Top best songs of Ariana Grande (Positions, Dangerous Woman, 7 rings and others)

We can rightly say that the music of Ariana Grande is forever... And below is the top of the best songs of this charming singer...

Ariana Grande and her biggest hits - complete list

Ariana Grande is an American singer, actress, songwriter and record producer. She became a pop music sensation in 2013 year, introducing the debut album to the world Yours Truly: the record confidently took first place in the charts, sold out worldwide 500,000 copies and made Grande one of the 15 female artists in history to top the music charts with her debut! This girl has been in the public eye for decades, and yet her moment seems to have just arrived... Critics call her "heir to the throne of Mariah Carey" - in part, for her unparalleled vocals, thanks to which Grande has always ranked high on the charts! She is an icon Nickelodeon, and now the pop scenes ... Her tracks are gaining millions of plays on Spotify, and clips - sometimes billions views on YouTube! So: today we will consider the best of her works, which, once heard, are very difficult to get out of your head! It can rightly be said that music Ariana Grande - this is forever ... And below is the top best songs of this charming singer ... Actually, we are starting.


"Positions" - a single from the singer's sixth studio album: literally two weeks after the release, the song debuted on the first line Billboard Hot 100! Music video with over 344 million views on YouTube in less than a year, was withdrawn Dave Meyers. According to the plot, we see a charming Ariana in the role of ... the President of the United States!

"Dangerous Woman"

At the time of the release of the third studio album, many still doubted the maturity of Grande's music... However, Ariana played all-in and presented a truly gorgeous track! With a smooth sensibility and vocal performance, "Dangerous Woman" not only served as a sharp objection to all the critics of the singer, but also showed the world a new side of Grande - a confident young woman in charge of her sexuality!

"Dangerous Woman" scored over 600 million views on the YouTube.

"7 rings"

And this is the hardest track from Ariana Grande which you have ever heard! Immediately after release "7 rings" debuted at #1 and broke almost every streaming record in history! The music video has gained over a billion views, and this is certainly not the limit ...

"7 rings" is the anthem of feminine power ariana! At this point in her career, Grande made a reality of what Nicki Minaj proclaimed in "Side To Side"… It also led to Grande's stylistic shift towards trap music.

"Side to Side"

Clip on "Side to Side" turned out to be frankly sexy ... This track also featured Nicki Minaj, the queen of hip-hop who performed:

"I'm the queen of rap and young Ahri runs the pop..."

Then she still did not understand what a prophetic statement it would be ... By the way - Nicky is a close friend of Ariana: the girls repeatedly performed together, and each time it was something ...

"No Tears Left To Cry"

With three chart-topping albums under her belt, Grande was poised to dominate the pop industry! However… she faced the most difficult test of her career. Tragic bombing in Manchester 2017 that happened during her concert on the Dangerous Woman tour, deeply influenced Grande and led to the One Love Manchester benefit concert organized in honor of the victims and their families. While One Love Manchester served as a catharsis for the singer and her fans, Ariana subsequently took a break from performing. Away from the spotlight, she decided to put inner pain into her music as a means of healing...

She's back stronger than ever with a pop anthem "No Tears Left To Cry"!

Thanks U Next

Despite her dominating the pop scene, one "feat" still eluded Grande: with four albums out, the singer still hadn't hit No. Billboard Hot 100… Fortunately, things will change with the title track of her fifth album! Thanks U Nextpossibly one of Ariana Grande's best songs to date! The huge success of the song was also achieved thanks to the viral music video… Check it out:


The single of 2015, the video for which won the hearts of users and scored almost a billion views! The cheeky song opens with Grande singing:

“I know what I came to do, and no one and nothing will change that…”

"Break Free"

"Break Free" was a major departure from the pop-R&B that had been present on Grande's previous work... The track was co-recorded with German DJ Zedd!


success My Everything contributed to the release of the single Problem featuring the most hyped rapper of the time, Iggy Azalea! Filmed in black and white, the music video embodies a retro aesthetic, with both singers wearing go-go boots and styled mini dresses. Nancy Sinatra. With the addition of saxophones, trumpets and handclaps as the backbone of the production, the stylish music video captures the vibe of 60s fashion...


Skillfully written and produced, this confession is one of the best songs Ariana Grande, reflecting the most vulnerable aspects of the singer's work... Maybe that's why Sweetener gave Ariana her first Grammy win for Best Pop Vocal Album?

"Baby I"

Like the whole debut album Grande, "Baby I" was modeled on a mixture of pop and R&B favored by the top divas of the 90s and early 2000s, including Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera... As one of Yours Truly's hit singles, "Baby I" showcased Grande's vocal prowess and her controlled delivery of more mature lyrics...

"Into You"

This track shows how Ariana has immersed herself in campy dance-pop... This is the most danceable track on Dangerous Woman, which gradually turns from a steady pulse into a real club firework! Grande puts the electric guitar on top, turning it into real rock! Amazing anthem...

"The Way"

When the track was released in January 2013 "The Way", many critics called Grande the next Mariah Carey! We listen... We look... We enjoy!

Looks like "The Way" is a great end to our list!

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