into this whole story is Elizabeth, for the sake of which Will will have to face again with dangerous adventures. Why praise? For unusual plot twists, high-quality special effects, gorgeous graphics and wonderful acting. Each character is revealed from different angles.


The son of a famous journalist works as a weather forecaster and fame, success and money come to him too easily. Against the backdrop of a fatal illness of his father, the hero decides to change his life radically and takes incredible action. An excellent psychological drama that makes you think that a silver spoon in your mouth is not a guarantee of happiness and 100% success.

«Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl"

Another story about Jack Sparrow, who, for the sake of his adored ship, is ready to rush into unimaginable adventures and drag everyone into them. It tells about the same old trio of main characters, but new plot twists make the viewer cling to the screen. Why is it worth watching? Great effects, unusual plot, amazing acting. It seems that this story has everything for success and adoration of the public.


Journalist Rachel receives a request from the mother of a dead girl. Several teenagers lose their lives under mysterious circumstances. It turns out that all the teenagers watched the video, after which the bell rang, and only one step remains before the sad outcome. The mystical story draws in the journalist herself and almost leads to the loss of her son. A cult horror movie that spawned an incredible amount of memes and jokes.


Great cast and extraordinary plot. The picture can be safely called a detective, but with a slight touch of mysticism. The work was so successful that even film academy meters decided to award the creators. A petty bandit goes in search of a legendary pistol called "Mexican", I compete in this with two seasoned killers, who, in search of a trunk, will not be stopped by anything.

«mouse hunting"

It turns out that subtle humor can be on the verge. The story of how two brothers become owners family businesswhich has long ceased to be profitable. Together with him they also receive an old house. They decide to get rid of such a treasure as soon as possible. They probably would have fulfilled their plan if they had not encountered a small opponent. Tiny mouse turns out to be an elusive avenger. When the brothers are almost desperate to sell the house and factory, the mouse helps to find a brilliant idea that will make the brothers rich, successful and help save the family business. Great family movie.


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