"The Bat Out of Hell" - Remembering the classic by Mita Lowe

"We called it that to sell millions of copies!"

How Meat Loaf's iconic "Bat Out of Hell" was born, which received a sequel in 1993

"Bat Out of Hell." - legendary record Mita Loufawhich made this inspiring opera-voiced singer widely famous in every sense of the word! It concentrates some of Lough's best--if not the best--songs, such as "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" or the title track. But what's most interesting is that initially the solid set caused everyone only a fit of laughter.

However, "The Bat out of Hell." The album went on to sell many millions of copies worldwide, went platinum in the USA 14 times, and made Mita an international rock star! Later, almost 20 years later, there was an equally gorgeous sequel to this musical blockbuster, which was also a resounding success.

"Go buy a rock and roll record."

Jim Steinman
Jim Steinman

"Bat Out of Hell" shows us the creative alliance Lawf and Jim Steinmanwhich was clearly made in heaven. Steinman's epic blockbuster was inspired by two things: the production of the rock and roll musical Neverland, inspired by Peter Pan, and several songs by Meat, which definitely had great potential to develop into a full-length album.

The compositions, one of which was the titular "Bat Out of Hell.", did indeed sound "promising. But not enough to impress the spoiled record company management. So, in search of a contract, Mit and Jim literally ran through studios for about two years! And it was the same story everywhere:

"They laughed at us! That damn Clive Davis made fun of me as a composer. He said: "Do you even understand how songs are written? How to properly work on a composition? Do you have any knowledge at all in that area? Have you ever listened to rock? My advice to you is to go out and buy a rock and roll record.

Jim Steinman and Mit Lowe
Jim Steinman and Mit Lowe

And if Steinman reacted to such recommendations quite calmly, Lowe openly sent everyone "very far away.". Their tedious wanderings ended at the threshold of Cleveland Internationalwith which the long-awaited contract was concluded.

"A Most Genius Genius," or Todd Randgren's contribution

Todd Rundgren
Todd Rundgren

Work on the album boiled over in the mid-'70s, and it was produced by Todd Rundgren. Initially Todd did not make the slightest impression on Lowe, except negatively. But respect came quickly: Randgren demonstrated his talent and recreated the sound of the motorcycle in the title track on guitar in 15 minutes! Over the next half hour, he completed the arrangement of the 10-minute composition. His virtuosity and singular approach could not fail to delight those in the studio.

"The most brilliant genius I ever worked with!" commented an enthusiastic Steinman afterward.

Nevertheless, Randgren himself considered the album exclusively "funny."I was a bit of an idiot, and I didn't change my mind even after the record had shot up the charts.

"To be honest, I'm still surprised how the public took this album seriously. It's a parody of Bruce Springsteen! It's very funny. A big opera guy doing totally unbelievable, drawn-out songs... Even today, when I listen to it again, I chuckle.

By the way: it was Randgren who paid for the studio. I wonder if that's why he was so quick and masterful at his job, because time is money! We are joking, of course. But who knows...

Graduation and Success

Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf

At first, nothing foretold a fabulous success: the reviews of the critics were ambiguousbut gradually the number of positive reviews tipped the scales. Everyone was praised, especially Steinman as a composer. And just a few years ago. Clive Davis made fun of him. I wonder how surprised the president of CBS Records was after "Bat Out of Hell" went platinum in the USA? And then again, and again...

It was after this work that Jim Steinman became the composer of "hot off the press."! And Mit himself walked and drank to the album's success for three whole days, and eventually woke up in the Virginia Hotel, not having the slightest idea how he got there.

Continued from 1993

Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell" album cover
Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell" album cover

Subsequently, the two went their separate ways, which led to a noticeable decline in Meath's career. But in 1993 The year Lowe was able to regain his former glory - again with Steinman! The two of them showed the world "Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell" - In fact, it was the sequel to the 1977 masterpiece. The record created genuine interest among the public and quickly sold out in multi-million copies! It included Loofe's powerful hits, including "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)".

Speaking of the album's title, Steinman emphasizes:

"We didn't call it that just to identify with the first record. It was a chance to go back to that world and explore it more deeply. It always seemed unfinished..."

Jim Steinman and Mit Lowe
Jim Steinman and Mit Lowe

But Loewe was more in this line of reasoning than prosaic:

"We called it that to sell millions of copies!"

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