The story of three of the inimitable Paula Abdul's best songs

In the late 80's Paula Abdul became one of the most famous music stars. She flew into the music world and immediately won the hearts of millions of listeners around the world. But why did she become so popular? Here's a look at three of her most popular songs!

Paula Abdul's Top 3 Songs 

Many people remember this singer from the '80s. Back then she was just starting out in music and was working the choreographer-director in celebrity music videos. But already in the 90s everyone knew about it. Because Paula Abdul became a star herself: she took up music professionally!

In this article we decided to recall three her best songs that made her incredibly popular. Sit back as we dive into the '80s and '90s with Paula Abdul!

Rush, Rush

Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul

One of Paula Abdul's most popular songs. Moreover, it is the most uncharacteristic song for her. Before that Paula Abdul released mostly dance hits, and "Rush, Rush" was more of a ballad.

The song was also the first single from the 1991 album, "Spellbound". It was a brave decision to first release a song with uncharacteristic sound. But the public loved the song: it was appreciated by new and old fans alike. So "Rush, Rush" became a turning point in Paula Abdul's career.

If we talk about the track itself, it talks about The story of two people in love. The girl tells her lover to come to her as soon as possible ("rush, rush" translates as "rush, rush"). But it is not a love song in the usual sense of the word. The heroine of the song was talking about her attraction, so many people regard "Rush, Rush" as a song about passion rather than love.

Because of the fact that the music video starred Keanu ReevesThe first time Paula sang for him, he was already a popular actor at the time, many of Paula's fans thought that she was singing about him. Because of this, there were many rumors about an affair between the two stars. Neither Reeves nor Abdul commented on it. It wasn't until a 2019 interview with Andy Cohen that the singer denied the rumors.

Abdul told Cohen that she saw Reeves In just his underpants. during the filming of the music video for "Rush, Rush. He was surprised and asked if they had met. The singer laughed and gave an unequivocal no. She saw Reeves naked by chance, and on the set he was called because he liked the film ".A Rebel Without a Cause" from 1955. The clip was shot in a similar style to the film.

But it wasn't just the music video that was based on a pre-existing piece. "Rush, Rush" used a sample from the song George Benson "Kisses in the Moonlight." Because of such small borrowings and because of the newness of the material for Paula Abdul, the track made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

Straight Up

Paula Abdul in the 1980s
Paula Abdul in the 1980s

And this hit came out with Paula Abdul's first album. Forever Your Girl (1988). And immediately made Abdul a star. Although it's not even so much the track itself that's to blame, as the video clip made for it.

At the beginning of this article, we wrote about Paula Abdul's choreographer. She worked as hard for her music video as she did for other stars' music videos. The young artist's enchanting plastique keeps your eyes on the screen for all four minutes. Because of this, the music video won some very honorary nominations on MTV Video Music Awards 1989: "Best Female Video", "Best Dance Video", "Best Choreography" and "Best Editing". On the same MTV channel, the video was spinning almost nonstop.

But the music is good, too. In the best tradition of '80s dance tracks. It was written and produced by the American songwriter and musician Elliot Wolfe. Abdul later won a Grammy with this song.

The lyrics do not make any serious sense, but for dance music this is more of a plus than a minus. The track tells the story of a girl who doubts that the guy wants to be with her. She asks him if he loves her or plays with her. She asks to be told directly if their love is only temporary fun for the guy.

Opposites Attract

The delightful Paula Abdul
The delightful Paula Abdul

One more megapopular song. Like the previous one, it owes much of its popularity to the unusual, high-quality music video. But this clip, in its strangeness, seems like it would surpass even any contemporary one.

Many people remember Paula Abdul precisely because of this beautiful clip in which she flirts with a cartoon cat-rapper, very much reminiscent of Tom from the Tom and Jerry cartoon. These cats have very similar drawings.

The cat's name is MC Skat Kat. He is a fictional character who is only involved in this music video. The song with his participation was released together with Paula Abdul's first album. But it wasn't written by Elliot Wolfe, but by another musician. Oliver Leiber. The song became a hit and topped the charts in America, Canada, and Australia.

The meaning of this single is more interesting than the previous one. The song sings about a couple of lovers who are as different from each other as possible. That's why they decided to shoot Paula Abdul and cartoon catto show these incredible differences.

Paula Abdul as a young man
Paula Abdul as a young man

The video became as popular as the video for the song "Straight Up". There's also exciting dancesBut unlike the previous clips, this one also has amazingly drawn graphics. The cat-rapper became a breakthrough and thanks to him many people remembered Paula Abdul. It's a pity that such use of drawn graphics in music videos is a rarity even now.


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