Three masterpieces from Alphaville that are still listened to today

Today, this German synthpop band remains beloved by music lovers thanks to their three hits, which we offer to talk about below...

Here are three of Alphaville's biggest hits that you've definitely heard

Perhaps today you have already don't remember about this band. However, a few songs Alphaville will definitely make you do it! This band has fought hard for their success, rehearsing and recording records "not without guitars". The first high-profile single was "Big In Japan."which conquered the world charts and made the young musicians stars! It was followed by several more successful compositions, which continue to resonate with the public to this day...

Today, this German synthpop band remains favorite music lovers thanks to three their hits, which we offer to talk about below...

"Big In Japan."

Alphaville Group
Alphaville Group

"Cool in Japan." - that was the name of the band's first and loudest hit! It was recorded in the first half of the 1980s and was inspired by a certain injustice in the music market... The songwriter has the floor, Mariana Golda:

"At the time of writing Big In Japan, we were worried about music, or rather the music market: in Japan you could get an army of fans and sell your album in multi-million copies, while in Europe you could only dream about it..."

Marian Gold
Marian Gold

The song is about A couple in lovewho are addicted to illegal substances and lead immoral lifestyles. But young people realize that they want to give it all up - to kick their addiction and get a taste of real life! Life without substanceswithout theft, without heartache...

Inspiration struck Gold on his way to the club, where he was to meet the David Bowie: the then legendary "rock chameleon" went through rehabilitation course in Berlin, as his addiction to drugs took over... It may well have been his story that laid the foundation for the lyrics. The title of the song and, in fact, the line in the chorus was inspired by the name of the band Big In JapanMarian bought the record at the same club.

The single was a resounding success, and entered the top 10 many European countries! It is true that in Japan It never became popular... But it did inspire many artists to make their own interpretations, such as Sandra! However, its version failed miserably, and the number of copies was a little more than 100... But that's another story.

"Sounds Like a Melody"


"Sounds like a melody." - this song is an embellishment debut the band's album, on which the already mentioned "Big In Japan" was released. The composition was a great success in continental Europe and South Africa, and in the native Germany for the musicians it won gold! The music video for it has gained more than 57 million views, indicating that popularity hit these days.

The track was written and arranged in just 2 days! Their label insisted on it. And that's what made the band literally hate him... From Gold's recollections:

"It insulted us as musicians! Writing music solely for commercial success-what could be worse?"

Rush when creating "Sounds Like a Melody" caused the members of Alphaville rejection to this track, despite its success in the charts. As much as 10 years the band refused to perform this composition at their concerts...

"Forever Young."


Synonymous The single was also a hit, so it's safe to say that Alphaville's debut album was saturated and fruitful. Writing this track as a group! Its title, like the title of the record itself, was inspired by early "name" team.

Today this song is sure to is familiar to everyone! Soon after graduation, she found rabid fame, and began to be actively used in the media: "Forever Young" has appeared in a number of commercials, television series, and movies (including "Listen to Me 1989 years). And how many artists presented their interpretations of the popular tune - it's hard to count!

One of the most successful versions belongs to Laura Branigan.

That's it. one albumby the way debut, gave to the world at once 3 hitsand the band to fame and popularity! As for Alphaville, the band continues The band has been in existence, occasionally delighting its fans with new music.


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