James Cameron's films that made him a celebrity

Love a good movie? We have compiled the top 4 most popular films directed by James Cameron!

Top 4 most popular films of the famous director James Cameron

We have already told you about James Cameron - the legendary director from the USA. It's time to tell about the best works director. Cameron's film projects have garnered top marks from professional film critics around the globe, deserving numerous awards. "Oscar" in various categories.

Cameron with T-800 layout
Cameron with T-800 layout

Each of the films in our selection after the release collected not only the praise of a huge number of viewers around the world, but also tens of millions of dollars. The sensational success of the films is due primarily to the incredible quality and amount of work done by the film director, producer, technicians and the entire film crew.

Abyss (1989)

Lindsey Brigman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and her husband Virgil Brigman (Ed Harris) became the main characters of the film The Abyss. The heroes have to dive into the depths of the ocean and save those who survived as a result of the destruction of the submarine. However, once the boat is discovered, none of the survivors of the couple can not be found.

According to the manuals, crew members are required to immediately surface, but something becomes their obstacle - something extremely fast and maneuverable. Lindsey and Virgil decide that a Soviet device or a secret weapon is in their way. However, everything is not so simple - after a while, the crew members realize that a certain extraterrestrial civilization.

Rescuing survivors is not Lindsey and Virgil's only goal. Their second goal is the warhead, which they need to find and raise or, in case of failure, defuse. Encounter with extraterrestrial creatures has a strong effect on the emotions and minds of the crew, and one of them - Coffey (Michael Biehn) - an idea appears. Coffey decides to launch the timed warhead as deep as possible, thus destroying the extraterrestrial intelligence.

Through an experimental breathing mixture, Virgil descends deeper and does his best to save the crew.

What is the outcome of the story of the collision of man and extraterrestrial intelligence at the depth of the ocean? You can find out the answers after watching the "Abyss" tape.


The basis for the construction of the picture "Titanic" was the events that occurred with the British ship. The ship, designed in 1912, was the largest liner in the world capable of carrying passengers.

The history of the Titanic melodrama is just a background for the main love line. Rosa (Kate Winslet) meets a drifter and artist Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) on a ship. Rosa is a girl from a wealthy family whose fortunes are declining due to complications in the family business. Rosa's family insists that she marry Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane), for whom she has no warm feelings or respect. The girl does not intend to endure bullying and the unpleasant disposition of her husband, which is why she decides to jump off the liner in order to commit suicide. Jack gets in her way and keeps her from committing such a rash act.

Jack feels in love with Rosa, but the husband asks the ship's guards to control her every action, which is why the young people cannot meet. However, Rose finds a way to see Jack. The girl feels the same as Jack - love. However, their story is not as simple and fabulous as we would like.

"Titanic" is a picture of love and tragedy that will touch the heart of every viewer. How will the love story of two young people who accidentally met on the largest liner continue? The film "Titanic" will reveal these and other secrets.


The action of the tape "Avatar" begins in 2154. The protagonist - veteran infantryman Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) - is assigned to carry out a secret mission, during which he was injured. The injury paralyzed the infantryman's legs, and Jake resigned.

However, Sally's story is just beginning - the robbers killed his twin brother Tom. Trouble happened before departure to the planet Pandora, whose home is the star system Alpha Centauri. A scientific expedition is planned there, in which Tom, a scientist and expert in biology who practices genetic experiments, will participate.

Pandora is the home of the sentient, humanoid Na'vi creatures that appear to humanity as uncivilized creatures that have ceased to evolve. Nevertheless, technological progress is not needed here, because the Pandorians are excellent at coping with life on the planet, in harmony with every living creature on their planet. Originally Pandorians did not consider earthlings enemies, however, after the aliens showed their barbaric nature, extracting many minerals and destroying the nature and world of Pandora, the inhabitants of the planet refused to put up with this.

It is not so easy to resist the uprising of creatures whose height is twice that of a human, which is why earthlings are losing more and more people, and unobtanium - a mineral with useful properties in huge quantities - still does not leave the mind of the commander of aliens from Earth, Parker Selfridge, who does not can wait until the way for the extraction of the mineral is opened to him. The way out of the situation is the decision of scientists create avatars. The Avatar is a human-Na'vi clone hybrid grown under artificial conditions.

How will the confrontation between the two civilizations unfold? See in the film "Avatar".

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

At the center of the events of the film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is John Connor (Edward Furlong), who can hardly be called a simple teenager, because life gave the guy several difficulties.

John's mom Sarah (Linda Hamilton), should be regularly under the strict supervision of doctors and orderlies. The psychiatric clinic in which the woman is located may resemble a prison building. John's adoptive parents have difficulty establishing contact with him and barely coping with his upbringing, although he flatly refuses to respect them and regularly finds himself in the center of bad events. John never met his father.

According to his mother, his name is Kyle Reese, and he was a soldier who was expelled from the future in order to hinder the killer cyborg. This "probable" future due to the rise of the machines is underway destructive war against the human racestuck in the corner. The only inspiration not to give up is our main character - John Connor. It is because of this that the artificial intelligence "Skynet" has to decide to kill him - so he does not prevent the robots from capturing humanity.

Skynet's first attempt was the terminator, sent by them in 1984, a humanoid robot designed to kill. It was he who was supposed to be killed by Kyle Reese.

The history of the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" deserves many hours of discussion, but for completeness, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the picture.



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