Alan Badoev - the genius of the music video industry

The most stylish music videos of Ukrainian and Russian artists are associated with the name of Alan Badoev. After reading this article, you will find out what is the secret of the director's work, how he selects performers and songs to be filmed, and is it true that sometimes he works without a fee?

The success story of Alan Badoev - the man who turned the idea of music videos upside down

Alan Kazbekovich Badoev is a Ukrainian film director, clipmaker and producer. Known for his collaborative filming of music videos for popular artists from Ukraine and Russia - Alan actively cooperates with Max BarskikhZivert, Loboda, Polina Gagarina and others. Each of his videos is a mixture style, imagination, and real art. Their number over the years of productive work is more than 250 and none of them are like the others.

Alan Badoev, 2021.
Alan Badoev, 2021.

Alan Badoev's biography

Alan Kazbekovich Badoev was born on January 10, 1981, in Beslan, but grew up in the city of Gorlovka Donetsk region. Alan went to public school No. 2. He will speak of it in the future as the place where, thanks to talented and loving teachers, he for the first time became interested in art. His development was strongly influenced not only by his teachers, but also by older sisterwho herself adored dance, art, and music, and breathed this love into her brother.

Alan Badoev and his mother
Alan Badoev and his mother

After high school, Alan was going to study at the lawyer (that's what his parents always wanted), although he dreamed of being a filmmaker. His sister also made him change his mind, because she knew about real dream brother to create art. As a result, Alan started studying at the Kiev Institute of Culture and Arts. For his parents it was a surprise, but nevertheless they supported their son in his choice. During his student years, Badoev starts his art with documentary films and short film movies: for example, "Trace 2000," "Kolos i Sternia" and "Five Minutes or Legends of Killed Time.

In his fourth year, a director becomes interested in filming for music videos. At the same time, a frenzied competition between new performers and bands - everyone needed something to "hook" listeners. Not many people knew how to shoot stylish clips, not inferior to Western clips, so that the music video maker discovered "gold mines". At this time, he was approached by Ukrainian producer Yuri Nikitin, who had ordered a song from Badoev. Irina Bilyk "Snow." It was then that Alan Badoev started his career as a music video maker.

To date, Alan Badoev has directed over 250 video clips for various Ukrainian and Russian artists. Each of them differs in its style, Badoev is not afraid epatage, experimentsThat's why his videos are always bright and memorable.

The famous producer is now written about the book - "Alan Badoev. The World Alan Built", based on a dialogue between author Igor Panasov and the music video maker.

Alan Badoev participates in the photo shoot for the book
Alan Badoev participates in the photo shoot for the book

Personal Life of Alan Badoev

Badoev is a charming and talented man, whose personal life has always been of interest to fans. For a long time Alan was perceived as an exemplary family manhis wife was Zhanna Badoeva. The director even stuffed tattoo on the right shoulder, which is dedicated to the TV host. But in 2012 the couple divorced, although the decision was hard for both of them.

Discord Alan and Zhanna Badoev, according to the official version, began when Alan became too much to disappear at work. Zhanna was very worried, as she wanted to spend more time with him. There is also a version that in 12 years of their life together, their feelings cooled down, and their busy work schedule only made the situation worse. Now they are friends and still speak of each other with love and warmth.

Zhanna, ex-wife of Alan Badoev
Zhanna, ex-wife of Alan Badoev

Alan often travels to Italy to visit his ex-wife and daughter. The director devotes all his free time to communicating with sixteen-year-old Lolita, whose birth he calls one of the most important events for life: "It's so unexpected: another life is growing up, and it's so much like you - but different at all. I'm insanely grateful to life, I'm insanely grateful to Jeannotchka. If we hadn't had a child at the time, I wouldn't have made up my mind to do this.

Alan Badoev's clips

First serious work Badoev as a music video maker was a music video for a song by Irina Bilyk "Snow.". Singer sharply changed her image and her repertoire, so Alan was faced with the task of making a music video that would be strongly differ from her earlier work and be a statement of a change in creative reference points. Alan perfect He did his job: adhering to the right style, he was able to create the atmosphere and mood of the song with his non-standard visualizations.

Alan Badoev in the shoot for Vogue Man UA
Alan Badoev in the shoot for Vogue Man UA

The music video maker worked in a completely new way, such in Ukrainian and Russian show business Hasn't happened yet.. All this ensured that he increased demand among the performers of the Ukrainian stage at first, and later of the Russian one. In 2004 Alan Badoev shot several more videos, among which the singer's English-language song is particularly memorable Ani Lorak "A little shot of love", which was fashionable at that time in bluish shades, and the atmosphere of the clip was imbued with the American South. Subsequently, the director further more than once will collaborate with Lorak, shooting her music videos - these will be the works "Hold My Heart", "Go Away in English", "Did You Love".

