Top 10 sad rock songs

A bit of nice nostalgia....

A selection of the best rock songs about long-distance sadness...

Along with love, loneliness and sadness have always been a popular topic for songwriting. Revealing the issue of sadness for someone, such songs can be a very good way to overcome longing, find inner strength or simply realise your true feelings towards another person....

Probably many people are very familiar with the feeling of missing someone very much, the feeling of wanting to be with someone so far away... That's why we bring to your attention Top 5 songs about distance and sadness! Below are some great classics that remind us of the long and troubled road we all once walked... We think this playlist can turn into something positive! After all, life goes on and things change for the better! Let's not delay, let's go!

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)

"We're like two lost souls,
We swim like fish in an aquarium,
Year after year after year.
We're stuck in the same old place.
What did we find?
Same old fears..."

John Wait - Missing You (1984)

"You don't know,
How desperate I've become.....
And it looks like I'm losing this fight."

Scorpions - Still Loving You (1984)

"Your pride has built a wall,
So strong I can't get through.
I don't stand a chance,
To start all over again?"

Journey - Faithfully (1983)

"Circus life under the dome of the world,
We all want clowns to make us laugh.
Through space and time,
Another show...
Thinking about where I'm lost without you,
For it's not easy to be apart when you love so much.
Two strangers re-learning how to love,
I love rediscovering you."

Electric Light Orchestra - Turn to Stone (1977)

"Shadows dance on the wall
That's all I see while you're gone."

The Rolling Stones - Miss You (1978)

"I won't miss you,
But I know I'm lying to myself..."

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (1998)

"I don't want to miss a moment,
Even if I dream about you,
I won't have enough of this sweet dream."

Kiss - Beth (1976)

"You say you feel such an emptiness.....
Our home has not become a cosy nest.....
I'm always somewhere else,
And you're always alone."

Def Leppard - Miss You in a Heartbeat (1992)

"I suppose there's something deep inside,
Which shouldn't be from time to time..."

Steve Perry - Missing You (1994)

"Miss you..."

Bonus track is Eric Clapton's Missing You (1986)!

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