"Swedish Lyrics to Soothe: Three of ABBA's Gentle Melodies

You can't always listen to dynamic music! Sometimes it is very pleasant and even useful to put on something more relaxed and just clear your mind, mentally remove yourself from everything that is important...

ABBA pop hits that are perfect for relaxation

Swedish ABBA pop quartet needs no introduction. В '70s and '80s he was passionately loved all over the world! The group's songs were hugely popular, and many famous artists enjoyed doing their own covers of them. Even after all these years winding tunes The fans have not lost their relevance. overhearing them, indulging in fond memories about being young...

But ABBA is not just dance rhythms! In fact, this pop band also has charming, more delicate compositionsthat also managed to become hits. And those are the masterpieces that we are going to enjoy today.

ABBA Band. 80-е

Especially for you we have selected three ABBA songswhich are ideal for Calmness, relaxation and deep reflections... It's not always the case to listen to dynamic music! Sometimes it's very pleasant and even healthy Include something more relaxed and simple clear your mind, mentally detach yourself from all the essentials.


This is very nice song - And it's not just about the melodic haze, it's also about lyrical component:

"Chiquitita, you and I know,
How the heart hurts
And what scars it leaves behind.
You will dance again,
And the pain will go away.
You won't have time to cry..."

"Chiquitita." - in Spanish, this word means "Little Girl.". In this song ABBA sings about a heroine whose inner world collapsed overnight. But "she will still sing and dance," because the pain passes, the scars on the heart heal with time.

Anni-Frid and Agnetha
Anni-Frid and Agnetha

Delightful melody wrap this beautiful lyric like a delicate plaid, and the voices Agnets Feltskog and Annie Fried Lingstad like the gurgling of the purest spring in the world...

While listening to "Chiquitita" comes calmness, a kind of awareness that this world is constantly changing. You don't have to dwell on your grief. time healsand in the end our wings again spread out!


Annie-Fried Lingstad
Annie-Fried Lingstad

In "Fernando" Frida sparkles like never before! The composition captivates with a fantastic melody, and deep lyricsThe fact that she is a woman of the world is undoubtedly an added value to her.

"Now we're old and gray, Fernando,
And it's been so many years since I've seen a rifle in your hands.
Do you hear the drums, Fernando?
You still remember the terrible nights we had in the Rio Grande..."

You listen to this song in the same breath. It is very beautiful, exciting, sometimes sad... But no way not boring. Rio Grande - a river on the U.S.-Mexico border. At the time of writing, Bjorn Ulvaeus mentally drawing in his head the two of aging veteransheroes who bravely fought for the freedom of their land!

Rio Grande
Rio Grande

To "Fernando" you involuntarily start thinking about something important, overlookedIt's personal, it's about something deep and intimate. The song helps you to get away from the problems of everyday life and look at the world otherwise - simpler. So many problems people make up for themselves! But as we get older, we all get wiser. And then, when gray hairs begin to appear on our heads, many of our today's sorrows take on a modest size and even a certain irony, Comicality.

"Happy New Year."

ABBA at its peak

One of the most light songs in the repertoire of the Swedish quartet! This Christmas ode Makes us forget all of our Affairs and excitementand just enjoy the moment! The holiday spirit instills incredible energy, rekindles a childlike warmth and love for this world... After all, how is life after all? Beautiful! Just look at the world from a slightly different perspective.

"Oh, yes, the man is opinionated,
The only reason he thinks it's going to be okay is because
That his life is boring, monotonous..."

The lyrics of this song not the most positivebut it is definitely philosophical.

"May we have the strength to fulfill our wishes,
Otherwise we'll have no choice but to lie down and die,
You and me..."

Funny, but the working version was called "Daddy, don't get drunk on Christmas."!


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