They were approved by Kim Jong-un himself: 7 leading performers of North Korea

Do you think that in North Korea there is nothing but communism, tanks and nuclear bombs, and instead of music there are shots of an armored personnel carrier at a training ground? You are mistaken, about the latter so exactly, because there are good musicians even in North Korea. We have compiled a list of the 7 most popular artists and creative associations in North Korea.

The most important music artists in North Korea

In the most isolated country in the world, North Korea, everything is under vigilant control Labor Party and personally its leader Comrade Kim Jong-un. It is they who decide what increases enthusiasm and tempers the spirit, and what hinders population to build communism and harms the idea. Every theatrical production, book, picture, film checked on the absence of enemy propaganda.

As for music, Kim Jong-un took special control of this art form. In 2015 he banned citizens to store, listen to and distribute any music of foreign origin. There is information that the police regularly search apartments for prohibited audio products. Any carriers with foreign songs are burned immediately.

Kim Jong-in
Kim Chen In

Despite this state of affairs, the music of North Korea lives and develops. Korea lacks musical groups and performers, because now there are many own groups and individual performers.

Those musicians whom Kim Jong-un himself listens to are especially popular. Popular love for the leader extends to his musical tastes.

1. Women's group "Moranbong"

Women's group "Moranbon"
Women's group "Moranbon"

This is the most revered in the country is a group of modern North Korean music. They were the only ones who were honored to periodically appear on TV in between the leader's speeches and news blocks.

Participants Kim Jong-un selected himself. Cute talented girls can perform all anything. Their repertoire includes vigorous military marches and patriotic songs. There are even playful pop songs and rhythmic melodies about how great life is for people in North Korea and, of course, about its leader, who is also called New Star.

The group was formed in 2012. The first concert was a breakthrough. It featured not only Korean but also foreign songs. In 2013, Moranbong did not appear in public, which gave reason to South Korean and Western journalists to claim that the girls executedand their relatives were sent to camps. However, the group soon continued to give concerts.

"Moranbong" is also popular in South Korea, for which it came under strict censorship in the latter.

2. Ensemble of electronic music "Pocheonbo"

Kim Gwang Suk from Pocheonbo
Kim Gwang Suk from Pocheonbo

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble is a famous and prolific ensemble in North Korea. On the account of musicians almost 150 issued albums. The group was created back in the days of the father of the current leader of the country ─ Kim Jong Il.

Ensemble compositions are quite energetic, the main instrument is a synthesizer. You can feel the professionalism of the performers. Self-taught musicians in the DPRK are all dear closed. The group got its name in honor of the iconic battle of Pocheonbo between Korean independence fighters and Japanese soldiers.

3. Orchestra "Galaxy"

This team is largest in North Korea with an orchestra. The musicians perform traditional Korean melodies, but in a modern arrangement. Their work is also filled with state-patriotic content, representing a purely North Korean genre of taejun kayo.

In the video, Galaktika performs the song "Unification Arirang" in a modern arrangement - with electric guitar and saxophone. This traditional a folk composition and the first song children learn in music lessons in both North and South Korea.

4. State military choir of the army of the DPRK

Well, where is the totalitarian state without a choir. Such groups in North Korea several, but the largest is the choir of the DPRK Armed Forces. His songs are not diverse, they talk about the achievements of the state and about the military victories of the present and future, which will unite the two countries of the Korean Peninsula.

The work of the choir is approved by Kim Jong-un, which means that it is approved by all of North Korea and is highly respected by its inhabitants.

5. Singer Hyun-Sol Wol

Singer Hyun-Sol Wol
Singer Hyun-Sol Wol

Hyun-Sol Wol started performing in Pocheonbo. But over time, she accumulated enough songs for solo work. The singer's main hit is "Excellent Horse-Like Lady", the melody of which includes sounds laser, which is almost a revolutionary decision for the music of the DPRK.

Creativity of the singer not strongly is different from the compositions of her "mother" team. But in general, Vol sings in the same vein as numerous Soviet VIA 70s.

6. Wangjesan Light Music Ensemble

Light Music Ensemble "Wangjesan"
Light Music Ensemble "Wangjesan"

The team, in fact, was the only North Korean variety show created already in 1983 by Kim Il Sung. Performances by "Wanjaesang" accompanied theatrical performances and circus performances. With its existence, the ensemble proved that North Korean leaders are not alien to the interest in the light genre.

However, in 2013 the group ceased to exist. And again, as in the case of Moranbon, there appeared creepy rumors. Like, Kim Jong-un ordered to bring the country's leading performers and musicians to a military training ground, where in their presence shot personally all the participants of "Wanjaesan". But again, the information was not confirmed.

7. Orchestra "Ynkhasu"

The team received fame and outside the DPRK. The arsenal of the orchestra is dominated by Western musical instruments, but with the harmonious inclusion of Korean folk instruments. The soloists of "Ynhasu" are universal. They are easy go over from opera arias to solemn hymns, marches and light folk songs.

In 2012 the orchestra toured in France, and in Paris the team even performed under the direction of the South Korean conductor Chung Myung Hoon. The musicians received permission to travel to a capitalist country due to the fact that one of the members of the band was the wife of the head of state, Lee Sol Zhu. However, soon after this tour, Eunhasu disbanded. Probably Kim Jong Un jealous wife to French fans after the European tour.


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