What if an iconic Nirvana hit was sung by 1,000 people at once?

Perhaps Kurt Cobain himself smiled from heaven, looking at how great his brainchild has become over the years...

How was it: 1,000 people performed the legendary "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

"Smells like Teen Spirit" - the band's legendary hit Nirvanawhich is forever imprinted on the pages of world rock. This composition has not lost its relevance in the decades since its release. It still touches people's hearts, inspires them and makes them feel young. Not surprisingly, the song is often sung by various artists, but it is also performed in large arenas and stadiums. And now, in 2019 the year a real miracle happened: 1000 people performed the legendary "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in unison! Perhaps the very Kurt Cobain smiled from heaven, looking at how great his brainchild had become over the years...

A historically significant moment for all Nirvana fans occurred June 29, 2019 in Paris at the stadium "Stade de France! The project, which first emerged out of a spontaneous idea in 2015, was called "Rockin'1000". The essence is simple, and the name speaks for itself: 1,000 musicians - a huge crowd of guitarists, drummers, bassists and vocalists - performing cult rock hits! All together, on the same field, in unison... And it really is a fabulous spectacle.

A perfect illustration of how music brings people together. The video of this stunning performance has garnered more than one million views in a few years. Commentators delighted no less than the spectators in the stands:

"Watching the synchronicity of the drummers is so satisfying..."


"Kurt would have loved it. But he'd probably say, 'You're all crazy!


"I love that each musician had his own style!"


"I only have one problem with this amazing show, I wasn't invited!"


"My soul dances in my body. Drummers with the ear of God!"

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

It's hard to imagine how much time it took to prepare such a large-scale show. By the way: in one concert "Rockin'1000" perform more than one song! So, in addition to "Smells like Teen Spirit" The musicians delighted the audience with hits from other rock giants, from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin!

You can't argue with that: this is truly one of the most legendary musical 21st century show.


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