Overwhelmed by Sadness: The 10 Most Depressing Representatives of Rock Music

Cheerful music is, of course, good, but it is not always what you need. Sometimes you just want to sit and look out the window, listening to something languid and sad. Especially for such moments, we decided to tell you about the most depressing rock musicians and their compositions.

The most depressing rock musicians and bands

Autumn has already passed, but a light atmosphere of sadness is still in the air. The body is in suspended animation. I also want everything in the evenings go into yourselfto reflect on the meaninglessness of existence. For completeness of sensations, you can put relevant music.

Soon it will be sunny and mood will change. But it is precisely thanks to the contrasts that the beauty and brightness of this world is felt more sharply. This selection of dark tracks is not destructive. After her, even small joys seem real happiness.

Nick Cave
Nick Cave

The Cure

The Cure can be called pioneers gothic direction in music. They became popular when they performed music for a wide range of listeners, moving away from the original idea. But it turned out that depressive gothic rock can be popular.

We are talking about the album "Disintegration", released in 1989. Before this album, which became the eighth in the history of the group, The Cure had already released dark records. "Pornography", "Seventeen Seconds" and "Faith" were all written in the band's gothic style, but later, as the band gained popularity, they began to move away from that.

More and more of their creativity approaching to pop music, and at one point the band members became disgusted with writing such music. With "Disintegration" they returned to gothic rock.

The leader of the group noted that while working on the songs for this disc, he wanted to "create something really unbearable." Perhaps he has happened.


This Icelandic performer seems to be born to create really dark things, penetrating into the depths of the subconscious. And what are her phantasmagoric images worth!

You can not love the work of Björk, but you must watch the movie "Dancer in the Dark" costs. The main task is not to howl from pain, hopeless longing and hopelessness. And Björk's soundtracks only exacerbate the condition.

Bon Iver

At the concerts of this artist hard Don't burst into tears out of self-pity. Bon Iver is great for moments when everything in life is great. Just to remember that it won't always be like this.

Joy Division

One of the brightest representatives post-punk Joy Division relied on gloominess and doom in sound. The emotionless voice of bandleader and all-songwriter Ian Curtis captures the brain from the first seconds of sounding, plunging it into a deep trance.

The musician simply conveyed his true attitude. He was really depressed. As a result, Yen committed suicide.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Listening to Nick Cave, it seems that the musician has comprehended the essence of the dark side of this world and now sings from high his knowledge, trying to share with the audience. Moreover, he himself says that "a piece of the divine permeates through his songs." And darkness is also part of the universe.

Manic Street Preachers

What can you expect from musicians who sworn off write about love? In the case of the Manic Street Preachers, this is the policy and the accompanying horror. And the band's disc "The Holy Bible" was awarded the title of the darkest and gloomiest album in the history of music.

This last the band's release, featuring guitarist Richard James Edwards, who went missing in 1995. During the writing and recording period of the album, Edwards struggled with depression, alcohol abuse, autosadism, and anorexia nervosa. The contents of the album are believed by the band's fans to reflect condition a musician.

The Antlers

In 2009 The Antlers released album "Hospise", which tells the story of a nurse and her ward, suffering from oncology. The topic is more than complex and difficult. And the next album of the musicians "Burst Apart" was generally called "destructive" by critics.

The National

The magical voice of Matt Berninger, penetrating to the atoms of the bone marrow, combined with incomparable music and lyrics about unhappy love and life shattered into pieces. Perhaps this is how you can briefly describe the work of The National. And today it is more than in demand.

Nine Inch Nails

It's more likely that trees will grow on the moon than Nine Inch Nails will write something suitable for a carefree party. Religion, illegal substances, regret, self-deception - these topics rise in the band's songs, similar to sociological studies, with gloomy disappointing conclusions.

David Silvian

Sylvian is one of the creative station wagonswho, during their lives, radically change their musical image several times, relearn and achieve success, moreover, each new image is presented as only possible and expressing their essence.

Probably, the theme of self-absorption, gloomy philosophical reflections can best be conveyed by a single singer. This confirms David Sylvian, who has been singing alone for more than 20 years with his work. The performer does not need to consult with anyone. He is excellent knowswhat to tell the listener and in what form it is most intelligibly conveyed.


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