Adam Lambert: Who He Is - Freddie Mercury's Successor

"I believe that an artist's private life is his own business. First and foremost, fans should be interested in talent, music, stage image..."

Who Adam Lambert is, and how he took Freddie Mercury's place on the Queen tour

Adam Lambert is well known to today's generation of listeners, while more mature music lovers learned about him only after a world tour with Queen. Soon the public was divided into two campsSome were fascinated by talent and charisma The young singer, while others said that Adam was completely Doesn't fit to the style of the band. Anyway, the members of the cult band are completely satisfied with the choice of the vocalist! In their interview Roger Taylor said:

"Adam is a great guy! He's a pleasure to work with, and his energy reminds me a lot of Freddy... Of course, no one will ever take his (Freddy's) place. But Adam is the best thing that's happened to us in decades!"

New lineup: Spike Edney - keyboards, Neil Fairclough - bass guitar, Rufus Tiger Taylor - drums, additional drums, Brian May - electric guitar/acoustic guitar, Roger Taylor - drums, percussion, Adam Lambert - lead vocals
Adama Lambert and Queen in a renewed lineup

So who is he - Freddie Mercury's successorwho is so praised by the members of the original Queen lineup? And why do Lambert and the untimely departed leader of the cult band really have many things in common?

"Here comes the starlight."

Adam Lambert confirmed that he will be hosting a Pride stonewall day
Adam Lambert

Today this artist is known all over the world! Critics have long dubbed Adam Lambert pop idol of the 20th century! His story began in 1982 Adam was born into a creative family of a designer and an artist. Already at school, Adam was actively performing and getting incredible pleasure! He moved several times, dropped out of college, and got a job as an entertainer on a cruise liner - his young years filled with traveling and experimenting! But what remained unchanged was his passion to music...

Adam Lambert's star lit up on the show "American Idol."! And in spite of the fact that he took second placeHis career was much more successful than that of the winner of the competition. Chris Allen. Even Allen himself has said that Lambert is one of the most gifted performers he (Chris) has only ever seen.

It was on American Idol that Adam and the contestants were introduced to Queen. Lambert, who performed "Bohemian Rhapsody" while auditioning, very soon got along with the classic rockers! Their joint performance with Chris in the season eight finale can only be described as extravaganza and unbelievable...

From that moment on, it began prolific and long-term cooperation.

"He is a message from God!"

Adam Lambert announces a virtual birthday concert
Adam Lambert

Since 2011, Roger Taylor, Brian May, and Adam Lambert began, from time to time, to appear together. John Deacon completely disowned the group, and the members themselves understood that Adam can't To replace Freddy. But he's the best thing that's happened to them in years! And why not give it a try?

"He's a message from God!" said Taylor in his interview.

As a result, over the past ten years, the trio of traveled all over the world - from Asia to Europe, from North America to South America! Every concert Queen + Adam Lambert was a full house! And even though some fans didn't approve, many agreed that Lambert was most suitable and a worthy candidate for the role of Mercury.

Adam Lambert The singer himself admits that at times he can look like an idiot. The singer himself admits that sometimes he can look madly and even intimidating on stage... But he can't help himself: the wild unbridled energy and it just keeps on coming out! But it's not the only thing that binds Adam and the deceased Freddie Mercury

Personal life and major hits

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert

Long time admirers went crazy at the mere name of the artist! But as it turned out later, the girls don't attract Adam.

"I believe that an artist's private life is a private matter. First and foremost, fans should be interested in talent, music, stage image..."

According to Adam, he had a relationship with some Hollywood actorswho have wives.

"I won't mention their names - that's their private secret. I just want to say that Hollywood is dominated by "macho culture. Everybody wants to see you as a brutal man, a conqueror of women's hearts. But if they find out the truth about you, your career goes down the drain..."

As far as creativity is concerned, Lambert has produced four studio albums. His early hits were the compositions "Whataya Want from Me" and "If I Had You" - It was these that brought the young artist tremendous success, as clips to them were actively broadcast on TV.

Fans used to compare Adam to a young Elvis PresleyHe was tall, good-looking, with a great head of hair and a sweet voice. But now, after Queen + Adam Lambert and after the details of the singer's personal life ceased to be a secret, he was identified with the Freddie Mercury. Whether or not it is deserved is up to each one to decide.

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