Alexander Gordon sang Iggy Pop's "In The Death Car" on The Voice

Alexander Gordon is the last person to be expected on the Voice show. But he came and sang! And he sang well: 9 million views on YouTube will not lie. We remember one of the strangest performances on the Voice show.

Alexander Gordon sang "In The Death Car" on The Voice

On the fifth season of the show The Voice for sure didn't expect this singer. It was the third week of blind auditions, mentors and viewers were surprised by unexpected and unusual performances so many times that it seemed to surprise them already impossible.

Prior to that, in the second week of the show, Aminata Savadogo, a Latvian singer who performed at Eurovision 2015, sang. Lera Gekhner, a popular jazz performer, also sang. But even this did not impress the judges, they heard good voices, pressed the buttons: everything was like usually.

Gordon on the show The Voice
Gordon on the show The Voice

But suddenly came Alexander Gordon in sandals and glasses. Nobody understood anything, besides, Gordon spoke first this week. The audience waited with bated breath for him to start singing. At first, no one believed that he would start at all - no one knew that Gordon can sing.

He started singing Iggy Pop's "In The Death Car". This is the most popular song of Goran Bregovic, which he composed for the film Arizona Dream. Here's what he had to say about Iggy Pop singing the song for the film:

“I didn’t plan to work with him and I didn’t invite Iggy specifically to record a song with me. He just found out from a newspaper ad that I was writing the soundtrack for Arizona Dream. Came to the hearing and sang the US anthem. It was a funny episode of our joint creativity.”

And this is how the song performed by Iggy Pop sounded:

There are no moments in the song that could to uncover vocalist's voice: there's actually not a lot of vocals at all. Because of this, mentors throughout the performance whispered with each other: Dima Bilan generally decided that someone decided to mock them all.

Of course, it was true: Gordon specifically chose this song and also deliberately performed it in this manner, but to call it a mockery difficult, after all, Gordon sang with dignity, besides, his voice gave "In The Death Car" some additional meaning.

Polina Gagarina on the show Voice with Gordon
Polina Gagarina on the show Voice with Gordon

Later Polina Gagarina understood, that someone very familiar sings, but no one has yet guessed who exactly.

At the very end of the speech, Dima Bilan jokingly reached for the button, but, unfortunately, don't pressl her. A few seconds later, when the chair turned around, he already regretted it with might and main.

After Gordon's speech said:

"I knew it! I thought, I'll get up now, I'll start choosing from those who turned around. In general, I greedily agreed to this adventure: I, both by age and by position, have long been there, on your (mentoring) side.

Yes, unfortunately Gordon not chosen, but he cheered everyone up and showed that he could sing. The host's fans were delighted. However, like everyone else the rest of the audience.


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