What happened to the "Colonel" – the difficult fate of Alexander Zaitsev from "Time Machine"

"He was an interesting guy, an individual - he even managed to earn fans! However, Sasha was good only as a band member, but not as a solo artist. He was too weak for that. And after the "Machine" he didn't do well at all: he started drinking badly, he couldn't find a job... Hare never found himself..."

Alexander Zaitsev: where he disappeared to, and how the fate of the legendary "Colonel" after the Time Machine

This man is not much spoken about, but his musical merits and his difficult, tragedy-filled fate are worthy of publicity. Many remember Alexandra Zaitseva at "The Time Machine.: some people consider him very brilliant, others consider him "just another keyboard player. Nevertheless, we decided to delve into the biography of the legendary "Colonel."and tell you a little more about him than is customary to mention in short notes about the band...

Early years

Alexander Zaitsev
Alexander Zaitsev

Zaitsev's fate was uneasy from a young age. He was born in 1958 He was already interested in music at the age of six, and even performed in the capital's boys' choir! At the age of 16 the boy knew hard physical work: Sasha worked in many places - he was a loader, and a locksmith, and even a woodcarver! And in the days of music school he was gaining experience in the morgue...

Alexander Zaitsev
Alexander Zaitsev

Before achieving popularity, Zaitsev, the clothed overcoat and hiding a Bible under his arm - traveled all over the Soviet Union! Hitchhiking. He received a higher musical education, and according to his own words - more than one. Before Mashina, he gained experience in the ranks of such vocal groups as "Rhythm." and "The Warblers.".

Success with the Machine

Alexander Zaitsev with "The Machine"
Alexander Zaitsev with "The Machine"

Zaitsev came to the Machine in 1982 year, shortly after leaving her Peter Podgorodetskiy. He was able to join the ranks of the "machinists" thanks to To Vadim Golutvin from "Resurrection," who recommended his good buddy for the role of keyboard player. From Alexander Viktorovich's recollections:

"By that time I had experience, plus I was into jazz, and I wrote my own music. The Korobeyniki were not bad, but the exhausting concerts, sometimes five a day, forced me to leave the band. I didn't know that Vadim had given my number to Makarevich! To be honest, I didn't really feel like it. At first, when they hired me, I didn't take it seriously: well, I think a little break - like summer vacation! But it turned out that I lost nine years in the group...".

Regarding MakarevichI was not a genius from his height, but he played well, and he was quick to join the team. However, he played quite well, and quickly joined the team.

Conflicts with Makarevich

Alexander Zaitsev with "The Machine"
Alexander Zaitsev with "The Machine"

Zaitsev found a common language with Makarevich rather quickly. In 1987, the leader of the Machine even made a new keyboard player godfather his son Ivan! However... very soon conflicts began, and they were not unreasonable.

Alexander has a big grudge against Makarevich. resentment for the fact that he assigned HIS songs. It was Zaitsev who wrote "Caravan, Pieces and Roles, as well as "Pony." and "She walks through life laughing.". But Makarevich convinced the public in the opposite way... Alexander Viktorovich claimed that from under his pen was born the famous "Music under the snow", which he attributed to himself Kutikov. In a word - absolute injustice towards the keyboard player reigned within the band...

Dismissal from the group

Alexander Zaitsev
Alexander Zaitsev

At the beginning of 1990s Zaitseva fired from The Machine. The reason was his serious alcohol addiction... It was also the reason for his subsequent ruined.

Alexander simply "bailed" on rehearsals, and before an important concert in honor of 21st Anniversary The group disappeared from the face of the earth! He didn't answer the phone, didn't inform anyone... And only just before the show he suddenly appeared. However, before he reached the dressing room, he was fired by the director. From my recollections Mikhail Margolis:

"Of course, he acted like a complete fool at the time. He got addicted, didn't care about music... And then half an hour before the concert, he showed up all fluffy and innocent. They fired him then, so he left with a scandal..."

Life after

Alexander Zaitsev
Alexander Zaitsev

First time Alexander tried to stay afloat, even worked on his own solo projects! However, he never succeeded. The guys from "Machines." even supported him: Kutikov twice arranged for his ex-colleague to get a job, but Zaitsev never stayed long anywhere...

"He was an interesting guy, an individual - he even managed to earn fans! However, Sasha was good only as a band member, but not as a solo artist. He was too weak for that. And after Cars, he didn't do well at all: he started drinking horribly, couldn't find a job... Hare never found himself," Margolis once commented.

A precipitous decline began... Occasionally Zaitsev performed solo in clubs, and when his mother passed away, he turned in room I had to stay in their two-room apartment in order to make ends meet. He never managed to stop drinking. The Caucasians, who were renting his apartment, "paid." The owner had to pay with bread and liquor, charging himself only on the meter. As a result, Alexandra abducted.

Tragic finale

Alexander Zaitsev
Alexander Zaitsev

The first time, Alexander was lucky. The scammers took him away out of townwhere they got drunk and were ready to pull their scam. rewrite the Muscovite's apartment to themselves. It was their well-established scheme, because of which many people perished... However, the musician was discovered by a local precinctThey sent him to the hospital, but when Zaytsev came out, he disappeared without a trace. This time for good. The first to sound the alarm was his sister Larissa:

"No matter what condition Sashka was in, he always congratulated me and my daughter! And then the silence suddenly came..."

Second sister, ElenaAlexander was drunk, and he could hardly understand what was going on... It was a last timeThe perpetrators were not apprehended until a year later. The criminals were not arrested until a year later. Four men confessed to everything, but later they were released for some reason... Meanwhile, the musician's apartment was sold to a resident of Moscow and looted: paintings, books, icons, coins - nothing was found. On such a tragic note, the story of the legendary "Colonel" ended.

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