Bad Boys Blue - where have the Bad Boys and Sad Guys disappeared without which no disco of the 80's has gone

Not a single disco in the 80's was without these "guys in blue". How did they come to success, what is their secret, and how are they doing now?

History of Bad Boys Blue: creation, members, discography, famous hits

The 1980s... New Wave, electronic music, and, of course, all sorts of versions of post-disco. Finally, digital recording is spreading, so the use of non-traditional electronic instruments is becoming increasingly popular among musicians.

Bad Boys Blue
Bad Boys Blue

In Europe, the heyday of Eurodisco was in Germany. It was there that bands like Boney M. and Modern Talking appeared, and they were competed by the no less cool trio Bad Boy BlueThe band was a great success, which is the subject of this article. They conquered dozens of European and world charts, were beloved by Soviet fans and not only, and became famous for several hits that are still popular today.

Getting Started with L.O.V.E. In My Car

Bad Boys Blue became another cross-national, or even international, musical project created in Germany. Famous producers and composers in Germany Tony Hendrick and Karin HartmannThe couple had been working together fruitfully for several years, releasing songs on their independent label Coconut Records, when the idea of creating a boy band came to their minds. For the new project they had already written a song called "L.O.V.E.. In My Car.". A love song, of course, needed a vocalist.

Tony Hendrick and Karin Hartmann
Tony Hendrick and Karin Hartmann

Hendrick and Hartmann's acquaintances recommended the American's candidacy Andrew Thomas to perform this composition. That, in turn, played no small part in getting the producers to know the Jamaican By Trevor Taylorwho brought an Englishman to the group John McInerney. This was the chain of handshakes that contributed to the formation of the final Bad Boys Blue lineup, which would become famous throughout the world.

The debut single was released in 1984 and failed commercially. This was largely due to Hendrik and Hartmann's reliance on unassuming vocals Andrew Thomas. "L.O.V.E.. In My Car" could be heard at local discos, but the producers' expectations of this song obviously were not met. The only thing this song gave to the history of the band was a beautiful cover. Tony and Karin realized that something was needed. drastically change

Dozens of hits and popularity in the U.S. and U.S.S.R. - "Bad Guys" goes international

Bad Boy Blue
Bad Boy Blue

Producers Bad Boy Blue decide to change the lead vocalist. He was now the lead singer. Trevor TaylorTaylor had a medium masculine singing voice. As a colorful baritone, Taylor easily mesmerized audiences with his performance, so the purely commercial decision to choose a vocalist was made in his favor. That bet turned out to be fateful. The real success came when Trevor recorded his voice for the song "You're a Woman". By becoming the real frontman, he made important steps for the band's popularity. The second single Bad Boys Blue was ten times more successful than the first: the song became a hit in EuropeIt earned the 8th place in the main German chart, the 2nd place in the Swiss chart, and finally reached the first place in Austria.

1985 also saw the release of the Eurodisco band's debut album titled "Hot Girls, Bad Boys.". Although it enjoyed moderate success in the album charts, some compositions from it became absolute charts in the USSR. Of note is the song "Pretty Young Girl"The band's Soviet fans loved it and often asked to play it at discotheques.

Second studio full-length record "Heartbeat." also included several international hits. Among them were the Eurodisco love songs "I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl)" and "Kisses And Tears (My One And Only)". Unfortunately, the chart positions were clearly worse than on the debut album, so the band's producers decided to replace the lead vocalist again. Now it was the turn of John McInerney. His unique and original vocals became the band's calling card after the world heard the single "Come Back And Stay".

...And they split up. What caused Trevor Taylor to leave?

Trevor Taylor couldn't stand the competition and realized that he could no longer give the band what had once made it successful. Problems and conflicts due to the unexpected change ripened, so the former vocalist decided to leave the group.

Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor

The musician focused on his own careerFirst by creating a successful reggae band Umoyaand then a number of not very popular projects. Among them are Supa. T and The Party Animals and Avancada, which can be classified as trance music.

How did the following years turn out

The new Bad Boys Blue lineup was joined by the namesake of former member Trevor Bannister, with whom Andrew Thomas and John McInerney recorded the entire 4 albums. The single "Save Your Love" showed that the band is ready for worldwide success - it reached the top 80 of the best American music chart Billboard Hot 100.

After Trevor Bannister left the band, it was no longer possible to call the lineup permanent. Only one member remained a permanent member of Bad Boys Blue - the vocalist McInerney. In the early 2000s, the music that the Bad Guys were making ceased to be relevant, and at the same time the popularity of the boy band continued to decline. Now formally the band continues to exist, but in addition to John McInerney you can see only backing singersThe singer has been on tour in various European countries and Russia.

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