Margarita Pushkina is an unsurpassed poetess in Russian rock

Today in our article we will tell you about the "mother of Russian metal" Margarita Pushkina. Read on to learn about the poetess' formation and how she came to write rock lyrics.

All about Margarita Pushkina: the history of fame, poetry and the best written songs

Often the lyrics of songs known to generations of listeners are created not by the vocalists or band members, but by separate a person who approaches writing a future song as an expression of his sincere feelings. It doesn't matter for which genre music will be written; it will have not only a good syllable and sense of music, but also a sacred meaningsThe first one is the "I've been there," which can be very difficult to figure out.

This article will talk about one of the famous poetesses who created the legendary compositions of Russian rock - Margarita Pushkina. The following is a bit about the writer's early years, her introduction to the world of heavy music, and the best songs she created for favorites groups.

Early Years and Early Career

Margarita Pushkina in the 80s
Margarita Pushkina in the 80s

Margarita grew up in an ordinary Soviet family: her father was a military pilot and her mother a housewife. Pushkina's own sister, Tamara, became the girl's guide to the world of high It was she who instilled in the young Margarita a love of classical music and poetry. However, to develop in rock direction Pushkin decided while listening to the song "The House of The Rising Sun" performed by Alexander GradskyI was introduced to him in 1967.

The revolution in Cuba in 1959 was a great shock to the young writer; these events prompted Pushkin to write poemsas well as to the decision to study foreign languages - Spanish and English. Later, Margarita will be trained as a teacher, and her practice and subsequent work will benefit from frequent change place of residence.

Meet Rock Stars

Margarita Pushkina and the members of the band Aria
Margarita Pushkina and the members of the band Aria

The first text that became real song, was written for Pushkina's acquaintance Alexander Kutikov's "Every one of us must catch the sun out of the water sometime. From that moment Margarita enters the circle of rock musiciansIn the mid-1970s, she began to work closely with them. The year 1976 was for the young poetess iconic: Kutikov introduced her to the Leap Year group, for which Margarita created lyrics that were not only wrapped in well-crafted lines, but also filled with meaning. A particular difficulty was that in those days the group was performing the repertoire of only in English. After a while the writer would begin to create lyrics not only for the mature Soviet rockers, but also for pop performers.

Margarita Pushkina and Vladimir Kholstinin. 90-е
Margarita Pushkina and Vladimir Kholstinin. 90-е

A fruitful period in the life of the writer is the creative synergy with Kris Kelmi and his "Rock Atelier," as well as with "the father of Russian reggae" Alexander Barykin. However, her talent unfolds and in her work with other musicians and bands. At different times Pushkina managed to work with "Autograph", "Karnaval", "Rondo", "Crematorium" and "Mavrik" groups, and among performers and composers she collaborated with Alexander Klevitsky, Leonid Velichkovsky, Olga Kormukhina and others.

Margarita Pushkina and Valery Kipelov
Margarita Pushkina and Valery Kipelov

However, heavy music does not remain without attention of the poetess, and from the mid-80s she begins to work actively with the band "Aria.". Since then, almost all of the songs performed by the ensemble have been written by Margarita, starting with debut album. In addition, the poetess became a songwriter for the solo projects of the former Aryans: the bands Kipelov and Mavrin. In spite of her gravitation toward earlier rock, Margarita willingly takes on work with by today's musicians such as Olvi and Catharsis.

A love of rock music prompted the journalist to write several collections elected lyrics with descriptions of the themes and images involved in the works. Since the early 1990s the poetess has also kept a journal "Zabriskie Rider." about alternative rock culture in the United States, Russia, and Europe.

Margenta Project

Margarita Pushkina with Sergey Galanin and Armen Grigoryan
Margarita Pushkina with Sergey Galanin and Armen Grigoryan

One of the poetess' best works is her project "Margenta."In which different musicians record the sound on already prepared lyrics. Many composers are familiar enough with Pushkina for a long timeThe author's poems are written by her, and she is happy to write music to her poems. Margarita herself appears on the albums only as "author's voice.".

Margarita Pushkina
Margarita Pushkina

From 2007 to 2013, Margenta produced three albums, created as a triptych and becoming extensions of each other. In 2019, Margarita began collaborating with the center producingThe film was a great success, with the help of two songs performed by honored artists of theater and cinema.

The best songs to Pushkina's poems

Margarita Pushkina wrote hundreds legendary compositions, and some of them have achieved the status of imperishable in the work of famous performers.

"Closing the Loop."

"Closing the Loop" was one of the iconic of songs from the nascent rock movement of the late 1980s. This anthem went down in music history not only because of its unusual performance "chorus." famous Soviet rockers, but also amazing Pushkina's lines that have passed through the years and immortalized the work of composer Chris Kelmi.

"I'm free."

A song by the band Kipelov, which has become a real anthem of freedom from the shackles of the come-ons for more than one generation of music lovers, was written by Margarita for the joint album by Valery Kipelov and Alexander Mavrin "A Troubled Time.". According to the poetess, the original idea of the text was completely changed in favor of the eternal theme heavy parting with the past. The Pushkin-Kipelov-Mavrin creative tendency succeeded in creating a composition that became unforgettable for all time.


This song has become one of the most hit in the history of Pushkina and Alexander Barykin's "Karnaval" group. Released on the album Rock'n'Roll Marathon, this composition immediately acquired the status of symbolic for Soviet music. In addition, "20:00" has repeatedly won many awards and has been performed at major festivals, such as «Song of the year».

"The Truth."

One of the best songs of the famous 80's band "Autograph."Pushkina began collaborating with after the breakup of the band Leap Year, whose members were Chris Kelmy and Alexander Sitkovetsky. A heartfelt text about a man and the truth of his life, presented with a ringing voice Sitkovetskyhas become another the legendary a song by Margarita Pushkina.

"Rose Street."

This composition, like the others on the third album "Hero of Asphalt" by Aria, was written by Pushkina to the music of Vitaly Dubinin. The poetics of this text are so multifacetedThe poet herself refers to the song "22 Acacia Avenue" by Iron Maiden, but the Russian rockers' version of the street was the same. The poetess herself refers to the Iron Maiden song "22 Acacia Avenue", though in the Russian rockers' version the street was planted by roses. Later the writer explained: "So I thought: not everyone has seen the acacia blossom here. Shouldn't our street be planted with roses? Such a interpretation The lyrics of the British metalists have been well received by Russian listeners.


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