They gave the world "obsession": Army Of Lovers - one of the most unconventional bands of the 80s

There were reunions and even new songs, but nevertheless the paths of the participants seem to have diverged - everyone found something important and close to him outside Army Of Lovers.

Army Of Lovers: how the history of the band evolved, as well as the best songs and extraordinary videos

Army Of Loversis probably one of the most interesting bands of the 80's! This Swedish pop band managed to fall in love with the whole world, while being in the midst of scandalous press notes! But there was a reason for that: at least one image The band was furious and disgusted by conservative society. However, music lovers (especially young people) were delighted with the flamboyant band with the beautiful Camille at its head.

"Army of Lovers." - perhaps the eloquent name speaks for itself. This is a very extraordinary and bright band, which gave the world at least a dozen hits. The audience was attracted by everything in this project: the original image of the participants, the catchy motives of the songs, the aesthetic videos, which had enough spice (some of them were even Banned from MTV). In general, the unconventional natives of Sweden quickly became the darlings of the people!

The beginning of the story

Army Of Lovers
Army Of Lovers

The history of the group began in 1987 year, but only officially. Even five years before the high-profile appearance on the world stage Alexander Bard - The "brains" of Army Of Lovers - he built the project Baard, subsequently renamed the Barbie. Even then, he was already demonstrating his unbridled Extraordinaire - he positioned himself as the "Queen Barbie," who is the fruit of the passionate love of John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. The Bard performed mostly in nightclubs with a scandalous reputation. And his image, by and large, worked.

Pretty Woman CamillaShe was the Bard's costume designer and personal stylist, who the whole world would later fall in love with. She liked Alexander's work and eventually asked her to be a part of the project. When the couple met in 1985 with Jean-Pierre BardaThey had a plan - to become the brightest and most interesting band. As we can judge - that's what Army Of Lovers was for their time.

At first the trio performed as Barbie, but it was in 1987 that the band's style, as well as the name, underwent tremendous changes. Camille and Jean-Pierre gave up their pseudonyms, and the band as a whole began to focus on world market. By the way: the extravagant outfits of the participants are a credit to Camilla, who was also a talented designer.

The trio's first steps

Army Of Lovers
Army Of Lovers

The trio first came to prominence in 1988 with the song "When the Night Is Cold". The song was a definite success and earned the band a contract with Ton Son Ton, a label that specialized in dance tracks.

In the early '90s, the debut album Disco Extravaganza - it achieved great success in Japan, where, in fact, it became one of the most popular and in demand! And the band itself gave a successful tour in the country of the rising sun, which turned into a big full house!

Army Of Lovers
Army Of Lovers

The American version included remixes, the most popular of which was "Viva la Vogue".

The audience especially liked the video for "My Army of Lovers"which even won a Grammy!

Camille's success and departure

Today Army Of Lovers is a notable band that has had a great influence on both music and culture. More than 20 of their tracks were in the top ten of Eurochart, their colorful music videos continue to gain millions of views and to be admired...

And the image itself has not faded from the memory of listeners - it's really hard to forget the likes of "The Army of Lovers"! The collective is often called a shining example of postmodern and Extraordinary.

The band's biggest hits are generally considered to be "Crucified," "Obsession." and "Ride The Bullet. All these compositions were included in "Massive Luxury Overdose", the mega-successful second album. However, on the wave of success, the beautiful La Camille leaves the line-up in order to concentrate on her solo work.

The Love of the Russian Public and Steep Coups

Army Of Lovers
Army Of Lovers

Camille's place was taken by a photo model Michaela de la Courwhich they remade several clips from and released a single "Judgment Day.". Not all fans were happy with what was happening, but what could they do? However, it was not the last change in the lineup. Soon the band arrived Dominika Peczynski. The Gods of Earth and Heaven album was recorded and released with this lineup, and became a diamond in Russia!

Army Of Lovers managed to release another mega-successful CD "Glory, Glamour and Gold"Before Mikaela left the lineup. Soon Camille, a popular favorite, returns to the group. A collection of the best songs is released, but gradually the former pace is lost. As the Bard himself said:

"We've matured, we've gained experience, we've got our own projects on the side..."

There have been reunions and even new songs, but still the paths of the participants are like broke up - everyone found something important and close to them outside of Army Of Lovers.


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