Top 10 unique voices. Part one

Today we will talk about the most memorable voices in the world of rock music...

10 unique voices in rock music! Part one

It happens that we fanatically like one single group or song, and we are ready to “listen” to it to the holes. And it doesn't matter at all - whether it's a killer heavy metal, a romantic ballad or a classic rock and roll composition ... Today we will refresh our memory, and some will just get acquainted with these heroes of their time. So let's go!

David Bowie

Top 10 unique voices. Part one

Famed for his flamboyant looks and constant change in image, the "chameleon of rock and roll" - David Bowie - captivated an audience of millions with his undeniable musical talent. Firstly, each creation of the artist was distinguished by intellectual depth, well, and secondly, who would dispute his unique vocal abilities? Although, most likely, among the listeners there will certainly be at least a couple of "critics".

Unfortunately, some still do not take the work of this legendary artist seriously, referring to his "weak" vocal abilities. In part, this opinion is subjective. But, as with operatic and vocal singing, there are certain criteria that allow you to judge: what is good and what is bad. And here the vocal range plays an important role. Just listen to any piece of Bowie and think: are the top and bottom notes in the vocal parts really sung “not ice” ...?

Elvis Presley

Top 10 unique voices. Part one

In the entire history of rock and roll, there has been only one true king of this driving genre, and that is the incomparable Elvis Presley. Thousands of artists - both amateurs and professionals - tried hard to imitate his style. Maybe some people were really good at it. But no one - not even the most stubborn and talented performer - can recreate the unique voice of the rock icon of the 60s-70s. The compositions, the sound of which was presented by Presley, can be listened to indefinitely!

And all because the singer had a distinct individual, velvety and, one might say, magical vocals. As if hypnotizing, he forced the audience to admire the same work over and over again. Like an unbridled whirlwind, his vocals burst into the world of rock and roll and imprisoned a million-strong audience of listeners. Undoubtedly, Elvis became the impetus for countless hordes of imitators! Even as a student, Presley was admired by Sandows, professor of music at Columbia University: he admitted that he had never heard such an unusual voice ...

Ozzy Osbourne

Top 10 unique voices. Part one

Ozzy Osbourne may not be the favorite vocalist of most listeners, but his voice can rightfully be called unique! Yes, somewhere it sounds far “not right” or even false, but the performer always gives all the best! His singing is very sincere, honest, quite original, unusually liberated and freed from any framework and complexes! It's never boring to listen to him… Osbourne is a really great rock vocalist with a strong timbre and a wide range, which he masterfully knows how to use. The musician has a very delicate ear and virtuoso performance skills, and it is stupid to refute this.

It is unlikely that the works performed by him can be confused with someone else. Take, for example, the same famous "Dreamer". Dedicated to pressing human needs, the ballad makes you think about the world we live in and the future that awaits us... The majestic and even mysterious melody, combined with Ozzy's unique voice, made a simple, at first glance, ballad - a timeless classic of the genre.

Janis Joplin

Top 10 unique voices. Part one

There are performers who, having heard them at least once, it is simply impossible to forget their manner, extraordinary timbre and courage on stage. All this may not delight the listener, moreover, such a presentation may completely alienate part of the audience. But the indelible impression of what you hear or see will never leave. It was such a bright personality that the incomparable “queen of rock and roll” Janis Joplin was.

A truly outstanding singer, who left this mortal world at the age of 27, managed to conquer a million audience of listeners not only with her liberated behavior, but also with her manner of performance. Her inimitable strong voice with a pronounced hoarseness continues to excite the minds of modern music lovers to this day. Curiously, Joplin did not know musical notation. However, her developed susceptibility allowed her to absorb with a sponge the phraseology, rhythm and emotional spectrum of the blues to the smallest nuances ... Yes, this legendary performer forever left a mark on the history of the blues. For her "black" voice, Janice was even awarded the title of "Mom of the Blues". Neither before nor after her, no white singer was awarded this title.

David Byron

Top 10 unique voices. Part one

Undoubtedly, the voice of this legendary British vocalist, who became famous thanks to the most popular hard rock band Uriah Heep, is something truly unique. So soft, soulful and sincere... It is in his sound that we know all the brightest hits of the Hips. Despite all the modesty of the creative heritage, Byron to this day remains one of the main icons of rock and roll of the 70s. And is it worth remembering his vocal part in "Uriah Neher "July Morning"" ... That's something, but it can really serve as an eloquent standard of rock vocals!

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