"2SICH" is about the channel and about the girl who famously parodies metalheads

2SICH is the name given to a YouTube music channel with an entertainment bias. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? But first things first...

YouTube channel "2SICH" as the best way to cheer up a metal fan

metal music is a popular genre, a kind of rock, whose history begins in distant 70s years of the last century ... As a rule - a genre metal listeners associate with brutal musicians, a kind of bikers with guitars in their hands, who wear heavy chains, leather jackets and have not cut their hair for years! One of the most striking and distinctive features of the genre is the overdriven sound of the electric guitar, usually achieved using a guitar amplifier or an electronic distortion pedal. One of its most popular representatives is considered to be AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and others ... Yes, yes, we all heard about the crazy antics of the members of the mentioned bands (we will not go into wild details), which is why metal music has become synonymous with the word "riots" (as, probably, all rock in general ... ) However, can you imagine metal going hand in hand with cute irony or, let's say, parody...? If not, then you are simply not familiar with the funny and at the same time really heavy channel of one girl, which is called 2SICH!

Unique style...

Channel owner 2SICH
Channel owner 2SICH

2SICH - this is the name of the music YouTube channel with an entertainment bias. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Let's start with what belongs to the 2SICH girl, who, frankly, little is known about ... If you study the section "about the channel", you can only stumble upon a link on Instagram ... Yes, and there the real name or any additional information about the user is not indicated. But okay. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that this girl is a born actress! The way she parodies metalheads, no one has ever done! Actually, see for yourself:

We have to admit that watching her metal covers is very interesting and it definitely cheers you up! Total per channel 2SICH 257k followers, and the total number of views is almost 19 million (as of 2021)!

Also, while studying the channel, we can stumble upon the "community" section, which also has something interesting ... For example, if you drive the girl's records to the very bottom, you can see a funny video called «ENGLISH Guitarists Vs RUSSIAN Guitarists» (which means "ENGLISH guitarists against RUSSIAN guitarists")! Let's talk about it in more detail...

Bradley Hall + 2SICH, or friendly collaborations

Bradley Hall
Bradley Hall

As we said above, there is an interesting video in the blogger communities, the title of which speaks for itself: "ENGLISH guitarists against RUSSIAN guitarists". It was published in July 2020, but not on the channel 2SICH, and on the channel Bradley Hall. Apparently, both bloggers are friends (if not in life, then on the Web). Again, these are just assumptions, however ... the conclusion suggests itself. So: in just a year, the video gained almost half a million views! Agree, a very good result! As you might guess, based on the content of 2SICH, it is humorous… And yes, there are some really funny moments here! Actually, let's see:

The description for the video reads:

“After an earlier careful experiment on the characteristics of American and English guitarists, today we turn to Russians instead! A huge thank you to 2SICH for helping me put together this insanity…”

Bradley Hall
Bradley Hall

As for the comments on the video, among the users who watched this "masterpiece" were Russians! Here are some of the funniest comments from Russian users:

“She also had to fill the bath with vodka ...”


“When did Nikita Marchenko manage to lose weight like that?”


"The socialist revolution we deserve..."

Talking about the channel Bradley Hall it is worth noting that, unlike 2SICH, it has slightly fewer subscribers (namely, 195 thousand for 2021), however, at the same time, over 33 million views! It also has a lot of fun videos about metal and music in general, and you can drop in and watch them if you want.

Audience reaction

But back to 2SICH, namely, how do people react to such videos? In fact, everyone really likes such videos (well, or almost everyone ...)! Why not? Music, positivity, humor… All this at least cheers you up! But it is precisely the positive that is so lacking in this modern world ... Fortunately, we have such channels as Bradley Hall and 2SICH! We offer you to watch some more of the most popular videos from the channel of the charming parody...


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