How ABBA's third album was created back in 1975

The album "ABBA" was released in April 1975. It reached number 13 in the UK, a modest success for the Swedish quartet.

ABBA (1975) - "ABBA» - all about the album

ABBA - the third studio and second international album of the Swedish band of the same name pop groupsreleased in the spring 1975. The album includes. 11 tracksAmong them are the world-famous hits "Mamma Mia." and "SOS.". However, even despite their presence, this album was not as much in demand as later ABBA studio works in some markets.

Mixed in with commercial tracks is one reason why this album is often less appreciated than later ABBA albums. Most music critics agree that the lyrics are not particularly good from a poetic point of view (though they seem quite clever as pop songs). Let's talk about this record in more detail.


ABBA Band. 80-е
ABBA, 1980s

The fact that "ABBA" started to gain momentum in Scandinavia, Germany and Australia was not enough for the band and their director: they wanted to be big stars in the UK, North America and even in non-traditional markets such as Eastern Europe and Latin America. ABBA's main commercial goal was to get out of the non-English-speaking country and become big pop stars in the trend-setting English-speaking markets.

Thus, the importance of the co-writer of many songs cannot be underestimated. Stieg Anderson - it was his vision and plan that led to the band's unprecedented and comprehensive commercial breakthrough. In addition, Stig's catchy yet simple approach to titles and lyrics allowed ABBA to be understood by the widest possible audience. Stieg Anderson was instrumental in writing the lyrics on this album.

ABBA (1975) - ABBA (album cover)
"ABBA" - cover of the album "ABBA" (1975)

According to some sources on the Internet, fans sometimes call this album "limousine.". Looking at the cover, this title makes sense: just look at the Agneta and Frida in short evening gowns and obviously high-heeled shoes, on an elegant cane Benny AnderssonThe whole cabin environment... Everything is soaked in grace and glamour. And who can say that "ABBA" was "devoid of style"? After the band won the "Eurovision" In 1974, he won the whole world! Very quickly ABBA became an international album sales group. Their famous "Waterloo." was a huge success in Europe, although not in all markets. But the best times were ahead of us.

List of songs

ABBA Live At Radio City Music Hal. 70's
"ABBA - Live At Radio City Music Hal, 1970s

The album "ABBA" was released in the spring of 1975, when the band was struggling to replicate the popularity of "Waterloo". The main hit single was the song "SOS.": track reached sixth line The single was followed by the single "ABBA", which was released on the British chart. It was followed by the single "Mamma Mia."which brought the group number one in the UK (albeit in 1976). Suddenly the album, which had been largely ignored by the British public, became a much more attractive proposition, since it contained not only these two singles, but also two big hits. Overall, the "ABBA" album gave the public six hymns - more than any other studio album by the band. It was also a record that demonstrated the depth and versatility of their musicality.

"Mamma Mia."

"Hey, Hey Helen."

One of ABBA's greatest hits!

"Tropical Loveland."


Pete Townsend from "The Who. said he thought it was "one of their top five records."

"And the only problem I ran into was that the chorus was a little boring in terms of lyrics."

"Man in the Middle"


"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do."

"Rock Me."

"Intermezzo No. 1."

"I've Been Waiting for You"

"So Long."

Release, success

The album "ABBA" was released in April 1975. In the U.K. it reached Line 13.The Swedish quartet was a modest success for the Swedish quartet. In Australia, Norway and the band's home country, the album reached leading position. The singles "SOS" and "Mamma Mia" were hits on both sides of the Atlantic.



The album will be a great find for those who like more quick numbers "ABBA. There's really a lot of them here, and in a characteristic rock'n'roll style (we can highlight the tracks "So Long", "Intermezzo No 1", "SOS", "Rock Me" and "Hey Hey Helen"). Although "ABBA" was not convincing as a rock band, concessions should be made due to the fact that, in 1975, rock and roll bands with female vocals were not too common. That is why any attempt at rock 'n' roll by "ABBA" was welcomed by people who liked to listen to women singing rock numbers. Already after the band broke up, Bjorn and Benny expressed the opinion that rock 'n' roll followed some ABBA songs during this period. And the fact that this album is still rock and roll does make it more appealing to fans of the genre.

Nevertheless, there are freshness and sense of funwhich ABBA was harder to capture as they got older and more mature. This album came out just when the band was rising to the level of creating first-rate commercial pop music.

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