"A-Studio at Christmas Meetings 1990: Pugacheva Gives Way to the Young and Talented

How to properly get acquainted with pop stars and become the most popular band not only in Russia, but also abroad? Today we will learn from the history of the group "A-Studio", which was brought into the world by Alla Pugacheva.

A-Studio Group: History of Formation, Debut on Stage, Main Hits

History of the creation of each group uniqueand sometimes even surprising. Not all groups can boast that their start began with the fact that they were taken under the "guardianship" of the primadonna of Russian pop. Alla Pugacheva.

Today we will learn how to "A-Studio. The band got its current name and which songs should be considered iconic.

"Almata falls under the wings of the primadonna and turns into A-Studio

A group in the mid-1990s
A group in the mid-1990s

The band has been around for more than thirty years. It all began back in 1982, when a Kazakh and Soviet pianist Baigali Serkebayev renewed the lineup of the group, which had worked with singer Roza Rymbaeva. A few years later, the group begins to perform separately and changes its name to "Almaty", and in 1988 the group publishes an album that includes different musical styles, including folk music. Next, the group changes its name once again; now it is called "Almata-Studio".

In the late 1980s, a program hosted by Alla Borisovna Pugacheva was on television. In the new year of 1990 "Christmas Encounters" The third time they came out, and it was on them that the debut of the group, which has now finally settled on a different name - "A-Studio..

Prima Donna realized that the team was quite promising when she heard a song written in 1989 "Julia.". It fell into Pugacheva's hands after Soviet artists, including Filipp Kirkorov, came to Alma-Ata for a concert. Upon returning from his trip, the future pop-carol showed the recording to the primadonna; she appreciated the song and decided she wanted to meet with the group.

"She blessed us": how Pugacheva fiddled with the young and inexperienced

A-Studio Group and Batyrkhan Shukenov
A-Studio Group and Batyrkhan Shukenov

The band was glad that their song had reached Pugacheva and that the singer praised it. Just after these events, Vladimir Presnyakov arrived in Alma-Ata, and the guys decided to go to his concert to get acquainted. That same evening the future A-Studio received invitation to the capital.

Unknown to the general public, a group from Kazakhstan was soon invited to "Song Theater." Alla Borisovna. After a while, the group was featured in the program "Morning Post", and before the new decade, the A-Studio performed their hit "Julia" in the traditional "Christmas Encounters.

A little about A-Studio: the band's main hits and signature style - why are they so beloved by millions?

A-Studio is currently
"A-Studio is currently

After the group received the attention and all-Union acknowledgementtheir successful career. In the "Song Theater" the team worked for about four years.

Throughout the band's long history, the musicians in the band have changed very often. From 1987 to 2000 the vocalist of the band was Batyrkhan ShukenovThe band's most famous hits, from the beloved "Julia" to the song "Unloved". In 2001 the band welcomed a new vocalist - Pauline GriffithsShe debuted with the group in the music video for the recording of "Such Matters". After a while Polina leaves the group and starts a solo career.

A-Studio. Early 2000s
"A-Studio. Early 2000s

In 2005, A-Studio welcomed a new vocalist with unusual vocals. Katie Topuria. That's when the music video for Kathy's song is released. "Leaving."which would later become part of the band's golden hits collection.

From their inception to the present, the band has written a large number of songs; their impressive discography includes over 10 albums.

Collective in the mid-2000s
Collective in the mid-2000s

Baigali Serkebayev notes that the group has three creative periods. All of them began with the arrival of a new vocalist to "A-Studio". Batyrkhan brought ethnic, funk and jazz to the band's music; with him the band moved away from popular music trends and made music romantic and LyricalAs was Shukenov himself. During the participation of Polina Griffis, A-Studio became more dance, modern. With a new vocalist the band began to conquer the music charts, and also gained fame abroad.

Cathy also contributed to the group's development. Thanks to the singer's memorable and strong voice, the group began to perform more driving compositions. In addition, after Katy's arrival, A-Studio was recognized as the most stylish group at the Fashion TV People Awards.

The band at the recording of the video clip Also, like everyone
The band at the recording of the music video "Just Like Everyone Else

The team is known for its work with many stars. Thus, in 2008, A-Studio recorded a joint song with the band Otpetye moshenniki, and in subsequent years the musicians managed to work with Thomas Nevergrin and the singer Emin.

"A-Studio is beloved by many for their Inimitable style and the ability to be different. Here are a few major of the band's songs, which vividly demonstrate their professionalism.


A song that has already been mentioned above, but is no less beloved. It is fair to single it out as one of the band's greatest hits, since it was the beginning of their success on the big stage.


A lyrical and tender composition, released in the mid-90s. This song is imbued with a light melancholyIt is a difficult task to sing so movingly about a girl you don't love. successfully Batyrkhan Shukenov asked.


The composition that started the band's journey with Katie Topuria. The meaningfulness of the lyrics is in perfect harmony with the strong The vocalist's performance, which creates a special incandescence passions in the track.

"Just like everyone else."

Performed many years ago by Alla Pugacheva, this song in a new way played in the performance of A-Studio. The band turned the quiet and humble lyrics into a ringing, as if persuasive everyone in the "ordinariness" of her heroine composition.

"That kind of thing."

A song performed by Pauline Griffiths in 2001. A dance song with a melancholy lyrics struck by hit parades of the early 2000s.

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