Audio cassettes in the USSR

When they replaced bulky reel-to-reel tape recorders...

Audio cassettes in the USSR

Now this is already a rarity, although in many houses “cassette players” are gathering dust on the shelves of cabinets - cassette tape recorders, lovers of “chewing” the tape of audio cassettes. When they replaced bulky reel-to-reel tape recorders, the younger generation does not know, and those who are older hardly remember.

Such devices also could not boast of sound quality, but the opportunity to take a mobile “cassette recorder” with you for a walk was valued higher. "Sonata", "Electronics" and other tape recorders were the dream of many teenagers.

Small and compact

Audio cassettes in the USSR

But this is not about technology, but about the fact that this technique safely “chewed” into an “accordion”. In Soviet times, only one type of audio cassette was sold - MK-60, otherwise - “tape cassette”, and the number indicated the duration of the sound track - 60 minutes.

They could not boast of the quality of the cassette - at a price of 4 rubles they were made on the basis of iron oxide. It was difficult to find more expensive, but high-quality chrome cassettes for sale.

Audio cassettes in the USSR

You could also buy audio cassettes. Not "self-made", recorded in underground home "recording studios" sold in the market and in underground passages. They were sold in music stores. On the MK-44 cassettes, the music sounded a little more than 40 minutes, and the songs on them were the same as on the records. But other songs could be rewritten on them when new compositions came into fashion. So many did.

In line for happiness

The dream of every music lover was imported audio cassettes. At first they were bought from hucksters. The price was unrealistic - 25 rubles! And when the “happiness of a music lover” appeared on the shelves of stores - BASF, JVC, AGFA, TDK, SONY, there was no limit to delight! 90 minutes of music for only 9 rubles!

Audio cassettes in the USSR

To say: "Thank you!" - for such generosity follows the Poles. When a wave of strikes broke out in socialist Poland, which concluded many contracts for the supply of goods abroad, undermining the state's economy, the country was unable to pay for the abundance of goods. The Soviet Union provided assistance to fraternal Poland. And goods from abroad flowed into the country in a generous stream.

Then came the CD, MP3, and now it is almost impossible to find an audio cassette. Yes, and there is nothing to “twist” it on. But here's the paradox - the largest American manufacturer of compact audio cassettes recently boasted - last year was the best in terms of sales in the last half century. More than 10 million items sold - is this a return to the past or a new round of interest in audio cassettes?


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