A look back at five powerful hits from A-ha's debut album

These Norwegians are known to many domestic music lovers. A-ha became famous because of their one main thing - the song "Take on Me". But they have quite a few popular songs. Most of them came out on the band's debut LP, "Hunting High and Low." Today we decided to remember the five most popular ones.

Top 5 A-ha songs from their debut album

These Norwegians are known to many domestic music lovers. A-ha became known because of their one main thing, the song "Take on Me"The song was one of the most recognizable music videos in the world. But these artists had many other worthy songs. Some of them became almost as popular as "Take on Me.

Most of these songs were released on the band's debut LP, "Hunting High and Low". And no wonder that after this album the band gained world fame. All the tracks from it are very good!

Group a ha
A-ha Group

In this article we decided to recall five most popular of A-ha's songs from their debut album and share with you the creation story and meaning behind each one. Have a seat as we begin!

Take on Me 

«Count on me."That's what the hero of the song repeats many times. The band A-ha came up with a very interesting play on words: "Take on me, take me on". The first phrase means "rely on me," and the second phrase means "accept my challenge.

Thanks to these lines and the musical talent of the participants, the song became an incredible success. The lyrics are easy to remember, as is the intro to the song. And the music video is unmistakable! All in all, A-ha did their best and delivered hit.

Further songs were not so popular anymore, but "Take on Me" attracted listeners' attention to the rest of the band's work. Because of this hit, listeners learned about the other songs of the band.

And the most interesting thing is that originally the song was a failure. Musicians redid it three times before it shot out. And its success predetermined the further creativity of A-ha. The young musicians made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. And they owe it not only to their music, but also to To Steve Barron.who made a music video for them.

Hunting High and Low

Another hit from the band's debut album. But this song was listened to by far fewer people. It was not as actively played on TV, and the clip is not as catchy.

But the song is good, even though it is sung in a much more Goodbye in a way than "Take on Me."

This song sings about how the main character misses his girlfriend. He sings about being ready to look for her anywhere, even though the girl is gone. It's grustic history about a love that ended. More precisely, love ended involuntarily - the girl said she had to leave...

It's funny that in the same "Take on Me," the hero of the song himself needs to leave:

"I'll be gone.
In a day or two.

The Sun Always Shines on T.V.

Members of A-ha: (left) Magne Furuholmen, (center) Morten Harket, (right) Paul Voctor
Members of A-ha: (left) Magne Furuholmen, (center) Morten Harket, (right) Paul Voctor

Another mega-popular track, which was released as a single with the debut album. The band didn't want to release this track originally. But later Familiar guitarist Paul Vector-Savoy persuaded him to add this track to the album. She thought it would shoot and be a hit. In principle, it did.

In the UK this song became almost as popular as "Take on Me". Although in other countries the single was not so popular. And the most interesting thing is that the video for "The Sun Always Shines on T.V." was made by Steve Barron. The same one who shot the music video for "Take on Me.

By Barron's idea, the "The Sun Always Shines on T.V." video continues the idea of the "Take on Me" music video.

The clip begins with racer from the drawn world is talking to a girl. He can't stay in the real world and is forced to return to his comic book. And then there's a splash screen. It's as if the next episode of the show about this very racer begins. The whole clip goes on to be filmed in in black and white.

Train Of Thought

All in all this idea of Barron's was filmed three clipsThe last song was released a little later than the other singles, but it didn't become as popular as the other singles. The last song came out a little later than the other singles and didn't become so popular.

This song tells the story of a man with an endless stream of thoughts. He reads, solves crossword puzzles, works with papers. But really, he's trying to dodge the "train of thought.

Despite the beautiful music video, shot as well as "Take on Me," it wasn't as successful. Although the song did hit in the top 10 in many European countries. About 500,000 copies of the single were sold worldwide.

Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

Unfortunately, on this track A-ha didn't make a music video. Although, in terms of meaning, it fit into the story of the comic book racer and the girl from the real world.

It tells the story of a guy who lives in the world of children's adventure novels. "Living a Boy's Adventure Tale" translates as "living in a boy's adventure tale. The hero tells of his wanderings and how he is looking for a girl. In every face he looks for her. He has traveled many roads and paths already. But he has never found his beloved...

All in all, this is a very touching song. The story is simple, but the performance is top notch. It's especially touching. Morten Harket's vocals. His high-pitched singing sends shivers down your spine. What do you think about it? Do you prefer the first A-ha album or do you like the following ones better?


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