Agneta Fæltskog and Anni-Fried Lingstad - friends or rivals

"Sure, we competed, but we also benefited from it!"

Agneta Fæltskog and Anni-Fried Lingstad - Was there a friendship, the history of the relationship

In 1974, the Swedish pop group ABBA took the Eurovision stage in Brighton, U.K., and conquered the world. Not only did Agneta Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Fried Lingstad take home victory, they became world famous. The years that followed were full of songwriting, tours and interviews. But along with that, relationships within the group began to crumble...

Overnight Agneta and Anni-Frieda became known to the world! But the spotlight was not only on their careers, but also on their friendship or... still dislike? There were rumors that the soloists of ABBA did not love each other. Is it really true? Let's find out.

Rivalry, or the fight for "number one" in the group

ABBA Group. Photo: Benny Anderson
ABBA Group. Photo: Benny Anderson

It is said that there was a struggle between Agneta and Anni-Frida over "number one." in the band. Allegedly each wanted to be the main soloist, but their duties at the microphone were divided equally. As for "jealousy," there are different forms of it. We have to understand that both of these women were solo singers (and quite successful in Sweden) before the formation of ABBA. So they both gave up a certain freedom and took on vocal duties to be part of the band now. And that couldn't help but affect their egos...

Agneta Fæltskog and Anni-Fried Lingstad
Agneta Fæltskog and Anni-Fried Lingstad

Of course, both girls wanted to be "the leading voice of ABB.". But the concept of the project required compromises, which was, in fact, the right thing to do. Just imagine the quartet's favorite hits "solo" in terms of vocals. It's impossible to imagine such a thing! It was in the multilayered performance that the charm of the group lay...

Bjorn and Benny quite rightly delegated the duties of leading soloists. Surprisingly, the ladies had an almost equal number of vocal songs from the entire ABBA catalog! Both had the same total number of songs (Annie-Fried had slightly more than actually released). More singles were released with songs led by Agneta, but the Annie-Fried singles had more chart success. For example, in the UK, Germany, Australia, and France

Agneta Fæltskog "overtakes" her partner

Agnetha Faltskog
Agnetha Faltskog

Agneta, of course, is very popular, and the media is certainly fixated on her, not only because of her voice, but also because she embodied the ideal of a very attractive Scandinavian Blonde. But we don't think Annie-Fried had any reason to be jealous. She was, and still is, very popular in her own right.

Lingstad was attractive and charismatic, and she exuded incredible energy at concerts... She seems to have been unfairly ignored by the media in the past. Things may have improved a bit over the years (perhaps aided by social media and a growing awareness of her rather remarkable life story, full of triumphs, tragedies and battles to the top). But Agneta is still ABBA's number one star. In our country, for example, Feltskog loved much moreIt is an inexplicable and yet undeniable fact...

Media gossip

Anni-Frid and Agnetha
Anni-Frid and Agnetha

As we have learned, there has long been speculation and rumor that the two women didn't get alongbut it was largely a fabrication of the press. They had both been interviewed over the years, and every time the question came up, they tried their best to deny that there were any problems in their relationship.

Yes, they both admit that there were times when they could get annoyed with each other, but it was usually on tour when they were homesick and couldn't leave their hotel rooms because of the media and the crowds of fans... They were short-lived fights, and for the most part they really got along well.. For example, during a difficult period of Agneta and Bjorn's divorce - Annie-Fried offered her partner and her children shelter and support.

In conclusion

Agneta Feltskog and Anni-Frieda
Agneta Feltskog and Anni-Frieda

The conclusion we came to: we don't think either of them had any jealousy other than the aforementioned natural desire to sing as much as possible on the "solo" hits. In fact, Agneta and Frieda took over the lead vocals almost equally. Both singers are terrific - talented and beautiful, with interesting life histories. In their interviews. Annie Fried always spoke warmly of Agneta, emphasizing that she saw her almost as little sister.

"A lot has been written about how Agneta and I fought. But there is absolutely no truth in that! Of course we competed, but we also benefited from it.

As for Agneta, the only time she was annoyed during an interview was when reporters treated them both very superficially compared to Benny and Bjorn. Of course, Agneta and Anni-Fried were well aware of how much their looks added to the group's appeal. But she really wanted them to be taken seriously - as self-sufficient singers, and to be recognized for their contribution to the creation of ABBA hits.

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