Andrei "Svin" Panov: Remembering the Pioneer of Domestic Punk Rock

Even though his music didn't become relevant, his memory is still alive today. He influenced punk culture, and his image became legendary.

Andrei Panov and the story of his life: from his early years and early beginnings to his success and death

Andrey Panov - one of the earliest, and yet most brilliant, representatives of the of the domestic punk rock scene. For some he will always remain a beloved idol, for others his name has long been forgotten... There are those who are not at all indifferent to his work. But, of course, everyone knows him, even those who are not his fans.

He lived a bright life, but he left too early, at the age of 38 years. However, as the fans say: "real punks don't live long!"

An Uneasy Childhood: Bohemia and Alienation

Andrey Panov
Andrey Panov

Andrew grew up in a creative atmosphere, as his parents were ballet dancers. Mother, Leah PanovaShe often took her son with her to rehearsals, which left an imprint on his mind. Subsequently punk rocker recalled that as a child he observed "almost completely naked women. Another childhood shock was the departure of his father from the family. Valery Shulman He was determined that he wanted to leave the country. His wife could not take such a risky step, and his sick mother would not allow it...

If before Valery's departure from the family Andrei was a quiet, even diligent boy, then after "off" as they say. He became rebel - This was due to the fact that maternal control was insufficient, as well as childhood resentment and frequent "trolling" from peers, saying, "And your father betrayed the motherland!

Andrey Panov
Andrey Panov

His mother tried her best to arrange her son's life, worrying about his studies. But the rebellious everyday life was not in vain: it was during this period that our hero gets acquainted with Evgeny Yufit and punk rock.

The emergence of the domestic punk scene

Andrey Panov
Andrey Panov

Under the leadership of the ideologue Eugene, the origin of the Leningrad punk sceneof which Panov was a member. The guys themselves didn't call themselves particularly eloquently, but succinctly and catchily: "idiots.". From the recollections of Andrew "The Pig:

"Yufa infected us with this passion - so it had nothing to do with foreign punks like the Pistols. We liked the ideology of the movement-all the sass, the fancy glasses, the pins on our clothes, the holes, the leather... It all looked cool! Back then we didn't really know anything about punks, so when we walked down the street like that, everyone probably just thought we were idiots!

Sacrifices in the Name of Music and the Success of the Automated Satisfiers

Andrey Panov
Andrey Panov

Exactly Igor "Monozub" (later Punker) suggested creating his own band, an idea that was to everyone's liking. The equipment for the first time came quite quickly - the word "Monozubu:

"Just rented some guitars and a drum kit! And it was all for mere pennies. If memory serves me correctly, a cab cost more than all that equipment!"

Alas, none of the fascinated punk musicians couldn't play - nevertheless, rehearsed the future "Automatic Satisfiers." active. Right in Panov's room. It was their "creative base"They not only played, but they also looked for inspiration - drinking, hanging out, and just having a good time.

The band was founded in the late '70s, but was not able to declare itself until the first half of the '80s. It was at that time that the public began to react violently to the group's concerts. Subsequently, many noted that it was Panov who was "the secret of popularity":

"You may not have listened to what Automated Satisfiers was playing, but you couldn't ignore Swin-he was building a show!" users on the Internet today write. Well - for his time, Andrew really was something phenomenal, even shocking.

Personal life, "sunset of history"

Andrey Panov
Andrey Panov

Panov was married. twiceand both unions were spontaneous. As a result, there was no marital happiness, and everything was heading toward divorce. After another "love fiasco" domestic punk decided to hide his passport far away, and henceforth say that he "lost it.

Sadly, Andrei Panov died in 1998 at the age of 38. His death was the result of medical error and peritonitis. Just five weeks before his death, he became father...Even though his music didn't become relevant, his memory is still alive today. He influenced punk culture, and his image became legendary.

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