"A song about a real Indian" - we recall the calling card of the band "Zero"

Today in our article is the history of the band's hit "Song about a real Indian": how was the song created and why now Fyodor Chistyakov doesn't perform it at concerts? Let's find out!

All about the song "Song about a real Indian": creation history, meaning, clip

Russian rock is famous for a lot of hitsThe musicians who have given their lives to writing music now play on radio stations to this day. Artists who have given their lives to writing music are now not always provide an opportunity to hear their Best songs from the stage, mostly because of the changed view of the world over the years.

Today we will remember one of the main hits of the band Zero - "A song about a real Indian."and find out why Fyodor Chistyakov refuses to perform this track at his concerts many years later.

How did the hit appear - the story of the composition

Group Zero. The Early Years
Group Zero. The Early Years

In several of his interviews, the leader of the band Zero admitted that the song was written after spending two days on a "breakaway". It all began very innocently: Uncle Fyodor and his acquaintance were strolling through the center of St. Petersburg in Tavrichesky Gardens, and a little later they found themselves at the rehearsal center, where all the creative faces of St. Petersburg were gathered. Further events in the rocker's memory fade.

The next morning Chistyakov, who woke up in the same bed with a stranger, tormented by a hangover and anxious thoughts, thought about how much Okay He had a good time: he traveled, and he had a good time everywhere, like "to a true Indian.". However, the analogy with the Native American came a little later, when the lyrics had already begun to take shape.

Group Zero
Group Zero

Only with the last verse did the musician have to struggle: the lines did not go at all, and then "Uncle Fedor" came to the aid of his friend Peter Strukov. Thus, only the last verse of the song logically The completion of the "real Indian" story.

The lyrical meaning of the song

Group Zero in 1998
Group Zero in 1998

Throughout the song, Fyodor Chistyakov sings about life "Indian."The text of the composition does not use the connection with the flora. The connection with the flora in the text of the composition is used not for meaningful relief text.

The author himself makes no secret of the fact that his legendary song openly sings about drugs. Uncle Fedor talks about this in an interview.

Group Zero in the 90s
Group Zero in the 90s

The musician also mentions that this is the song he now does not perform due to the fact that he does not support an inebriated lifestyle. After some events in Chistyakov's life appeared pursuit to high and faith in God, so the musician does not want to sing about what in his current worldview no room.

The appearance of Irina Linnik in the video, a girl who played a major role in the fate of "Uncle Fedor

Irina Linnik-Levashova
Irina Linnik-Levshakova

In the video "Song about a real Indian," in addition to the leader of the band appears a girl who for two years was a friend of Fedor Chistyakov - Irina Linnik-Levshakova. She was known in rock circles for allowing musicians to rehearse and hold "apartments" at her dacha in Komarovo.

A year after the release of the song at Irina's dacha was filmed clipThe band's director was Maxim Katushkin. Only Fedor and Irina stayed at the country house for the filming, as the band's bass player could not withstand the grim atmosphere. The entire video sequence is WesternThe film is about the life of a "real Indian. In addition to the inebriated Chistyakov and Linnik, fragments of the film appear in the frame "Sing cowboy, sing."The film was filmed in the GDR.

Group Zero. Angarsk, 1998
Group Zero. Angarsk, 1998

In October 1992, Chistyakov attempted to kill Linnik, while under the influence of drugs. The girl was saved by neighbors who called the police. After the attack on Irina Fedor Chistyakov stayed in St. Petersburg for about a year. "Crosses."and at the trial was found to be Insane and sent for treatment in a psychiatric clinic with paranoid schizophrenia.

Interesting Facts

Fyodor Chistyakov and the modern lineup of the band
Fyodor Chistyakov and the modern lineup of the band
  1. The Mamulki Band from Yaroslavl made cover version on "The Real Indian Song," mixing different musical styles from ska and punk to jazz. This track is recognized the best The band's cover of the song, and it often appears on radio stations.
  2. After Fyodor Chistyakov was placed in pre-trial detention, the band Zero stopped their existence for a short period of time, and their fifth album, titled "Half an Endeavor!" was released after 2 years after the arrest of "Uncle Fedor.
Fyodor Chistyakov. 2010-е
Fyodor Chistyakov. 2010-е

3. "Song of the True Indian" was, like the other compositions from the album "Songs of Unrequited Love for the Motherland," made in acoustic option.

4. this song by the group Zero is on the list of "100 Best Songs of Russian Rock" according to Nashe Radio.

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