Musicians who gave up world hits

Originally, these songs were meant for completely different people. Fortunately or unfortunately, the original candidates rejected them, thus depriving themselves of additional glory.

These artists were left without popular world hits because they themselves gave them up

What is. hit? Or rather, what makes a song such? There are plenty of examples of the same song having totally differentOne could even say "astronomically different levels of success" for different artists. So a jewel doesn't always sparkle from the start. Sometimes it takes years for it to happen. Or a different approach to the audience.

Apparently, the artists who performed the hits we are going to talk about today know all the subtleties of interaction with the audience. Otherwise, how else to explain global success of their compositions? Although... originally these songs were meant for completely different people. Fortunately or unfortunately initial candidates refused them, thereby depriving themselves of additional fame. But here's the question: would these songs have become such big hits in their performance? Anyway, let's not fill our heads with unnecessary speculation. Let's just tell a little bit about those performers who, of their own free will, gave up the songs that later became classic.

Stevie Nicks and "Call Me" (Blondie song)

Blondie in full force...

blondie - A great rock band from the '70s and '80s that became famous for their special energy during live performances and beauty Debbie Harry at the microphone! But today many fans confidently declare that the history of the band came to an end when their repertoire was infiltrated by disco motifs... Maybe it's true, because first of all these guys have built their reputation as kings of the punk scene. And then this ... In general - for many loyal fans such changes were a big disappointment.

However, if we are talking about the disco phase of Blondie's career, their big hit of this period was the song "Call Me."that embellished the film "American Gigolo.". Today it is already a classic, and few people know that it was originally offered to another blonde - Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks

Giorgio Moroder I approached Nix with a draft, but she refused. But Blondie gladly took the initiative! Would the Knicks have been able to do something like that? It's hard to answer. Perhaps in this situation everyone went about their business.

"It's Raining Men" (a song by The Weather Girls)

The Weather Girls
The Weather Girls

One of the most unhappy songs on our list - now a hit "It's Raining Men." was rejected so many times that you could write a separate article, a kind of "sad story of a future hit that nobody believed in. Authors Paul Jabar and Paul Shaffer offered this creation to just about anyone: Cher, Diana Ross, Donna Summer... And even the subtle Barbra Streisand!

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand

And every time they got cold-blooded denial. Apparently, the songwriters wanted their song to be sung by someone with a big name. What they didn't expect was that a little-known duo of black women would make the song a real success!

The Weather Girls agreed to sing "It's Raining Men," and as a result made that song a big worldwide hit! Subsequently, many artists have now taken the initiative themselves, and willingly replayed the track about "men falling from the sky.

"Don't You (Forget About Me)" (Simple Minds song)

Simple Minds in the 80s
Simple Minds in the 80s

Gentle, inspiring, calm - just the kind of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" we're used to. And for many music lovers it will come as a shock that it should have been the punk version

From the beginning, the song was written specifically for Simple Minds - her writers were big fans of the band! But the idols literally broke their hearts with their rejection. Then the concept was turned upside down: the track was offered to the punk rocker Billy Idolu.!

Billy Idol
Billy Idol

More fortunately than not, Idol declined. After a series of rejections, the stars in the Galaxy aligned, and Simple Minds gave their consent after all. And they recorded a cool hit!

Tom Petty and the Boys of Summer (Don Henley's song)

Don Henley
Don Henley

When in the '80s. Tom Petty pulled out of the tour to work on his next album, he began to realize that he had made a terrible mistake. Having escaped from the album-tour cycle, heartbreakers found themselves in ruins, trying to finish what they thought would become a double album detailing different parts of the South. However, because of the abundance of substancesPetty was so exhausted that he didn't notice the hit lying right in front of him.

Mike Campbell known for writing the music for Refugee and Here Comes My Girl. But when he once again brought Petty a future potential hit--he didn't see the gem literally under his nose, and rejected tune.

Tom Petty in 1976. Photo: Richard E. Aaron/ Redferns/ Getty Images
Tom Petty 

But Don Henley managed to discern something interesting in it, something that later became "The Boys of Summer.

Celine Dion and "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (an Aerosmith song)

Aerosmith group
Aerosmith group

I wonder if she regretted Celine Dion About missing out on such a hit?

When Diane Warren received a rejection from Dion, she offered her creation to Aerosmith.

Celine Dion
Celine Dion

Initially, it wasn't clear how the rock 'n' rollers could adapt this soulful composition for themselves. But when they started playing it, it was clear to everyone that these guys had a new business card! And Warren, as the author, has a big hit.

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