"I knew him too little": how Alexander Viktorovich Tsoi feels about his father's legacy

They were always bugging him with the question, "Are you really Tsoi's son? But he was able to make a name for himself without that sonorous surname. About how the paths of his son and father crossed is in our article.

What is known about Victor Tsoi's son

In families of famous musicians, the fate of children is different: some become more popular than their parents, some stop communicating with them, and some get the copyright to the musician's work and continue to keep his legacy, doing the same thing. Our article will talk about Aleksandr Viktorovich Tsoi - only son Victor Tsoi, leader of the band Kino.

Victorovich's childhood

Alexander Tsoi was born in 1985, and already at an early age he Growing up without a father - Victor left the family as soon as the boy was a year old. Alexander spent his childhood with his mother, Marianna Tsoi. In spite of this, Victor was actively involved in his son's upbringing. However, in 1990, Tsoi Sr. died when his son was five years old. For Alexander, this tragic event became a big shock.

Victor Tsoi and his son
Victor Tsoi and his son

"I have only vague snippets of memories. Childhood visual impressions that are difficult to put into words. I can kind of imagine what kind of person he was, but I can't explain..."

Usually, when asked about his father, Alexander answers: "I knew him too little."

After her breakup with Victor, Marianne linked life with the leader of the group "Object of Mockery. Alexander "Ricochet" AksenovHe lived the "classic" life of a rock musician. Noisy events and loud music involuntarily left a mark on Alexander Tsoi.

Sasha's school years were spent under the "aegis" of his father: practically everything at school perceived the boy only as Viktor Tsoi's son. This created certain difficulties in learning, in perceiving the world, and in socialization: Sasha at one point dropped out of school and never graduated. During these times, Alexander was A quiet and modest guy., withdrawn into himself.

Alexander Tsoi and his parents
Alexander Tsoi and his parents

Alexander told us about one of his hobbies during his school years: "I loved the Lego constructor and found solace in it. I could sit and assemble something for hours.

Creativity and activities

Tsoi Jr. by the experimenter - In his 36 years of life, he has tried many professions, ranging from web designer and musician and ending with programmer and director of the "da: da:" club. Like his father, Alexander is an excellent drawer. He also managed to work for Channel One as a journalist and editor at the personal invitation of Konstantin Ernst. Together they made a documentary and truthful film for Channel One "Tsoi - Kino.".

About his role in this project Alexander says: "Some of it was filmed at my club, then I went to Moscow for editing. In addition, we recorded music for the film based on the band's songs. I was also the art director and managed the creation of the graphics. Before the broadcast we had to literally live in the TV center without sleep or rest, and in the end we turned in the "master" two hours before the broadcast.


Alexander, despite his age, is still undecided about who he feels he is, what profession he is passionate about. As he confesses, he is incredibly impressed by the hectic style of work, the lack of monotony and regularity. The musician calls himself "orchestra man.".

"I don't think it's a problem to be such a tumbleweed," Tsoi Jr. said of his lifestyle.

Alexander Tsoi or Molchanov

Alexander V. interesting and controversial position on the legacy of Victor Tsoi. On the one hand, he tries to protect himself from the excessive attention of reporters and fans of the Kino frontman. So, for this purpose, the man took a pseudonym and a different last name Molchanov - Under it, Alexander played guitar in a St. Petersburg goth-rock band for a while. "Para bellvm". The album The Book of Kingdoms, which became a kind of breakthrough for the Russian dark scene and alternative music, was largely the result of the fruitful creative work of Tsoi Jr.

Alexander Tsoi with a guitar
Photo by Alexander Viktorovich Tsoi

The realization that it was necessary to be engaged in music and to achieve success in this business, to Alexander came as a child.

"I started playing at the age of fifteen, then I bought an acoustic guitar from the same Lunacharsky factory. It was my father's first instrument as well, but that was pure coincidence. I realized that acoustics was not suitable for further musical development, so I bought an electric guitar and started practicing on it. For a long time I was studying, playing something with my classmates. Now I collaborate with a number of musicians and write my own music", - Alexander shares about his musical path in one of his interviews.

In 2017, Alexander Tsoi made a release of his author's musical project titled «Ronin». Debut mini-album "Support." has caught the attention of many fans of the band «Kino» and provoked mixed reactions. Interestingly, the lyrics of the title track "Whisper." was written by the artist when he was still 18 years old.

Alexander Tsoi now
Alexander Viktorovich Tsoi photo now

Most listeners gave a positive assessment of the work of Alexander Viktorovich and even compared it with what his famous father did. But critics from reputable publications came to a different conclusion:

"Alexander Viktorovich Tsoi is completely different. He demonstrated with his first Oprah that he is an independent, thinking, charismatic musician," writes Alexander Alexeev, a correspondent of Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Alexander, on the other hand, works in the project «Symphonic Kino»who performs orchestral versions of Victor Tsoi's songs in company with the band's guitarist Yuri Kasparian. His duties and tasks are reduced to creating animations that are projected on the screen during concerts. Attractive video art allows you to fully experience the multifaceted creativity of Victor Tsoi and Kino bands.

"In general, I think it's working out cool with this project. It seems that the orchestra is one of the few ways to perform music without vocals so that it sounds just as cool and effective - many covers fail because of the vocals," says Alexander Tsoi.


Legal disputes over the rights to the songs of artists who have passed away are not uncommon. That's what happened with the songs of the band Kino. After Victor's death, Marianna Tsoi was able to sue the band's musicians for copyrights to their songs and made everything out in the name of her son Alexander and the music label Moroz Records. As a result, Alexander began to earn income from the use of the iconic band's music and gained another point of connection to his father's legacy.

In 2011, the copyright to the song "We'll take it from here."The song was sold to businessman Oleg Tinkov for his Tinkoff Bank, according to media reports. However, in reality it was not like that: in one of the interviews Tsoi Jr. said that the rights for the song were sold without his consent by the company. "Music Law."with whom he is trying to terminate his contract.

Musical views

The son of the leader of the band Kino calls his father's art "good music." and believes that the band has become a milestone in Russian music, unlike any other. Alexander is by a music lover and listens to a variety of compositions outside of genre prejudice - from metal to pop and even Russian hip-hop, noting that he likes Scriptonite.


He rarely listens to Tsoi's music because he cannot perceive it without an established image. The more moving works of the rock band for Tsoi Jr. are "Rain for Us.", "General." and "You and I.".

Legacy in the Present

Victor Tsoi's creativity is not a thing of the past: in 2019, Alexander Tsoi offers the musicians of the band Kino Tikhomirov, Titov and Kasparian - organize concerts with live music by former band members, but with Victor Tsoi's vocals and developed video material.

Group «Kino»
Group «Kino»

This project confirms a phrase that has become somewhat of a cliché: "Tsoi is alive!"


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