"Goddesses of rock": what the models from iconic album covers look like today

In this article, we will tell you about the iconic girls featured on iconic album covers.

A history of iconic hotties from the most iconic album covers

In the world of music, there's a kind of magicthat can transport us to different worlds and eras. We hear the melodies like spells, and the rhythm penetrates our hearts, making them beat in unison. Maybe that's why every album of our favorite band becomes for us unique a journey that opens the veil of mystery and allows you to plunge into a world of musical inspiration.

But what makes this journey even more exciting is. historywhich is hidden behind a musical recording and... cover. It's what can turn a simply good album into a true work of art. And today we're going to tell you about iconic covers. But why are they iconic? Well, it's because to the beautiesthat were depicted on them.

"Nursing Mother" by Dawn Elaine ("Mother's Milk" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers).

At dawn. 90s years, the music world was in an uproar. The band Red Hot Chili Peppers was gearing up for the release of their new album, Mother's Milk. They were in search of the perfect cover artwork that would emphasize the bold and experimental the nature of their music.

For the cover selection, there was two A picture of a girl named Don Elaine-Kelmenson and an artwork from Aioni Skye, the girlfriend of the band's leader, Anthony Kiedis. Each option had its own charm and appeal, but the choice turned out to be fateful for the whole band.

The cover of the album "Mother's Milk" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The cover of the album "Mother's Milk" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

When the album saw the light of day, no one could have guessed that its cover would be the cause of loudly scandals. Dawn Elaine, the model whose photo graced the original cover, said she did not give the consents to commercialize her image. This sparked the first wave of outrage and brought the group to court.

Not wanting to draw even more attention and publicity to the situation, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were forced to refuse from the original artwork and release a more censored version of the album. But that was just the beginning of the problems.

The group decided promote album via limited edition posters that made Don Elaine's body even stronger see. This sparked a new wave of scandal, and Elaine-Kelmenson sued the group, demanding the compensation for infringement of her image. The trial lasted a long time and the group had to pay her $50,000 in compensation.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Over the years, the tumultuous events gradually subsided and Dawn Elaine, now Elaine-Kelmenson, found her place in the art world. She became a well-known sculptorand her work became a meditative refuge where she found inner peace and harmony.

"Hot Nurse" by Janine Lindmulder ("Enema of the State" by Blink-182).

In zeros years, the album "Enema of the State" was a true hit among the youth. But not only the music attracted the attention of male teenagers, but also the album cover, which evoked vivid emotions. This cover depicts a seductive nursewearing medical gloves. Her attractive appearance immediately attracted eyes and aroused daring fantasies.

The cover of the album "Enema of the State" by Blink-182.
The cover of the album "Enema of the State" by Blink-182.

Little did anyone know that the cover model on the cover Janine LindmulderShe was a famous actress from a certain genre of movies. Her image of boldness and daring perfectly matched the spirit of the band and the style of the music.

However, enough time has passed since then that Janine's life has changed drastically. She's out marriage to the American TV presenter and manufacturer of exclusive choppers, Jesse James. At first glance, it seemed that she had found her happy married life.

Janine Lindmulder
Janine Lindmulder

However, a few years later, the couple divorcedand a lengthy legal battle has begun over guardianships over their mutual daughter Sonny. This process was incredibly difficult for Janine and brought up many emotions and difficult moments. She had to deal with difficulties in maintaining a relationship with her daughter and finding a balance between her personal life and her career.

In 2011 the year before, just when things seemed to be looking up, Janine was confronted with a prison in prison for failing to pay her taxes. Janine was also charged with abusing and threatening her husband. It became one of the most dark periods in her life, and she was forced to find ways to change herself and her life.

"The Mysterious Witch" by Louise Livingston ("Black Sabbath" - Black Sabbath).

In the misty morning OxfordshireIn the shadow of an old medieval mill from the fifteenth century, something amazing was happening. Just a few steps away from the ancient stone walls, a young woman stood in front of the lens of the camera. Her name was known only to a few, but fate was preparing a special role for her in the world of music.

Black Sabbath" album cover by the band Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath" album cover by the band Black Sabbath

Keith McMillan, a talented photographer, created a stunning image for one of the most iconic albums in history - "Black Sabbath.". Everything remained a secret until the world only learned of this mysterious model in the 2020 of the year. Her name is Louise Livingstonand this young woman has been incredibly brave and passionate in creating historical covers.

But what made this shot so unique? It was an unusual contrast - the majestic. mill medieval, gloomy stone walls, and beside them seemed to be the lovely crumb with an incredibly small stature of only six feet. It was this unusual contrast that made the image on the cover more three-dimensional and mysterious.

Louise Livingston
Louise Livingston

At the time, Louise was still a teenager, and she couldn't imagine what Black Sabbath was. But she feel free to stood in front of the camera, ready to give herself over to her creativity and fearless of the unpleasant shooting conditions. Over the years, Louise began to pursue her own creative endeavors. Her passion for the arts was not extinguished and she found her calling in the world of music. Under the pseudonym. Indreba it creates an amazing electronic music.

"The Carjacker" by Natalia Medvedeva.

Far away in the northern lands, on the banks of the beautiful Volga River, lived an amazing girl named Natalia Medvedeva. She was a young and talented model, but her heart belonged not only to fashion, but also to art in all its manifestations.
One fateful day, her life took a turn for the worse. turn. Natalia received a unique offer to be the face for the band's album cover "The Cars.". Russian beauty took on the task of becoming the embodiment of the spirit of this musical masterpiece. As it turned out, she was hijack a huge number of men's hearts who will admire her pictures.

Album cover of "The Cars" by the band The Cars
Album cover of "The Cars" by the band The Cars

However, there were a few things that came up along the way to creating the cover artwork difficulties. The drummer was usually responsible for the album covers RobinsonBut this time the publishing company took the initiative. They proposed their own cover artwork, and this caused some controversy among the band members.

Natalia Medvedeva
Natalia Medvedeva

And the guitarist Elliot EastonI had expressed dislike for the smirking face on the cover, but eventually realized that it embodied the spirit of the album, that it was unique and interesting. His doubts faded away, and he realized that this cover was a perfect fits the sound and content of the album.

"Weeping Princess" by Leilani Bishop ("Live Through This" - Hole).

Leilani Bishop was an ordinary girl from a small town, unknown to anyone, but full of dreams and ambition. She loved model for photographers in her hometown and dreamed of one day seeing her pictures in the world's magazines.

In Moscow she had the opportunity to meet a famous photographer Ellen Von Unwerthwho was looking for a new idea for the album cover. And then something amazing happened - the idea came to her. Ellen told her about Courtney Love and the source of her inspiration, the iconic movie. "Carrie.". This story impressed Leilani so much that she simply blossomed in front of the lens.

The cover of the album "Live Through This" by the band Hole
The cover of the album "Live Through This" by the band Hole

And then came the day of the shoot. Leilani was ready to embody the idea of a "prom queen" who boldly goes over the heads to achieve her goal. Her eyes sparkled with bright emotion and her smile was so manicthat even Ellen marveled at how good she was at portraying the character.

Leilani Bishop
Leilani Bishop

After the album's release, Leilani did not become a star with dizzying fame. She continued her work modelsbut she didn't take the credit. She was rarely recognized, and she didn't share the lavish world of show business. And when the time came 20th anniversary since the release of "Live Through This," her buddy and photographer Chris Nicholls decided to surprise Leilani. Overnight, he crafted crownand bought the flowers at a nearby store. What was her surprise when she saw that her image had been recreated so accurately and that the photograph had become a viraland sparked a new wave of interest in the album.


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