And I'm walking, walking around Moscow (1964) - Eduard Khil

After many years, Shpalikov joked: “If everyone who sings this song gave me a ruble, I would be a millionaire!”

How the song "And I'm walking, walking around Moscow" was created (from the movie "I'm walking around Moscow")

In the days of the Soviet Union, film music often became the favorite hits of an entire generation ... Very often the song surpassed the movie itself in popularity! And this is not surprising: the compositions of that time were very sincere, kind ... Everyone found in them something close, something to their liking ... Music was written about what was either really important for the people or very familiar.

Frame from the movie "I'm walking around Moscow"
Frame from the movie "I'm walking around Moscow"

So, for the first time sounded in the melodrama of George Danelia "I'm walking around Moscow", the title song of the same name quickly became a hit, and later - to the hymns of the sixties! We invite you to remember the history of its creation ...

History of creation: Under what circumstances was the song "And I'm walking, walking around Moscow" actually written?

In the film, the song was performed by Nikita Mikhalkov:

But over time, many popular artists at that time began to perform it: Valery Syutkin, Lolita ...

Valery Syutkin:


However, most of all, the audience liked the version performed by Eduard Khil:

The authors of the hit are Andrey Petrov and Gennady Shpalikov. As for the very history of the creation of “And I'm walking, walking around Moscow”, it is very confusing ... In total, 3 versions were put forward, under what circumstances the composition was written.

The first version is the most banal. If you follow it, then the words of the song were written on the street, near the Sofia restaurant. Allegedly, this is where the line comes from - "And I'm walking, walking around Moscow", so loved by the general public ...

According to Shpalikov's first wife, the song was written at the box office of the Russian Copyright Society. Natalya Ryazantseva also said that during a walk around Zamoskvorechye, her husband could not concentrate for a long time and was constantly interested in her opinion.

However, Evgeny Steblov, another eyewitness and participant in the events, has a different version ... Steblov said that work on the composition took place in the restaurant hall. Shpalikov watched the filming process for a long time and it literally dawned on him! The author began to write the text of the future hit right on the napkin!

But there is another version told by the director of the picture himself! Allegedly, during the installation of equipment on the roof of the restaurant, Georgy Danelia noticed Shpalikov on the street and demanded a text from him through a megaphone:

- Did you write it? If not, then compose right now! he shouted.

- Composed! shouted Shpalikov. - "And I'm walking, walking around Moscow, and I can still go through the great Pacific Ocean, and the tundra, and the taiga." Shoot!

Interesting facts and quotes…

How the song "And I'm walking, walking around Moscow" was created (from the movie "I'm walking around Moscow")
How the song "And I'm walking, walking around Moscow" was created (from the movie "I'm walking around Moscow")

Only one amendment was made by the Arts Council and one couplet was removed. According to the members of the council, in the initial version of the song there were hints of a possible emigration from the country.

After many years, Shpalikov joked:

“If everyone who sings this song gave me a ruble, I would be a millionaire!”


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