AC/DC legend - our favorite Angus Young in amazing facts

"I give myself a mental kick, put on my schoolboy costume, smoke a cigarette and go on stage. When I put on my uniform and my legs start shaking... I realize I'm ready."

What else you didn't know about Angus Young, the AC/DC legend

Angus Young - the legend of hard rock! But despite his world fame and tremendous responsibility on stage, he is not a man who takes himself too seriously. Despite his respectable age (almost 70 years old), he continues to breeze through his legendary schoolboy costume

Angus was only 8 years old when his family emigrated to Australia. It was in Sydney in 1973 that he and his older brother Malcolm founded AC/DC. Without realizing how far they would go, the band became a cult band with a circulation of Over 200 million albums all over the world! Sadly, Malcolm passed away in 2017. But he wanted the band to keep playing its "raw and fierce rock 'n' roll." And Angus continues to follow that commandment, humbly emphasizing:

"The game is the only thing that keeps me afloat."

Angus Young
Angus Young

Today we have collected Top amazing facts about our favorite solo guitarist, as well as some of his reflections.

He never graduated from high school.

Angus Young
Angus Young

Angus dropped out of school at the age of 15 years and went to work as a typesetter in a men's magazine, not knowing that he would soon become a member of one of the biggest rock and roll bands on the planet. In fact, he never did. not reaching for knowledge, by his own admission:

"I rarely went to school. I skipped classes. When I would walk into class, the teachers would ironically say something along the lines of, 'Welcome, Mr. Young.

He never thought he would play in a band with his brother

Angus and Malcolm Youngy
Angus and Malcolm Youngy

According to Young, his passion for rock 'n' roll was awakened in him after he heard Chuck Berry. In his mind he thought he would become a musician, but he never thought he would play in the same band as his brother.

"In the beginning we never played together, even at home. When I came by to see what he was up to, he'd say, 'Go away! I was amazed when Malcolm asked me to come to rehearsal and play..."

In the same interview, Angus recalled Bona ScottThe frontman of AC/DC, who was gone too soon:

"As a man, Bon often looked death in the face. He once said this: "One day you've got to go. You have to be cool to the fans. And that's how you have to stay in their memory..."

About the first "wild" concerts


At the time of his ascent, AC/DC played in Australian pubs, where the audience was tough and the atmosphere "wild".

"Some of the places we played were worse than the toilets, let me tell you, and there was so much trash... One time I accidentally stepped on a piece of glass - I felt a hell of a pain, but I got on stage. Malcolm helped me..."

According to Angus, sometimes the concerts represented a great threat to life:

"I remember one night I said: 'I'm not going in there.' The police couldn't get in there. Some psycho was running around the hall with a meat cleaver and preying on people! And the front row was full of bikers... The look on their faces seemed to say, "Send us a little guy in shorts! They were psychopaths!"


By the way, Yang in general doesn't drink alcohol.

While his bandmates were known for living "to the fullest extent possible." Like true rock stars, he remained teetotal.

Angus Young
Angus Young

Often the paparazzi "caught." solo guitarist with a glass of cold chocolate milk or coffee, and that's his max on drinks.

Big fan of jazz and blues

Angus McKinnon Young
Angus McKinnon Young

The ability to draw inspiration from other artists outside your genre is an important trait of a great musician. And Angus Young has it. He doesn't just Loves rock and rollbut is also a big fan of jazzIn particular Louis Armstrong, whom he calls "one of the greatest musicians of all time.

In addition, our hero is madly in love with blues.

"These old blues records are pure emotion. I was never really into depression. I always liked fun blues, like Muddy Waters: there was an element of humor in it, and that's what I've always loved.

"Solo is the easiest part of the job."

Duck walk performed by Angus Young
Duck walk performed by Angus Young

Many guitarists consider solo the most difficult and responsible moment, but Angus calls it easiest part of their work:

"I think the hardest part is playing together with a lot of people and doing it right. I mean, when four guys hit one note at the same time - not many people can do that. So the solo is the easiest part of the job."

He still owns his first Gibson SG electric guitar

Angus Young
Angus Young

Angus bought his very first Gibson SG in 1970 at a flea market. He played that guitar until "it rotted because it got so much sweat and water in it," the musician recalled. But he still has his "battle friend" to this day:

"I still have it, and it's my favorite guitar of all."

When asked, if he is nervous. before the concert today, Young responded:

"Sometimes. But I give myself a mental kick, put on my schoolboy costume, smoke a cigarette and go on stage. When I put on my uniform and my legs start shaking... I know I'm ready."

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