It's worth hearing: "Ra-Ra-Rasputin" - Aurora Aksnes performed Boney M's hit "Rasputin"

“This girl just took an iconic disco hit and turned it into something so magical and whimsical... Just wow!”

Acoustic cover of the Norwegian singer AURORA on the hit "Rasputin" by Boney M

"Rasputin" - widely known throughout the world disco hit of the group Boney M! This incendiary composition is well known to every listener, because even after decades it has not lost its relevance: track "Rasputin" continues to play on the radio and even on television, and modern performers are inspired by him and present to the world their own, sometimes quite unusual and at the same time attractive covers ... One of these was the version of the Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes (better known as simply AURORA): September 9, 2021 year on the YouTube channel "Nexus8VK" a video was published where AURORA Accompanied by musicians, he performs a stunning, literally mesmerizing acoustic cover of the song "Rasputin" ... Actually - everything in order below.

The magic of an acoustic cover...

Album cover of "Nightflight to Venus" (1078) by Boney M.
Album cover of "Nightflight to Venus" (1078) by Boney M.

Song "Rasputin" was released by pop disco group Boney M in August 1978 of the year as the second single from their third studio album Nightflight to Venus! Written for the most part Frank Farian, she talks about Grigory Rasputin, a friend and adviser to the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family... Based on the lyrics, we can conclude that Rasputin was a mystical healer and political manipulator! He was also popular with the ladies…

Aurora Aksnes
Aurora Aksnes

Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes famous for her divine voice and amazing style - a kind of innocent elf in angelic form ... However - she also performed many covers of world-famous and less popular tracks. And so, in September 2021 year, she delighted and, at the same time, greatly surprised her fans by performing an acoustic cover of the hit "Rasputin" groups Boney M! It really came as an unexpected surprise to everyone... The choice of song may seem very strange even to the most devoted fans of the singer, but let's not forget that AURORA idiosyncratic and unique. That is why she was able to breathe her own special mood into this song ...

Intimate acoustic performance "Rasputin" definitely sounds magical, very folky or something ... Aurora's version can easily complement any movie or series ... Will there be AURORA perform this cover at her live concerts, or maybe it will even be included in her new album - one can only guess! But let's not lose hope... It should be noted that the listeners were delighted! Here are just some of the comments left by users under the video:

“This is probably the last song I thought AURORA would cover. But she always surprises me in the best way, it's great!”


"She turned it into a folk ballad!"


“This girl just took an iconic disco hit and turned it into something so magical and whimsical… just wow!”

Aurora Aksnes
Aurora Aksnes

Also, a certain user left a very touching comment in which he sincerely thanked the singer for choosing this particular song:

“I used to listen to this song on a regular basis with college friends who ended up being no longer my friends… After a while it hurt me to listen to this song because I thought about the good times we had and how they left me. I would never have expected one of my favorite artists to cover this song and turn it into something so light and ethereal… It sounds crazy, but I felt like Aurora hinted me to come back to this song and learn to enjoy it again, but differently. What I'm trying to say is don't permanently drop a song you liked because other people ruined it for you..."

Brief history and success of the original

Boney M. captivated the audience with its brightness and incendiary sound!
Boney M. captivated the audience with its brightness and incendiary sound!

The song talks about Grigory Rasputin - a friend of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family. It follows from the lyrics of the song that Rasputin encouraged Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna by promising her that he would be able to heal her son, Tsarevich Alexei, of hemophilia. There are also lines here claiming that Rasputin had an affair with Alexandra: "Ra-Ra-Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen..." In the song, he is called "the greatest love machine in Russia" and a political manipulator whose power was greater than that of the Tsar himself in "all affairs of state"! As a result, his sexual and political actions went too far, and there were those who decided to get rid of Rasputin once and for all ...

It is worth noting that the song accurately tells the story of Rasputin, however, there is no official evidence that he had an affair with Alexandra Fedorovna. After the release, this incendiary composition quickly rose to the top of the charts in several countries! Critics received this track with a little surprise (all because of the unusual, but at the same time interesting combination of musical elements), but rather warmly ...


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