Top 10 Late Night Songs

A selection of the best classic rock songs about the night...

Top ten "night" songs

Shortening the list of the best night songs, that is, songs with the word "night" in the title, is quite a task! Many classic rockers have released one, if not several, great songs about what's going on at this amazing time of day...

led zeppelin foto dik barnatt
Led Zeppelin. Photo: Dick Barnatt

Making things a bit easier (by eliminating headlines like "midnight" or "tonight"), we hope you enjoy today's selection!

So: it's Fuzz Music magazine's top 10 late night songs in classic rock history!

Top 10 best songs about the night ...

The best songs about the night! Classic rock...
The best songs about the night! Classic rock…

Joe Walsh - All Night Long (1980)

This song from Joe Walsh made it to our list of late night songs because of its ability to fill the dance floor! In his time, Walsh capitalized on the growing explosion in country music!

Bruce Springsteen - Spirit in the Night (1973)

"Spirit in the Night" is perfect for our list of late night songs, as this track was born in the early hours of the evening... The final song written for "Cheers from Asbury Park, NJ" included only saxophonist Clarence Clemons and drummer Viny Lopez , who happened to be there when it was time to record. Colorful characters such as Crazy Janey, Killer Joe and Hazy Davy were woven into the story's tapestry.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special (1975)

There is no doubt that "Saturday Night Special" is one of the best late night songs in the world!

Led Zeppelin - Night Flight (1975)

This is the same song that definitely has its share of adventure. Robert Plant wrote it down as a story about a young man trying to avoid drafts. As a favorite of the Physical Graffiti album, Led Zeppelin never played it live during their shows. However, "Night Flight" has been played at their concerts over the years. This song is one of the few that does not feature Jimmy Page's signature guitar solo.

Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (1973)

This is one of Elton John's hardest rock tracks and was influenced by the glamorous sound of the time. Songwriter Bernie Taupin explained that the song's lyrics reflect his youth and the fights that happened at his local pub...

Van Halen - Dance the Night Away (1979)

Van Halen's contribution to our list of late night songs comes in the form of one of their most enduring hits, "Dance the Night Away". David Lee Roth said during a show in San Diego that he wrote a track about a drunk and very cheeky woman ...

Bob Seger

"Night Moves" by Bob Seger made our list as the track that best reflects the evening hours. Seger stated that his song was inspired by Bruce Springsteen's "Jungleland" and told stories from his youth. On the creative side, the song came to the studio very quickly!

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night (1964)

It was Ringo Starr who came up with the phrase that would lead to one of the band's biggest hits, as well as naming their album and film of the same name. Starr explained "A Hard Day's Night":

“We went to do work and we worked all day and we had to work all night. I walked over, still thinking it was daytime, and I said, “It was a hard day…and I looked around and saw it was dark, so I said, “…night!” So we've come to a Hard Day's Night!"

The Rolling Stones - Let's Spend the Night Together (1967)

The band was asked not to play their current single during an appearance on the Ed Ed Sullivan Show due to its suggestive nature. In the end, a compromise was reached: Mick Jagger sang "Let's Spend Time Together."

AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long (1980)

When it comes to late night songs, it's impossible not to think of AC/DC and their 'You Shook Me All Night Long'… Singer Brian Johnson, who just joined the band for 'Back in Black', stated that the song was written for to spend the night with a beautiful woman. There is genius in simplicity, isn't there?

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