"ALYGATYR": Kasabian's first single since Tom Meighan's departure

Rumor has it that in 2022 Kasabian is going to please fans with a full-length record! The group has not yet confirmed the news, but if this is true, they have a serious competitor in the person of the former frontman!

About the single "ALYGATYR" by British rockers: creation, criticism and success, facts

ALYGATYR - this is the name of the track of the British band Kasabian, their first fresh material in the last 4 years! Among other things, it was released in a slightly updated composition - without the usual vocals Tom Meighan. Written Sergio PizzornoProduced by Fraser Smith and mixed by Spike Stent, the single marks the start of an exciting new chapter for the band! This is a new unique language "Kasabian"! And according to the participants themselves, this is just the beginning.

How was the release


ALYGATYR - the first single of the British band in the last 4 years! This is also the first track Kasabian, recorded and released without vocalist Tom Meighan: the musician left the line-up in 2020. It is worth noting that Meygan has been in the team for more than two decades! Unfortunately, a lawsuit was initiated against the singer. This time, instead of Meygan, a guitarist is at the microphone Sergio Pizzorno, and in his place was invited concert guitarist Tim Carter.

The release of the new track took place on October 27 at "De Montfort Hall" - the largest concert venue in Leicester, England. During the live performance, Sergio Pizzorno took over lead vocals, while Robert Harvey from "The Music" performed backing vocals. Introducing the track, Pizzorno said:

“Okay, let's play a new single for you! We've saved it for today. Playing this song for the first time, especially for you!”

In addition to the novelty, the group performed many of their old hits, including "Underdog", "Vlad the Impaler" and «Fire».

First criticism

Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno
Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno

Fans received the new track rather ambiguously. One ALYGATYR Genuinely liked: The song was praised and praised, and was described as "the new sound of 'Kasabian'! Others emphasized that the song is not bad, but pizzorno clearly inferior meygan both in terms of charisma and in terms of vocals.

Some even suggested replacing Sergio with a stronger singer. It is worth envying the endurance of the musician, because such criticism from fans can deprive anyone of inspiration.

Reason for Tom Meighan's departure


Considering the new single, we can safely say that Meygan's departure did not drastically hit the group. Kasabian plays as before: fresh, dynamic and wholeheartedly! Perhaps with a more expressive modern motif than before. Many fans have already noted the similarity of their new sound with the style "Royal Blood". But why did the departure of a member who had been in the line-up for two decades go almost unnoticed musically? Perhaps the thing is that Tom almost never acted as a songwriter. Usually Sergio Pizzorno wrote everything. At the beginning of October 2021, the band played their first show without the old vocalist: the musicians went on a tour of the United Kingdom, which came to an end in the famous London O2 Academy Brixton November 2.

Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno
Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno

At that time meygan shared the news regarding his mental health: ex-vocalist Kasabian spoke about the experience of rehabilitation and the "culture of consequences" in his personal blog. It turned out that Tom left the group due to problems with the law: he caused serious physical harm to his mistress, for which he was sentenced to 200 hours corrective works. But even this is not the most interesting thing in this story: in the end, the couple signed, albeit a year later!

Tom Meighan and his wife Vicki
Tom Meighan and his wife Vicki

However, creative people and the rich have their own quirks, so we will not go into details.

A little about the group

Kasabian group
Kasabian group

Kasabian is a British rock band formed in 1997 in Leicester. During its existence, it has won a lot of music awards, which include "Q Awards" for "Best Live Performance", NME Awards how "Best Live Band" and British Awards already like "Best British Band"! Critics define the band's style as indie rock, but Pizzorno states that he "hates the indie sound". According to him, the work of Kasabian simply cannot be attributed to this genre.

Some note that the sound of the band is clearly influenced by "The Stone Roses" and Oasis.


"Kasabian" without Tom Meighan
"Kasabian" without Tom Meighan

last (before ALYGATYR) group single, "For Crying Out Loud", was released in 2017. Rumor has it that in 2022 Kasabian are going to please the fans with a full-length record! The group has not yet confirmed the news, but if this is true, they have a serious competitor in the person of the former frontman! According to Tom Meighan, he is currently working on his first solo release.

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