These albums almost "destroyed" their creators, but became legendary as a result

"But it's in moments like these, when geniuses clash their horns, that something especially magnificent is born!"

Legendary albums that almost "ruined" their creators

It is unlikely that when listening to favorite album some of us think about how it was created. We just enjoy the music. Take, for example, the famous "Metallica's "Black Album: a masterpiece, that's all! A very innovative album for the band (and for metal as well), which includes the already classics of the genre "The Unforgiven". And the album was created under a kind of pressure from the new producer Bob Rock!

But very often the greatest albums are created not just under pressure, but on the verge of hysteria! During the recording, the participants are going through a difficult time: there is a place for scandals, squabbles, and substances... As the one time said Brian May:

"But it's in moments like these, when geniuses clash their horns, that something especially magnificent is born!"

Brian May and his Red Special guitar
Brian May

And it's hard to argue with that, especially after today's article. Not all, but many of the albums on our list became legendary! And the process of their creation almost destroyed the greatest bands... Or did it?


Album cover of "Rumours" (1977)
Album cover of "Rumours" (1977)

Plate Rumors has become a major asset of the Fleetwood Mac! The most successful and interesting, at the same time it is the most infamous. At the time of the recording, the participants were literally forcing themselves into the studio with each other, "smoothing out" their bad moods with unlimited amounts of banned substances. As recalled Chris Stone, co-owner of Record Plant:

"They would come in at 7 p.m., 'hang out' in the studio until the middle of the night-alcohol and substances were involved. And only in the morning, when they were completely exhausted, did they start doing something..."

The sessions were long and chaotic, aided by disintegration of personal life band members. Nevertheless, "Rumors" was a sensational hit! Both commercially and critically.

"Exile on Main St."

Exile on Main St." album cover.
Exile on Main St." album cover.

This album was, in many ways. experimental for The Rolling Stones: there are obvious influences of country, folk rock, blues and even calypso! In the face of such diversity, the public and the critics perceived this masterpiece rather ambiguously. But today. "An Exile on Main Street." is rightly considered one of the greatest achievements of British rockers!

The album was recorded in a tense environment: Under the yoke of tax exile, the group settled in Francewhere she went on a rampage. Especially Keith RichardsThe sessions were chaotic, accompanied by enormous quantities of substances and alcohol. The sessions were chaotic, accompanied by enormous quantities of substances and alcohol. Shortly before that. Mick Jagger married Bianca, and in general the "commonality" of the participants was broken. They all lived in different parts of France, and it seemed that "Exile on Main St." should have been a decisive catastrophe in the Stones' career. But luckily, the album turned out to be a success!

"The Long Run."

The Eagles, "The Long Run" album
The Long Run" album cover

Sixth studio album The Eagles was definitely a difficult project. Largely because of the resounding success of their previous record "Hotel California."which literally blew up the charts and the minds of listeners! After such a fairy-tale release any subsequent album of the band couldn't help but fall under scrutiny and criticism.

Participants felt great pressureWhen we started to work on the "The Long Run.". The recording process was extremely tedious. As he recalled Don Henley:

"The band was completely burnt out. We were exhausted physically, emotionally, spiritually and creatively. Our overall tank was empty."

The Eagles
The Eagles

The Long Tour The sessions turned into torture as a result.

"The band was literally falling apart under the pressure of wanting to create a worthy sequel to Hotel California.

Shortly after the release of "The Long Run," the Eagles broke up. It was not until almost 30 years later that their seventh album saw the light of day...

"Let It Be"

"Let It Be" (1968) album cover
"Let It Be" (1968) album cover

Of course, we could think of a dozen other albums, but we chose the legendary Beatles' "Let It Be". This is the last studio album by the Liverpool four, and the most controversial of their discography. The sessions came on a particularly turbulent time for the band: the absolute gap between the members, conflicts and disagreements, the desire to pull the blanket over themselves and the presence of Yoko Ono... There is not much positive.

Paul McCartney took the creative initiative, and as a result was accused of "poor control. By the way: the song of the same name became last single that The Beatles released before McCartney announced his departure.


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