Composer Arno Babadzhanyan: Soviet genius of hit tunes

He had an extraordinary sense of the sound of the times. He was one of those pioneers who wrote music in the twist genre. His music gave the Soviet people Muslim Magomaev. What was this unique man, never hiding a smile, eternally optimistic and joyful Arno Babadzhanyan was like in our article.

Composer Arno Babadjanyan's life story: biography, personal life, discography

Magomayev, Piekha, Kobzon, Herman - These entertainers are familiar to everyone. But not many people know that behind their voices mysterious music a great composer, a genius of his time, one of the best songwriters of the Khrushchev and Brezhnev times Arno Arutyunovich Babadzhanyan. Music that was unique in its essence, for the most prominent poets longed to write poems to it. Christmas, Voznesensky, Yevtushenko and others. In this article we will talk about how the formation of the personality took place Babadjanyan as one of the most successful composers and pianists of the Soviet era.

The Early Years of a Future Genius

Arno Arutyunovich was born on an unusual day, the day the great leader of the proletariat died Leninwhich the Soviet authorities eventually declared an annual day of mourning. So that the boy would not be associated with this sad event, his father, a mathematics teacher, took a decisive step: he changed the child's date of birth to January 22. We can say that symbols do exist: Arnaud officially eliminated the bad day from his life, and all the time thereafter he was cheerful jokeras his contemporaries recalled.

Young Arno Babadzhanyan
Young Arno Babadzhanyan

Ever since he was a child, the future composer showed his musical talent. At an early age he began to play the old home harmonium. Perhaps Babadjanyan's desire to practice was influenced by his father, who played many Armenian folk instruments. The boy's uniqueness was noticed by Aram Khachaturianwhom the researchers refer to as one of the pillars Armenian and Soviet composer school. In the future, he will help with advice and keep track of creative career Arnaud, although technically he was not an apprentice of his composition course.

Babadjanyan already at the age of 7, he was taken to the group for gifted children at the Yerevan Conservatory. This meant that his talent was really not a mistaken perception of families boy and KhachaturianIt was necessary to develop it. And these opportunities offered just Yerevan Conservatory. Two years after joining the group, Babadzhanyan wrote his first piece - "Pioneer March.". And after studying there for several years, Babadzhanyan decided to move to Moscow and enrolled in the last course. of the Gnesin Music SchoolHe graduated successfully, and then went on to study at the Moscow Conservatory.

Babadjanian and Khachaturian
Babadjanian and Khachaturian

Success and a memorable image

"The Armenian Mighty Handful - is how the press tacitly called the circle of five Armenian peer composers who had a tremendous influence on Soviet music and collaborated a great deal. For example, Harutyunyan and Babadjanyan even composed at an early career stage "Armenian Rhapsody."which was performed together on two grand pianos. Such a serious association of composers seemed unique after the Mighty Handful from the 19th century and left vivid mark in the history of Soviet Armenia. In many respects this was a merit of Arno.

"This group of Armenian composers "represents a brilliant five of a long commonwealth, human and creative, reflected in the inner world of each of them, in the formation of their compositional image," noted one music critic.

One can argue with the statement that Babajanian's success came only after he turned from the path of writing Academic of music on the way pop. In 1950. he made his debut with the piece "Heroic Ballad."The first of his films, which is still considered by critics to be one of the best. And two years later he created "Piano Trio"which, like "The Ballad," brought him Stalin Prize - prestigious official award. Then Arno became known to the Soviet authorities.

But people fell in love with Babadzhanyan precisely as songbook and film composer. Like any national cultural figure, he paid tribute to his historic homeland, which was vividly manifested in his compositions. For example, Arnaud's first soundtrack composition "Yerevan"who appeared in the film "First Love Song." and immediately became A hit in Armenia.. And the verses for the first pop song from Babadzhanyan's repertoire were written by Eugene Yevtushenko ("Take your time").

Personal life of the great composer

Arno Babajanyan was the kind of man who marries once and for all. He met his future life partner while studying at the Moscow Conservatory. Teresa Ohanesian has become a real guardian angel The composer, supported him in all his endeavors and even Left her career promising pianist for her husband. She was helping Arno fight the terrible diagnosis, and despite the serious illness he was able to live another 30 years.

Arno Babadzhanyan with his wife and son
Arno Babadzhanyan with his wife and son

Thanks to Teresa the creative duo was born Magomayev-Babadzhanyanwho gave the USSR lots of hitsThe first one is a woman of the same name, who is still on the records today. She is the one who invited gifted singer visit Through an acquaintance of a neighbor.

Some of the best songs to the music of Babadjanyan

The Golden Era of the national pop art would not have been possible without "The Best City on Earth."The first one was banned by Khrushchev under the pretext of being "bourgeois, "Beauty Queens."which brought the Muslim Magomayev fame, "Ferris wheels", "Weddings." and "Nocturne."who performed Joseph KobzonHe tried to persuade the composer Babadzhanyan to change the melodies a little.

"Arno had a rare gift - he managed, having heard a popular theme and taken some stylistic elements, to melt into the gold of his own melody. So, 'tuning his ear' to Adriano Celentano's Twenty-Four Thousand Kisses, he wrote his own twist, The Best City on Earth," Magomayev recalled.

Much of the popularity Arno was assured by a good relationship with both singers and famous poets. He himself used to say that each song had three components - the composer, the poet (often the poet was Robert Rozhdestvensky) and the performer.

"I don't write music, I hear it," was how Arno Arutyunovich, the great Soviet composer, modestly spoke of his talent.

Smiling Arno Babadzhanyan
Smiling Arno Babadzhanyan

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