Top hits of favorite Arabesques

Today we decided to remember the best songs of this wonderful group, accompanying our selection with some interesting facts.

Arabesque: the band's best songs, hits and clips

Today, without "Arabesque" It is impossible to imagine an era Eurodisco: The groovy melodies of their tracks and the ringing voices of their members sound not only in our heads, but in our hearts as well. However - before they ascended to the Olympus of their genre and time, they couldn't stay in one lineup for a long time.

The situation changed when a very young, but already incredibly talented, girl joined the group. Sandra. She became the main soloist and the permanent member, with whom Arabesque began to produce hits. However, with her departure, the project actually broke up... Today we decided to remember the best songs of this remarkable collective, accompanying our selection with some interesting facts. Have a good listen, and we're going to start!

"Hello Mr. Monkey."

The group was formed in 1977 in Frankfurt, West Germany, on the initiative of Mary Ann Nagel: the girl proposed her idea to the producer - to create a female trio, which was very topical in those years and was rapidly gaining momentum in the industry. Mary really didn't make a mistake: female voices were popular with the listeners, and very soon "Arabesque" attracted attention.

"Hello Mr. Monkey." was their earliest most famous hit. But Mary soon left the lineup...

"Midnight Dancer"


Perhaps the group's biggest and still most popular hit to this day is "Midnight Dancer"released in the early '80s. Here we can already see all the charm of the cute Sandra, who at the time of joining the band was only 17 years.

In fact, the producers chose Sandra for a reason. By that time, Arabesque had already lost several members, each of whom was tired of traveling and wanted to spend more time with her family. For example, the co-founder of Mary Ann Nagel left for exactly that reason. And Sandra was young and carefree. The producers really hoped that the girl would not be in a hurry to have children and a husband, and that she would be able to last in the lineup for at least a few years. And so it turned out.

"Friday Night."


It is remarkable, but Arabesque were not very popular at home and in Europe in general. Although their songs were decent, and the images were in the spirit of those years: bright, interesting.

But the girls are very fond of me. Japanese public. Why? It's always been a mystery, even to the producers. But if there is recognition - it means it is necessary to use it to the maximum! So - Arabesque often toured in Japan, and even released some records in Japan.

"Why No Reply"


But there was another country where sweet-voiced Germans were passionately loved. And that was Soviet Union! Yes, yes, the same "Midnight Dancer" or "Why No Reply" was heard from almost every tube! Later, when the band broke up and Sandra built a solo career, the love for her only seemed to increase...

Again, it is not entirely clear why we loved the Arabesques so much. Whether it was the motifs of their songs, or the image of the participants... All of them were very nice, beautiful. And each of their performance was accompanied by with stunning outfits! That's what aroused the interest of the Soviet people.

"Peppermint Jack."


At some point, the group has come to a standstill.. Several factors influenced the breakup of Arabesque: interpersonal tensions within the group, the decline in the popularity of disco music, Sandra's desire to sing independently... Thanks to the fact that Sandra was on friendly terms with Michael Cretu - her future creative partner and husband - she bravely managed to leave the lineup. This put an end to the project, but at the same time - the beginning of her successful solo career.

In the future, Sandra will release a hit classic "Maria Magdalena", and would become the most beloved ex-member of the once popular trio. As for the other girls, at first they performed as a duo, but it soon became clear that this "bang up job."to put it simply. Many years later Michaela Rose resumed Arabesque activity with new members, but, as it is not difficult to guess, all this is "not that" anymore. The era of the group is long gone, and Arabesque will not sound as exotic as it did in their heyday. Nevertheless, we can still enjoy recordings where all the girls are as young and ambitious as ever!


Some more great tracks to come! Special attention should be paid to accompanying videosshowing "Arabesque" in the full bloom of youth, beauty and talent...

"Fool's Paradise

"Rock Me After Midnight"

"Marigot Bay."

"In For A Panny, In For A Pound"

"Take Me Don't Break Me

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