Why Ukrainian users "occupied" the love song

"Another love" has become for many a song about broken love, but Ukrainian performers interpreted it in their own way.

The story behind the song "Another love" that Ukrainians used for their TikTok videos

Tom Odell - British vocalist, musician and composer and part owner of the extraordinary of talent. His work penetrates to the deepest depths of the soul and leaves a mark on everyone.

"Another love" looked into the world at the 2012 year, embedding himself in Tom's debut album titled "Songs from Another Love". No one could resist the power of his performance, the waves of music suggestive of the melancholic charm. But Ukrainian art connoisseurs decided to add their personal touch. They breathed new life into "Another love", transforming it according to their own personalities views. This is what we have dedicated our article to.

Composition Achievements

In the video clip, the night was immersing the studio in a gloomOnly soft lighting illuminated the armchair in the center. There, as if in an embrace of coziness, a young man was seated guy. His gaze is staring into nowhere, as if he's looking through time and space.

Singer Tom Odell
Singer Tom Odell

Next to him, like a whirlwind of uncontrollable passion, the actress swings around Sarah Navratil. There was a marked desire in her movements to catch the young man's eye, to make him break away from her inner thoughts. The vortex around her seemed to be becoming an entity chaosthe furniture was turned upside down, as if the girl's emotions had been too strongso they can be kept in check.

The scenes succeeded each other, creating a seamless transition from one emotion to another. And then, finally, there was momentwhen the girl decided it was time to back off. Her decision was bitter, but she realized she couldn't get her lover's attention. She left of him, and the room became empty, filled only with the echoes of the past events.

This piece of music has become not only masterpiece in the world of music, but also visual of art. В 2014 the year it was honored with two nominations at the World Music Awards: Best World Song and Best Video. It's become an integral part charts in different countries, capturing the hearts of listeners with their depth and sincerity.

What is her lyrical meaning?

The title of the work, translated as "Another Love."creates a mysterious aura around him. In the center of the story unfolded the suffering of a young boy captivated by love for a girl who was an unattainable dream for him. His heart shrunkevery chord was intertwined with his emotions, and the fear of rejection touched every note.

Tom Odell
Tom Odell

He's like a hero romantic of the story, obsessed with this love. Through bitterness and suffering, he was ready to go to the rudenesseven to do the damnedest things. But between this passion and reality, the world was drawing an impassable gulf. The young youthlike a traveler on the edge of a cliff, hesitating between undertaking first step, to plunge into this maelstrom of feelings, or to stay on safe ground where he was the only one.

𝐅𝐔𝐙𝐙 𝐌𝐔𝐒𝐈𝐂 | What this song is about: Tom Odell - Another Love | Zen (

String "I'm Just Tired of Sharing My Nights With Others" was like an echo of a painful relationship, started in hopes of forgetting the present but never bringing relief. But "Another love" carried with it lesson. It's important to challenge your fears and make firsts steps on the road to happiness. If something doesn't come true, then it wasn't meant to be, but if it succeeds, then happiness is real. And in the desire to find the perfect happiness and love we must not forget reality, the possibility of missing the chance that awaits us right in front of our eyes.

It would seem, what does Ukraine have to do with it?

"Another love" is precisely what has taken over in recent years whirlwind attention, turning into something more through the incredible power of the musical platform TicToc. Yes, and whatever path music travels, there will always be a place for its consonance on this social network where viral trends can come out of nowhere.

Tom Odell
Tom Odell

At the sound of "Another love," the real thing began. revolution moments of peaceful life captured on video. The days and nights when the world was more bright and simple, and these videos have become valuable certificates of those dear times. Ukrainian users showed their peaceful life before the events that began in February 2022.

The song became metaphor Not only for nostalgia, but also for a deep reflection of moments that can never come back. It has become a kind of symbolreflecting the moments of rising above the ordinary, and at the same time, as if a monument to the calmness that people lack nowadays. Well, everyone's dealing with pain in their own way. But not all users agree that such music is appropriate for such videos.

Tom Odell
Tom Odell

When it was revealed which path "Another love" had chosen to take on the platform TicTocmyself Tom Odell was astonished. He learned that his music had become anthem for thousands of users on another continent. And in response, he couldn't hide his admiration. He promised to come to Ukraine and perform the song there in front of his fans.

Controversial adaptations

In 2016, the song was adapted Hungarian alternative rock band with great success and became a number one hit in the top 30 Petőfi Rádió for about two weeks. On February 2, a music video was released on YouTube.

July 15. 2022 of the year a song was released on YouTube "Other Love." - translation of the song "Another love" into Ukrainian. For almost 3 months the clip gained 3.4 million views!

Summarizing all the broad popularity of this song, it is safe to say that it deservedly takes its place among the masterpieces worthy even of Michael Jackson's songs! This dynamic music and lyrics that penetrate to the very heart, form a true recipe for the perfect song.


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