André Antunes on the US elections

Remixes of public performances during the American elections.

Guitarist André Anutnes edited the video about the American elections that appeared on the Web

The 2020 US election has been the subject of intense political debate. Not without situations that gave rise to memes. One of the most striking examples of creativity based on these events is a heavy metal music video created by Portuguese musician André Antunes about the US elections and the reaction to them.

BBQ Beer Freedom

The first part of the video is dedicated to an extremely expressive man who rudely interrupted a press conference in Nevada in early November. He burst into the conference in a T-shirt with an inscription that interested Internet users: "Barbecue, Beer, Freedom." You can often see sarcastic comments from Democrats indicating that these seem to be the core values of their opponents. The man yelled that in Clark County, votes would be deliberately counted with errors in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and accused the Biden family of stealing. The media, in his opinion, are covering for the Democrats.

The emotional demand for freedom for the whole world, which the man shouted before he left, became part of the André Antunes track.


The man from Nevada is not the only hero of the arrangement. The female vocal part was performed by a certain woman named Karen as a musician. Her emotional speech about politics has become a meme. In her video, she very persistently asks some political forces to wake up so as not to lose democracy. True, many users in the comments to the video did not understand which of the presidential candidates she supports - Biden or Trump. More often they tend to the second option. Be that as it may, the woman does it with such theatrical expression, and her vocal abilities are so impressive that the phrase “I'm terrified” she said was even dedicated to a separate arrangement from Andre Antunes.

Interestingly, the name Karen in the United States in recent years has also become a kind of meme, which only attracted interest in the video. In the view of the American, the stereotypical Karen is a middle-aged woman who loves to assert herself at the expense of others, is poorly versed in matters in which she seeks to appear an expert, and often screams at the most insignificant reasons. The latter feature was the reason that users linked the two memes, making Andre Antunes' video viral.


The musician posted the composition on his channel on November 17, 2020. A month later, the video had hundreds of thousands of views, and the battles of supporters of Republicans and Democrats reflected in it continued in the comments. Listeners note that if initially watching a man from Nevada and Karen caused a feeling of embarrassment and shame, then in rock processing they even evoke sympathy.

About the work of André Antunes

André Antunes is a Portuguese guitarist who is known for his arrangements of pop hits and classical pieces. In his work, there are rather non-standard things, for example, on his channel you can often find videos dedicated to certain events in public life.

Photo by Andre Antunes
Photo by Andre Antunes

The US election inspired several videos, one of which, for example, provides musical accompaniment to a speech by Donald Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White.

The track, based on White's performance, is called "Sound of Victory" - the phrase that she hears the sound of victory, the woman said several times during her expressive performance. Paula White's recitative really turned out to be worthy of musical accompaniment - even without it, her speech sounds like a ready-made track of some kind of underground artist.

Another video of André Antunes concerns the US elections - in it he recorded music to accompany the sermon of the eccentric American televangelist Kenneth Copeland. The laughter of the latter during one of the performances became a meme. After a partial summing up of the election results, Copeland still did not believe in the victory of Joe Biden, and reacted extremely emotionally to the statement that he could become president.

However, in the work of André Antunes, not all works deal with topical events. For example, he often records performances of classical pieces on electric guitar, and these arrangements are as impressive as his videos dedicated to memes.

The reaction to large-scale political events can be different. Antunes' works are proof that even the strangest and most awkward manifestations of a political position can become part of art.


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