10 female songs from the 80s and 90s

These songs are still being listened to... Let's get a little nostalgic and fast forward to the past...

A selection of 10 songs listened to girls In the '80s and '90s

These songs are still being listened to today. And they will not lose relevance for a long time. If you ask the audience about the reasons for their love for the music of the 80s and 90s, then, probably, most of the answers will be something like this: “It’s kind of soulful.” Indeed, in the age of continuous computerization, the cozy mood that sometimes creates the uncomplicated sound of "live" instruments and the sincere voices of the performers is often lacking. So, time ago - 10 popular songs from the recent past.

Alexander Barykin - Bouquet

Alexander Barykin
Alexander Barykin

National fame came to Alexander Barykin in 1987, after the release of "Bouquet". Although before that the musician worked a lot and fruitfully, he recorded a mini-disc with Vladimir Kuzmin back in 1981.

The author himself recalled that the hit was created quickly enough. Music was written easily. At that time, Alexander was seriously interested in Russian poetry. In a bookstore, Rubtsov's collection of poems attracted his attention. One of the poems, "Bouquet", "went" from the first reading. The singer immediately sat down to write notes and after 15 minutes he was already playing the motive of the future hit on the guitar. It is interesting that some fans attributed the composition for some reason to "Afghan" songs.

Boney M.

Boney M. on Red Square in 1978
Boney M. on Red Square in 1978

The famous group appeared in Germany in 1975. And already in 1978 he came to Moscow and even received permission to shoot a video on Red Square.

And the song "Ma baker" appeared like this. The band's producer, Frank Farian, came across a book about US gangs. It had a chapter about a gang led by a woman known as Mother Barker. In the early 1930s, this lady and her four sons were the terror of American banks. This story inspired Frank to create a hit, written together with Hans Mayer.

Ladybug - Granite Pebble

Ladybug in 2018
Ladybug in 2018

Not a single disco in the second half of the 90s could do without this groovy, rhythmic song. Critics accused the authors of plagiarism. But the people did not go into legal subtleties and simply balked at the melody and light, memorable text. And in the yard companies, the young men who knew how to play "Granite Pebble" on the guitar became idols of a local scale, about which the girls of the entire region sighed.

Kar-Man - Chao, bambino


"Kar-men" were the first male duet in the USSR, performing incendiary dance compositions of their own composition. They were considered the gurus of Russian "techno". And the video for the song “Chao, Bambino” is still interesting to watch. Despite some primitivism, it greatly outperforms some modern computer video productions.

CC Catch – Strangers by night

CC Catch in 1986
CC Catch in 1986

Under this pseudonym, the German singer of Dutch origin Karolina Katarina Müller is known. The song "Strangers by night" was included in the debut album of the performer in 1986, the words and music for which were written by Dieter Bohlen himself. The composition was recognized as one of the best on the disc. And the disc itself went platinum in Germany. The image of the singer (almond-shaped expressive eyes, leather jacket) was carefully copied by Soviet girls, for whom Karolina was an idol.



Robertino Zanetti, better known as the representative of the Italian disco of the 80s Savage, was not going to build a musical career. At the age of 14, he simply enrolled in a piano course. But, having touched music once, he never parted with it again.

The singer's debut album "Tonight" was released in 1984 and immediately became popular. And the super hit "Goodbye" appeared in 1989. And to this day, Robertino performs it as an encore in his performances, which, like many years ago, gather thousands of fans.

Natalie - The wind blew from the sea


Afisha magazine recognized the song as the most memorable hit of the first post-Soviet decade (1991-2000). Natalie herself recalls that she first picked up a guitar at the age of 11. At the summer camp, she heard “The wind blew from the sea”, quickly learned three of its chords, and from the age of 13 she performed at events and just in companies. Until now, the whole beautiful half of the country loves the song, regardless of age. So the hit can be safely assigned the honorary title of "the main female feast."

Mirage - Music connected us

Mirage in 1989
Mirage in 1989

If today at the combined concert of the stars of the 80s “Music has connected us” does not sound, we can assume that it did not take place. The hit is well received by all generations. And at the time of its release, it was generally a protest anthem of young people who were completely fond of music and tried to imitate their idols.

Tender May – White roses

Tender May
Tender May

For the promotion of "Tender May" Andrei Razin could safely either be given a People's Artist or put in jail. But the people are grateful to him, first of all, for the hits, among which White Roses occupies a special place. Not a single song before or after it caused such a violent reaction among teenagers. At concerts during her performance, Shatunov's fans muffled the voice of the singer himself, smearing cosmetics floating from tears on her face. Those girls have grown up, but if they come to the concert of the grown-up Yuri, the situation is sure to repeat itself.

Evgeny Belousov - My blue-eyed girl

Evgeny Belousov
Evgeny Belousov

Zhenya Belousov was called the last romantic of the century. Although the musician himself was not long, unfortunately, life did not like his stage image. He was fond of rock, cars, was not afraid to stand up for loved ones, understood weapons.

The singer has repeatedly said in an interview: he greatly regrets that the viewer perceives him as he is on stage. That is, a cute guy with a soulful voice and unpretentious songs.

But millions of girls were in love with just such Zhenya. And he sang in such a way that each of the fans believed that it was addressed to her "my blue-eyed girl, well, tell me that you love me ...". And millions of girlish lips whispered: "Yes, Zhenya, I love ...".


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