The reverse side of success: Alexander Novikov and his problems with the law

At the age of 18, the guy got involved in a serious street fight: some lawless person beat the girl, and Sasha hurried to the rescue! As a result, the attacker spent a long time in the hospital, and the noble rescuer received a suspended sentence...

The life of a Sverdlovsk chansonnier before and after the camp

Alexander Novikov - Russian chansonnier, bard, composer and just a successful person. When you look at Novikov now, it's hard to believe that since adolescence the musician had big problems with the law.

Today his name is known both at home and abroad. But to reach this level, Alexander Vasilyevich had to go through a lot.

Challenging early years

Young Alexander Novikov and his family
Young Alexander Novikov and his family

Alexander was born in 1953 year in Sakhalin region. The boy's father was a military pilot, and therefore Novikov family often moved to different parts of the USSR. Little Sasha managed to live in Latvia and Kyrgyzstan before finally settling with his parents in Yekaterinburg.

Alexander Novikov in his youth
Alexander Novikov in his youth

It cannot be said that Alexander He was a diligent student, but he had a craving for the humanities. He especially liked literature and music: being a first grader, Sasha knew all the works Yesenin. Basically, the problem was his abrupt behavior, because of which he never became a pioneer.

After school, Sasha entered the Polytechnic University, and soon changed several more educational institutions. Get a diploma him so failedA: due to various circumstances its everywhere expelled. Few liked bold and original temper young men: Alexander was never afraid criticize the government and flatly refused to join Komsomol. For this reason, he was even kept under close surveillance.

First steps and problems with the law

Alexander Novikov
Alexander Novikov

Having finally put the idea of getting an education out of his head, Alexander devoted himself entirely to music. The guy’s love for her was formed at an early age: at the age of 13, Sasha watched the film for the first time "Vertical" and was fascinated by the works Vladimir Vysotsky. By the end of the 70s, Novikov began performing in prestigious restaurants in Sverdlovsk.

In the early 80s, Alexander creates a group "Rock Polygon", but after a couple of years, serious problems begin. IN 1984 underground record saw the light "Take me, driver". The fact is that in the 80s chanson was considered anti-Soviet genre, and therefore very soon a novice chansonnier arrested. Alexander was accused of "theft of state or public property on an especially large scale", but in fact he was locked behind bars because of the songs. Out of ten years, he served six, but only due to the fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Supreme Court reviewed his case and recognized the musician innocent.

Alexander Novikov
Alexander Novikov

It is worth adding that this is not the first, and not the last problems with law in Alexander's life. Yet At 18 years old the guy got involved in a serious street fight: some lawless person beat the girl, and Sasha hurried to the rescue. As a result, the attacker spent a long time in the hospital, and the noble savior received probation.

Life after prison

Alexander Novikov
Alexander Novikov

During the years spent behind bars, Alexander never lost his love for music. Once free, he immediately began to catch up: performances on radio and television began, recording albums, touring ... Today, the artist's rich song repertoire includes hundreds of works, and his records, such as "Cab" or "Remember Girl", recognized classic chanson.

Slowly, his new discs were released: "Pineapples in Champagne" (2010), "Break Up with Her" (2012) and others. After the release of the disc “Along from memory”, Alexander appeared in the Kremlin: there he performed the hits that the public loved from the once scandalous "Carrier". However, his reputation was soon overshadowed again.

"Bay Queens"

Residential complex "Bay Queens"
Residential complex "Bay Queens"

Toward the end of 2015, around Novikov broke out new scandal: a famous chansonnier and his friend Mikhail Shilimanov, the former Deputy Minister of Economy of the Sverdlovsk Region, was accused of stealing a large amount - 150 million rubles! Construction Residential complex "Bay Queens" was frozen, and a version arose that the comrades collected money from the shareholders, and then transferred them to their accounts. A court was held, which first appointed Alexander Vasilyevich house arrest and then released on bail.

Alexander Novikov
Alexander Novikov

Novikov claimed that he was not guilty of anything. According to him, he simply made a free advertisement for a residential complex and, as a result, suffered losses himself. He had to adjust "Bay Queens" on their own savings, and, finally, in 2020 year, the first residents moved into the long-awaited apartments.

Interesting Facts

Alexander Novikov
Alexander Novikov
  • "Bay Queens" - not the last page in the "criminal" biography of our hero: later on Novikov sued again. City Hall of Yekaterinburg accuses the chansonnier of illegal use of the premises and demands from him about two million rubles.

  • Today this person is called pioneer of "urban romance".
Alexander Novikov and his family
Alexander Novikov and his family
  • Although the artist was not lucky with the law, he got something more important in this life - a loving wife. Maria did not leave her husband, even when he was in prison. And under such gloomy circumstances, she managed to get them to their feet with Alexander children - daughter Natalia and son Igor. Today, this couple enjoys a family idyll and, according to Novikov, does not pay attention to media gossip.

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