Crazy stories from the heyday of AC/DC

Until now, these monsters of the rock scene are legendary, and their crazy antics are worthy of a separate book!

The most amazing facts from the biography of rock monsters "AC / DC"

In the annals of rock history, there are hundreds of legendary tales of the most famous bands ever to hit the stage. AND "AC/DC." was no exception. The cult rock band was founded in 1973 year. During his long-playing and dazzling career, he has made a big name for himself and a multi-million army of fans around the world.

Nevertheless, not only creative merits are widely publicized today. Until now, these monsters of the rock scene are legendary, and their crazy antics are worthy of a separate book! We will talk about the most incredible facts and episodes from the heyday of AC / DC below.

Phil Rudd tried to hire a hit man

Phil Rudd
Phil Rudd

Crazy stories about wild antics and parties are one thing, and criminal moments are quite another. Actually, history has seen such "AC/DC.", or rather, the biography of the drummer Phil Rudd. All details remain under lock and key to this day, but it is officially known that Rudd tried to hire a hitman and was even charged with it. Rumor has it that the musician offered the killer about 130 thousand dollars and a sports car for every taste for the head of one contractor. When the criminal plan was revealed, Rudd was sentenced to eight months of house arrest. Even more curiously, he himself admitted everything.

Their music was used to capture the dictator

Manuel Noriega
Manuel Noriega

Manuel Noriega - Panamanian military and statesman, dictator, who was overthrown in 1989 year during the US military operation in Panama. This happened in December: then Noriega found refuge from attacks from America in Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See, the present embassy of the Vatican. This left the military in disarray: how could they bring a man to justice without a firefight on the territory of the Pope? Well, their idea turned out to be very original, but more importantly, it worked!

After installing industrial speakers and turning up the volume, the US military turned on a powerful "You Shook Me All Night Long" straight to the nunciature! In the end, an unbearable noise forced Noriega to give up.

They once tried to catch the Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness monster
Loch Ness monster

This funny situation happened to the group in the first half of the 80s. Vocalist Bon Scott died and took his place Brian Johnson. He also told reporters this amazing story. According to the vocalist, Malcolm Young invited them to visit the infamous Loch Ness in Scotland. The musicians planned to lure one of the world's most famous urban legends from the depths of the water - Loch Ness monster. And in this they should have been helped by a box full of fireworks.

“We all entered the water with our shoes on! We had a lot of fun: we laughed wildly trying to set off these fireworks. But everything got wet, and nothing happened. And then we just fell in the water, and for a minute we thought we saw him - the Loch Ness monster! But we weren't 100% sure...

Angus' school outfit came about by accident

Angus Young
Angus Young

Today it is difficult to imagine this band without a guitarist Angus Young, who wears his school uniform to concerts despite his advanced age. Curiously, Young's penchant for fancy costumes didn't start in high school. IN 1974 year, speaking in the park Victoria in Sydney, Angus put on a high school blazer, and from that moment the story began ... The idea was proposed by Malcolm and his sister Margaret.

It may seem superfluous for a rocker to appear at a large-scale concert and in such fancy clothes, but the bold experiment more than paid off. Today, Angus' school outfit is the band's hallmark.

Celine Dion covered them

Celine Dion
Celine Dion

It happened in 2002 during a performance Live Divas: Las Vegas: together with the singer Anastasia charming Celine Dion performed one of the most notable hits "AC / DC" - "You Shook Me All Night Long"!

The audience was taken aback.

Angus nearly got into a fight with a fan on stage


A grown man in a schoolboy costume can look quite friendly - well, obviously not intimidating. However, such an outfit does not negate the fact that he can stand up for himself and take on a challenge to a fistfight. This is exactly what happened with Agus Young in the early 2000s when the band was playing in Phoenix, Arizona. Standing on the stage "AC/DC." began to perform another hit, when suddenly an almost full can of beer flew into the face of the guitarist.

Quietly handing over the guitar angus pointed at the offender, urging him to come on stage: for a moment it seemed that something incredible was about to break out in front of thousands of people. Nevertheless, the guitarist simply pinched the man's nose, and soon the guards took him out of the room.

Bon Scott and his amazing legacy

Bon Scott
Bon Scott

There is no denying that the original AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott He was also a legendary songwriter. Some of the band's most recognizable hits came from his pen. But some may be surprised to learn that released after the death of the singer "Highway to Hell", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and "It's a Long Way to the Top" also belong to him! In February 1980, the rest of the group collected unused lyrics from the late Scott's notebook and began to create masterpieces from them.

However, this is only a fan hypothesis, which Angus Young vehemently refutes:

“Everything he left behind went back to his family. Any notes he ever left or messages… Everything that was there, that belonged to him, went to his family!”

angus ignites the amps

Angus Young
Angus Young

The legendary guitarist's amplifier spontaneously burned out in 1977 year while recording a solo for "Let There Be Rock". And although this event is definitely unusual, many years later it happened again when the band was recording an album. "Rock or Bust" in 2014 A word to Angus himself:

“The first time I had to play to the end, despite the flames ... My brother was in the control room and shouted: “GO ON!”. The second time I did not even immediately notice that my amplifier caught fire! But at some point someone shouted: "Ang, you're on fire!". The fact that this happened again many years later is really strange ... "

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