In 2005, Alan began collaborating with Tarzan and Natasha Korolevalater with Sofia RotaruThe director even worked on a music video for the song Cherry Orchard. The director even worked with Verka Serdyuchka: By filming his heartfelt music videos "Doll" and "After You", he showed fans a different, "deeper" side of the performer. Alan Badoev did not ignore the representatives of rock scenes: he made a music video for "Night Snipers for a song "Traffic lights." and for "The Brothers Karamazov. on the "Space is dead.".

Clip "LML." to the song "VIA GRA" turned out to be bright and amazing. After this work, the director developed a close friendship with the group "VIA GRA" and its producer Konstantin Meladze. Subsequently, the band will make more than one video clip with Badoev.

By making a flamboyant music video Anna Sedokova for a song "Shantaram.", Alan Badoev attract attention public - all the magazines would write about it. The video was so brave and provocativeIt was also a question of whether it would be allowed to be shown on all Russian TV channels. There was also the question of whether it could be placed on personal account singer on YouTube. Anna Sedokova was worried that the video would be banned not only on TV, but also on the hosting site, but she managed to post it, though only for the time being.

Later, a music video was released "Surrender." - Alan made a video for Sergey Lazarev. According to the idea, the singer is wounded in the heart by cupid's arrow and suffers in search of his beloved. The clip is dramatic, but with a happy ending.

In addition to directing music videos, Alan has also directed reality TV shows. "I want to join VIA GRU" and "I want Meladze.".

How Alan Badoev Works

They want to work with the director many Ukrainian and Russian performers, but not everyone can afford it and not every director will agree to cooperate. "I'm a director. human portraitFor whom I shoot," argues Badoev. It's important to him meet or Call with the artist to learn more about his inner world, feelings and ideas. Sometimes Alan gets frustrated and outright declares that he doesn't want to cooperate, and sometimes he is inspired by the personality, agrees and creates masterpieces as a result.

When selecting a performer, Badoev carefully examines songI've got to make a music video for it. "Sometimes it's the wildest horror, but I still agree. For me, it's... CallBut more often than not, the song has to be liked in order to be chosen. But more often than not, in order for a song to be chosen, it has to be liked and, most importantly, arouse emotions: e.g., laughter, sadness, anger.

Alan Badoev at the shooting of a music video for Dimash Kudaibergen's "Love of Tired Swans
Alan Badoev at the shooting of a music video for Dimash Kudaibergen's "Love of Tired Swans

This is followed by a discussion of fee and budgets music video. "Sometimes I work without a fee if I realize that the song is a hit and can be made into a masterpiece," says the director. So he made a music video for Alekseev - "Drunken Sun.". If the customer is ready to offer a lot of money and go to a lot of expense, Alan also usually agrees, because then he can afford to order the most expensive equipment, graphics and go to solid experiments.

After the agreement and signing of the papers, Badoev moves on to изучению performer's audience. "I know everyone's strategy, it's simple math," Alan says, "I know what to shoot to attract this or that audience." From there, too, Alan goes on to concept creation, the selection of props, etc.

In Alan's opinion, "there is a certain schematicBut there's a lot of air and creativity in it. Badoev admits: "There are times when the track is already chosen, I get in the car, put it on - and the idea comes almost instantly. Then I call the artist, tell him the idea and quickly check to see if he likes the concept or not. If it's okay, I write out the idea into a full-fledged script.

Alan Badoev (left), Loboda (center), Max Barskikh (right)
Alan Badoev (left), Loboda (center), Max Barskikh (right)

One of the most Dear The clips that Badoev directed were "Bestseller." for a song Max Barskikh and Zivert. The work was done in Dubai, so the budget of the music video was already huge. According to the artists and the crew, Heat The work process was very difficult, and once they got into sandstorm. Alan Badoev filmed a love story in the style of cyberpunkIn the modern world, human relationships in the modern world are a very important part of the "digitized."The director's response to questions about whether the music video could have been made cheaper was: "If you're positioning yourself as a global star, you can't afford it. When asked if the music video could have been made cheaper, the director replied: "If you position yourself as a global star, Be consistent with that".

"You get what you give," believes Badoev, so he never spares any money on making music videos, giving himself completely to the process. His videos are justifiably considered some of the most Dear In the CIS, not every artist can afford to work with Alan. The most costly The director himself admits that he shoots music videos for Max BarskikhThe producer is currently one of his most successful projects, with many of his songs becoming hits and resonating in people's hearts.


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