"A Union Made in Heaven" - The Accidents That Led to the Creation of ABBA

What really never ceases to amaze us in the history of this quartet are the coincidences that actually led to its birth...

Why the ABBA alliance was really made in heaven

There is not a person who does not know about ABBA. This is Sweden's most legendary Pop Quartetwho, in a dazzling 10-year career, has produced a host of timeless hits! Almost every second song of the band became a big hit! And after "ABBA" won first place on the "Eurovision 1974 year with his thunderous "Waterloo."There was no doubt in anyone's mind that they were the real pop giants.

Their resounding masterpiece "Mamma Mia." Moved in the charts itself "Bohemian Rhapsody" of the band Queen! And on the anthem "The Winner Takes It All" ("Winner takes all") has been covered so many times that it is impossible to count them all... Remarkably, there is even a legend on foreign forums that supposedly at one of Queen's concerts this song was sung by himself Freddie Mercury! Alas, there is nothing to confirm this rumor, but the story itself - even if it is fictional - sounds beautiful...

Today, after 50 years Since their inception, ABBA music has continued to find fervent response even in the hearts of modern music lovers! Many articles have been written about this band, and if we talk about each of their hits - we can safely publish a book! But what really never ceases to amaze in the history of this quartet is contingencieswhich, in fact, led to his birth.

ABBA at its peak
ABBA at its peak

"Their union was made in heaven," fans can't stop saying! And indeed: an extraordinary number of strange coincidences led to the fact that these four convergedand then accidentally discovered that they had it's good together.

300 kilometers is not an obstacle

Group "Hep Stars"
Group "Hep Stars"

Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson are known as the founders of ABBA. Before that, however, both had performed with other bands, and quite accidentally crossed paths from time to time. Both also started their careers in 18 years! Ulvaeus was the frontman Hootenanny Singers, and was simultaneously engaged in a solo career, while Andersson rose to fame as a member of the Hep Stars - of a group that was often called the Swedish Beatles.

From time to time, these groups crossed at concerts, and as a rule, their paths diverged at this point. But then one day something happened fateful - the musicians could not separate! Their cars, which were going in opposite directions, ran into each other on a fairly narrow road at a folklore park in Sweden. A word of advice and Björn's band invites Benny's band to a party. Subsequently the two of them come together and present to the world many hits!

What's most interesting about this whole story is that Benny's band came to the party, even though they first went to the wrong citywhich caused them to have to drive another 300 kilometers! Now imagine if the two cars had just passed each other...

No place without beauties

ABBA Group. Photo: Benny Anderson
ABBA Group. Photo: Benny Anderson

Getting to know the fascinating vocalists - Agnetha Faltskog and Annie-Friede Lingstad - was also accidental. Benny met Annie-Fried, who would later become his wife, at Malmö: both were presenting songs for "Eurovision 1969."and after the performance their paths crossed in a restaurant. Lingstad, who had sung from a young age and had even performed at festivals in Japan and Venezuela, quickly charmed the young musician... As for the competition, that year Sweden was represented by Tommy Churberg with the song "Judy, min vän," and as a result won ninth place.

Anni-Frid Lingstad and Benny Andersson
Anni-Frid Lingstad and Benny Andersson

Agnetha Faltskog also became not only a member of ABBA, but also the wife of Bjorn Ulvaeus! They had crossed paths before. They finally met while filming a Swedish TV show in May 1969: Ulvaeus was amazed when he saw Agnetha perform "Jag var så kär"Björn was so delighted that he immediately wanted to work with the blonde singer personally. It was so delightful that Bjorn immediately wanted to work with the blond singer personally.

Bjorn Ulvaeus and Agneta Felskog together
Bjorn Ulvaeus and Agneta Felskog

What's most interesting - Anni-Fried and Bjorn Ulvaeus repeatedly crossed paths at the same talent shows before they met and became part of ABBA!

True male friendship

Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson
Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson

Stig Anderson - key figure in the biography ABBA. This man was the director of a Swedish pop quartet, as well as the co-writer of many songs.

When at the wedding of Ulvaeus and Agneta Fältskog in 1971, Stig learned of the passing of his friend and comrade-in-arms Bengt BernhagaI was in a hurry to offer Bjorn's cooperation. However, the guy didn't agree right away, he had condition: he wanted to work together with Benny.

Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus
Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus

The two soon became producers at the firm Polarand, at first, we shared our salaries. Everything else is already another story, a story of dizzying success.


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