The Kooks - "10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark" (2022) - all about the album

The first part of the new album of The Kooks made an impression not only on rock lovers.

Album 10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark (2022) by The Kooks

Album premiere "10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark" indie rock bands The Cooks scheduled for July 22, 2022but three songs of it, which the group announced, you can listen now. Three compositions of the future release make it first part.

The Berlin producer took part in the work on the album Tobias Kuhn, the team started recording long before the start of the pandemic. According to the vocalist Luke Pritchard, the album is called "10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark" due to the fact that Luke is delighted with cassette playlist. Pritchard also noted that he was inspired to develop a similar title for the album by the covers of old science fiction novels, which he read a huge amount during the pandemic.

The Cooks (2022)
The Cooks (2022)

Musical compositions of the album

The three songs announced are titled "Jesse James", "Modern Days" and "Connection". Last track by Luke Pritchard dedicated to his wife. Clip You can watch this track below.

Listening to the first three songs of the album, you can see that the group is far away moved away from that stylewhich made it popular in 2004. This is no longer guitar rock, and electronic and dance parties. And this despite the fact that The Kooks, according to Luke Pritchard, do not follow modern charts and do not even know what line their songs are on.

Moreover, the musicians are sure that press Britain them dislikes, because nothing good is written about the team, and even don't pay im a lot of attention when the performers really deserve this. The Kooks' first album was named the British Rolling Stone "almost instantly forgettable and obnoxious retrorock".

A bit of history

The album "10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark" will be sixth account for The Kooks. To previous album "Let's Go Sunshine"who came out in 2018, consisted of 15 tracks.

In 2021 The band has re-released their debut album. "Inside In/Inside Out" in honor of what he turned 15 years old. Pritchard notes that the first record comes from huge amount of energywhich feeds listeners to this day, and the adolescents of each successive generation each time in a new way open it for themselves. The Kooks, starting work on the album "10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark", wanted to give him spirit of youth and soak it energy.

“The world is going crazy and we love it. We are comfortable being who we are, and we enjoy it,” notes Luke Pritchard.

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