Seven strong albums by Aquarium and Boris Grebenshchikov

Let us not assume responsibility and call this a "ranking of the best of the best. Rather, it is simply a compilation of very ingenious things that have resonated with the general public.

Top Albums by Aquarium and Boris Grebenshchikov

"Aquarium" - is one of the oldest and most famous Russian rock bands. It was formed in the first half of the 70s by Boris Grebenshchikov and his friend Anatoly Gunitsky. The band frequently changed its line-up and was constantly exploring new directions - from traditional and experimental rock to indie and jazz fusion! Over the years "Aquarium" has released a lot of music, and on the whole, the band has made a famous name and a solid fan base! Someone sincerely loves the creativity of "Aquarium" in general and Boris Grebenshchikov In particular, some treat it extremely negatively, accusing the musicians of plagiarism and imitation of Western idols. Of course, there are those who are indifferent, but they are few.

It seems to us that every admirer of Russian rock at least one Aquarium's favorite album, yes there is! And today we decided to remember the records of both the band itself and Boris Grebenshchikov (which we ask you to pay attention to), which in our opinion are The strongest and influential. Let's not take it upon ourselves to call this a "ranking of the best of the best. Rather, it is simply a compilation of very ingenious things that have resonated with the general public.


Cover of the album "Taboo" by Aquarium
Cover of the album "Taboo" by Aquarium

"Taboo." - a very attractive work that sounds amazingly fresh even today! But the album was recorded back in 1982, and under a lot of pressure in Andrei Tropillo's studio. Largely because of the presence of Sergey KuryokhinHe not only played an important role in the process, but also invited bassist Vladimir Grishchenko and jazz saxophonist Igor Butman to record.

Each track was recorded very quickly, in two takes at most! And already at the final stage of the work the situation in the studio has become very hot.: Kuryokhin and Alexander Lyapin literally "clashed horns"! Each wanted to bring his own characteristic sound to the album, and as a result the record turned into a real hysteria. It is known that Boris Grebenshchikov even experienced a strong mental exhaustion: the leader of Aquarium retired to the balcony, where the landmark hit was born "Rock and roll is dead.".

"Radio Africa

Cover of the album "Radio Africa" by Aquarium
Cover of the album "Radio Africa" by Aquarium

Composition "Rock and roll is dead." was already included in the next album, which was called "Radio Africa. Today it is considered one of the most important, powerful and interesting in the discography of Aquarium. It includes not just decent songs, but real hits, such as "Captain Africa", "The Art of Being Humble", "It's Been Snowing Since Morning" and others.

Not only the set of songs deserves special attention, but also the external entourage of the work-i.e. cover. Decorated with hieroglyphs, it shows us the deserted coast of the Gulf of Finland and the silhouette of Vsevolod Gakkel. Many critics agree that the design of Radio Africa was the pinnacle of Aquarium's surrealist self-expression.

"The Snow Lion."

Cover of the album "Snow Lion" by Aquarium
Cover of the album "Snow Lion" by Aquarium

The 1996 album is a favorite of many Aquarium fans. It was recorded by in West London, at Livingston Studios. Various international musicians were recruited, including drummer Dave Mattax and instrumentalist Kate St. John.

It took the musicians less than a month! The material was completely ready, but it took some time for Grebenshchikov to listen to it properly and understand how the final version should sound. Remarkably, but originally the record was supposed to be called "Alligator.".

"Russian Album"

Cover of Boris Grebenshchikov's Russian Album
Cover of Boris Grebenshchikov's Russian Album

One of the best albums Boris Grebenshchikov! This is the Aquarium leader's third solo studio work, which is very popular among listeners. Especially the fans liked the composition "Nikita Ryazansky.".

As Grebenshchikov himself said:

"My goal was to leave as much space as possible between myself and the Aquarium..."


Boris Grebenshchikov
Boris Grebenshchikov

With songs like "If It Weren't for You" or "Some Get Married (and Some Do)," this is probably the most romantic Grebenshchikov's album!

However, here's what the musician himself said about "Lilith:

"Lilith" actually has a record number of dedications to the woman I love! And appropriately to the Great Goddess. This album is about the sacredness of a woman. Almost all the songs are about what happens when there is no woman..."


Boris Grebenshchikov, "Salt" album cover
Boris Grebenshchikov, "Salt" album cover

Gradually we crept up on the modern works Grebenshchikov. "Salt" was released in 2014 and quickly caught the attention of the general public: it included chic tracks such as "Came to Drink Water" or "If I Go Away.

Critics especially praised this work! For example Artemy Troitsky at all stated that this was "Grebenshchikov's best record.

"Time N."

Boris Grebenshchikov, cover of the album "Time N"
Boris Grebenshchikov, cover of the album "Time N"

This album was released in 2018 and showed that after the resounding success of "Salt," Grebenshchikov aims to go above and beyond. Critics and listeners received "Time N" very warmly - the record quickly entered the list of favorites of Aquarium's avid fans.

It is also noteworthy that in the track "Bird Crusade." on a synthesizer Brian Eno!

Which album by Aquarium and Boris Grebenshchikov is the most like you?

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