Daði og Gagnamagnið took fourth place at Eurovision 2021 with the song "10 Years"

"It's difficult because we've worked so hard and I really wanted to and I've been working on this for so long... We're really proud of our performance and I hope we make the Icelanders proud of us and our country!" Dadi commented.

About the amazing performance of Daði og Gagnamagnið at the 2021 International Song Contest

«10 Years' is the title of the song that Dadi and his team Gagnamagnið represented Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. As a result, the musicians earned 378 points and fourth place in the final! In summer 2020 they were supposed to perform the song "Think About Things”, However, the international competition was canceled due to the pandemic ... And so, May 22, 2021 guys in branded turquoise sweaters lit up the Eurovision stage, performing "10 Years"! This song is a real disco filled with warm and carefree humor... It is noteworthy, but the composition is dedicated to his wife Freyra, Arnie, which, of course, was next to him, being a muse ... So "10 Years» has a rich and very romantic history!

“It was a little weird, yes,” Arnie commented, recalling how Dadi asked her permission before using their life and love story as inspiration for “10 Years.”

About the song

Daði og Gagnamagnið
Daði og Gagnamagnið

Lyrically, the song10 Years» - a romantic and very personal ode to a 10-year marriage Dadi and Arnie, the girl who helped him become who he is ... Dadi and his wife first gained fame at Eurovision in the Icelandic national final in 2017, having conquered everyone with his author's song "Is This Love?» However, despite the admiration of the public, Gagnamagnið took second place, losing the victory to the singer named Svala Björgvinsdouttir... Three years later, Dadi and the team stormed the summit Songvakeppnin (competition for the right to represent Iceland at Eurovision) with the track "Think About Things"! The whimsical retro tune about his daughter quickly rose in the ratings and became the favorite to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, as well as a viral sensation around the world ... After the cancellation of the competition, the group was selected to participate in 2021 again.

“It was crazy! It was a lot of fun, but very strange…” Dadi himself comments. “I've seen the numbers go up but basically my goal has stayed the same: do the same thing but for a bigger audience… 'Think About Things' is a fun track and very uplifting! But it's time to come up with something new ... "

Independent composition "10 Years"continues the linear history of Freyr's songs for Eurovision. The singer remains in a recognizable dance style, but with a rather deep message. If the trackIs This Love?"talked about love at first sight, and"Think About Things"referring to his daughter,"10 Yearsis a celebration of the long love story of Dadi and Arnie! This expresses how much Freyr treasures the time spent together with each other: “We have been together for ten years / And yet every day I love you more ...” A pleasant disco melody tells in a positive way about how marriage can be for you pleasant experience…

Dadi Freyr and Arni Fjola
Dadi Freyr and Arni Fjola

Dadi's wife and his muse have been 10 years old, Arni Fjola is also a member of the band Daði og Gagnamagnið! The team also includes a sister Freyra, Sigrun Birna Petursdottir, which performs backing vocals… The rest of the band members are close friends… So, Daði og Gagnamagnið can rightfully be called a family team! Interesting fact: the variety of choral sounds that we can hear are the vocal samples of many people from different parts of the world who were invited to contribute to a possible victory in the competition: even Dadi's parents were not too lazy, but joined and sang!

Performance at the competition

Daði og Gagnamagnið
Daði og Gagnamagnið

Music and family have always meant a lot to Dadi. These are the two main elements that inspire and motivate him to realize his ambitions, as well as maintaining his close connection to the ardently adored Iceland and the close-knit communities he has always loved… As an artist who enjoys figuring out intricate art, Dadi is passionate about exploring the incredibly diverse annual explosion pop music Eurovision! That's why "10 Years» so reminiscent of a track kept in the traditions of this competition, however, with its own signature features!

“It’s difficult because we worked so hard and I really wanted to and I worked on this for so long… We are really proud of our performance and I hope we will make the Icelanders proud of us and our country!” Dadi commented.

Daði og Gagnamagnið are participants from Iceland who were originally supposed to perform at the international song contest in 2020. The name "Gagnamagnið" translates to "data plan" in English, and the group is known for their signature teal sweaters that feature their own pixel art images!

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