"Narodnik" with dreadlocks: how a guy from a small town in Tula broke into television

Today in our article is the story of a young musician who spent 15 years fighting his way to the big stage. How do people of music and media treat Shaman and how did the singer find an audience? Read on.

Shaman - Success Story, Hate from Detractors, Best Songs

Every screen star's journey begins with a bright flash. The hero of today's article, a musician under the pseudonym ShamanThe singer also burst into television abruptly and brightly, starting his way from the famous vocal competitions. How has the singer built his career for 15 years and how does success begin? Find out in our article.

Biography of the musician


Yaroslav Yurievich Dronov, better known as ShamanYaroslav was born in a small town near Tula in 1991. From his very childhood little Yaroslav was attached to music: first his parents sent him to the vocal and variety ensemble, then the boy received a musical education - he graduated from a music school in the class of "Folk Singing."The first was a college, then a college, and after moving to Moscow, the Gnesins' Russian Academy of Music, majoring in music. pop and jazz singing.

For three years he was a member of a cover band, and in 2017 he started solo career.

To gain his fan base, the singer began to appear on television. Thus, he took part in famous vocal competitions "The A Factor." and "Voice". In 2013, when Yaroslav performed a song by Valery Leontiev on Factor A "Hang glider."Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, who sat on the jury, noticed his talent. She noted in him the voice of a new generation of stars. At the contest the artist took third place and received "Alla's Gold Star," a special prize from the primadonna.

The year 2014 was marked by another prize for the singer in a vocal show "Voice". Dronov got on Pelageya's team, which brought him to second place in the finals.

Shaman Success Story

Yaroslav Dronov
Yaroslav Dronov

Since 2020, the musician performs under the stage name Shaman. The singer says that this nickname was given to him by his fans, who called him that in the comments under the video.

Popularity to the singer came in the fall of 2021. On the social network with short videos - TikTokhis version of the song is trending "Fly away"The songwriter had a great deal of success with the lyrics. The fame came quickly - it was hard not to notice the mysterious singer with dreadlocks and ethnic style of performance. After a while the musician began to cooperate with Victor Drobyshwho is now in charge of distributing his work.

The First Songs

Singer Shaman at the Spasskaya Tower Festival
Singer Shaman at the Spasskaya Tower Festival

from 2017, when the singer's solo career was just beginning, his first songs were released. In 2018 Yaroslav released a cover of the song "Dancing on Glass."which has collected on youtube about 44 million views.

The earliest compositions in the singer's solo work were "Ice," "Moon," "If You're Not Here," "Remember Me," "In Zero Gravity," which were released in 2020 on YouTube. The label was Zhara Music, later bought out and renamed Atlantic Records Russia.

The next year the singer released eight more songs on the same label. For each composition a music video was released on youtube.

Patriotic songs

Songs with patriotic themes have probably become the most famous in Yaroslav's work, overshadowing the lyrical tracks about unrequited love. Such compositions as "Let's get up." and "I am Russian!" have taken the top positions in the YouTube Music chart. In addition, the views on the music videos don't diminish either: they currently have 33 and 21 million views.

It is for his open political stance that the performer is often criticized. Well-known music critic Sergey Sosedov He spoke favorably of the song "Let's Stand Up," pointing out that the song belongs to the era of the Soviet patriotic compositionsThe music of Dronov's works was also performed by Iosif Kobzon and other mastodons of the Soviet stage. Producer and composer Maxim Fadeev, TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev and Alexei Pimanov also liked Dronov's work. Composer Igor Matvienko, who once produced Lyube, admits that what attracts him to the singer is his use of folklore motifs. However, not everyone received his work with such joy.

Scandalous music critic Otar KushanashviliIn response to Shaman's song "I'm Russian," he said that Yaroslav is a strange guy who has behaved in a completely calculated way in the current situation in the world. He also gave a negative assessment of the situation in the world. Ksenia SobchakThe singer's appearance was criticized by some celebrities, who were outraged by the lyrics, which are similar to all the other songs about Russia. Some celebrities criticized the singer for his appearance and asserted that he was being artificially introduced to the masses. Music producer Alexey Ostudin, referring to the singer's fresh work, says that it is a well-made commercial patriotism.

Whatever the amount of controversy surrounding Yaroslav Dronov's personality, according to VCIOM he has become the most famous singer 2022.

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